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November 15, 2012 Paris B 76 Comments I love body oils but I always passed over Bio-Oil in the pharmacy.
When my sister was pregnant, we were doing some research on how to combat stretch marks and one of the oils that came recommended was Bio-Oil (She eventually went with Clarins, however. There is a whole host of things Bio-Oil is supposed to be able to do for skin on body and face, so I was raring to give it a go. I know there are people out there who do like using Bio-Oil and for whom it might work to reduce scarring or stretch marks – 2 most common uses I believe. I do like using oils on my skin but I prefer sticking to something that feels comfortable and that does not feel like plastic.
Bio-Oil is an affordable mineral based oil that is touted to be very good for many uses ranging from reducing scarring on skin to reducing stretch marks.
The first thing to note is that if you dislike mineral oil (it is a known pore clogger), there it is as ingredient #1. Tweet5 +13 Share1 PinShares 9Disclosure: Featured product was provided by PR for consideration. Hi Kris, for body, I’m using up my Dollymoo lavender oil and I have the Ren Moroccan Rose oil, Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil and a couple more. It’s good for moisturizing the skin, however I only apply it on my body, whole body other than face.
Do not see any other improvement other than this, maybe I do not use this religiously enough. I liked the smell if the Clarins oil too and sis seems to think its helped ?? good to know others like it too! Seeing this success, that summer I decided to try it on my face to fade some acne scarring, using it daily like before. Thanks for sharing your experience Leila ?? I think for the most part, skin on out bodies are less sensitive than our faces so I personally wouldn’t recommend this to go on the face but if it will work on the body then why not eh? My dad used it after his accident, since there were plenty of huge angry scars on his body, and it helped A LOT. I’ve only used this a few times but from what I remember, the rosemary is what came through the most for me! Prime members enjoy unlimited FREE One-Day and Two-Day Delivery on eligible items, 30-minute early access to deals and more. According to magazines, twitter, Facebook and of course friends, Bio-oil is a super wonder product that removes, yes, REMOVES, stretch marks, mosquito bite marks, discoloured skin, and scars from long ago! Bio?Oil should be massaged in a circular motion into the scar, twice daily, for a minimum of 3 months. Out of its box, the product is contained in a clear plastic bottle with a white opaque screw cap.
Bio-Oil is formulated with natural plant oils (think Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile) and vitamins A and E mixed in an oil base.

I applied Bio-Oil on those affected areas daily since June, not really knowing what to expect because those scars seem to have found permanent residence. The newest scars, formed when I knocked into things or got scratched, were the quickest to fade. However, despite seeing results on my legs and feet, I am hesitant about using Bio-Oil on my face for the purpose of evening out my skin tone as (1) I have sensitive skin, and (2) it is oil, after all.
This entry was posted in Bio-Oil, Skin care and tagged Ageing, Bio-Oil, Dehydrated, Product reviews, PurCellin Oil, Scars, Skin care, Sponsored, Stretch marks, Uneven skin tone by Jade. Thank goodness too, because that smells a heck of a lot better!) From what I remember of the TV ads, this oil also helps to reduce scarring, uneven skin tone and ageing skin. It is easily available in most pharmacies, and the price point isn’t very high, starting from just over RM32 for a 60ml bottle. Apparently, this is the oil that ducks use to preen their feathers with to make them waterproof and the Purcellin Oil is a synthetic version of it. I however, can’t bear to bring it anywhere near my nose because my skin feels like its being suffocated by the texture, and the perfumed scent just really really bugs me. Thus far, the oils I go to help to moisturise my skin, whether on face or body, and I’m a huge fan of aromatherapy and essential oil scents. I can tolerate mineral oil but naturally, if there is an effective option without then I will opt for the one without. It might be the regular massaging and moisturizing of the skin that helps lighten stretch marks, not the oil per se. I’ve tried Clarins lotus oil, dessert essence jojoba oil as well as Trilogy rose hip. For the face, I was using the Antipodes Divine Oil, and previously I used Rosehip which did help lighten scars but I also found it a bit rich for my skin. I used it to fade a burn scar on my hand that had been there for over a year and another scar that covered my shin from a fall some years before (at least 5 years).
I started breaking out way more than usual, but never made the connection until a couple of years later when I learnt more about ingredients. Opinions seem to be divided on Its efficacy but I think for these things consistency is key. It reduced the redness, and while the scars are still there, they have lightened and smoothed out tremendously. On new scars, Bio?Oil should be applied only once the wound has healed, and should not be used on broken skin.
The people behind Bio-Oil say that the oil base makes the entire formulation oxygen-free, which helps maintain the ingredients’ maximum potency.
To use, apply Bio-Oil to the affected area twice daily, massaging in a circular motion until fully absorbed, for a period of at least 3 months. Fair enough – can’t expect them to disappear at the same rate as newly-formed scars!

I added a droplet of bio-oil into my moisturizer and apply it on my dry hands, and the next day it was OK! Or it could also be that I am quite picky about oils I put on my face, and for my body, I go for something that relaxes. I can handle most fragrances, but this one made me wrinkle my nose and want to scrub the oil off my hands as quickly as I could. Its quite interesting, because I didn’t quite see why I would want to put something to waterproof my skin, assuming it works the same way. The texture feels heavy on my skin and almost suffocating so I could not bring it anywhere near my face.
I did pick up a bottle of argan oil recently, because I hear its good stuff, and I have a bottle of rose hip oil which I have used before with good results for reducing scarring. You don’t want to mistake your polish remover for this oil when you want to rub it on your belly ?? This is very popular with many ladies who want to combat stretch marks when pregnant but I also read that you can use any oil, even baby oil, so long as you apply it regularly.
Looking back, I realized it had ingredients I’m highly sensitive to and even now I will break out that badly if I use something with it. To facilitate quick absorption into the skin, they added an ingredient called┬áPurCellin Oil, which reduces the consistency of Bio-Oil. According to the instructions, Bio-Oil is formulated for use on both the face and body, and is suitable for all skin types.
As I don’t have obvious scars on my face, I decided to test out Bio-Oil on my legs and feet, where scars are the most apparent.
However, a bit of research online yielded results that it is not an oil per se, but a delivery system to help the other oils absorb into the skin.
They do a version with shimmer which is so pretty for a night out but SGD15 more… And Nuxe does theirs in a spray bottle which seems way more convenient. It’s nothing glam mind you, just really soothes my redness area and some little whitehead became easier to come off. Do note that you should only apply Bio-Oil on cleansed skin (and definitely not broken skin!), and allow it to be absorbed for a couple of minutes before applying other products. It is what I imagine plastic would feel like if it was melted and I poured it over my skin.
However, through this experience I am reminded that one should never judge a product by its package.

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