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I have been having a lot of fun fermenting my own foods and want to share a super easy homemade sauerkraut recipe.
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The intestinal track needs a certain amount of friendly bacteria to thrive (ideally about 85%).
If you'd like to make sure you get future updates, be sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for my Newsletter. When we are all sorts of out of whack (which is true for most of society) we start to develop bacteria related issues including IBS, brain fog, headaches, candida, anxiety, etc. This was by far the best sauerkraut I’ve ever tasted and it’s raw and probiotic rich (and not $20 per jar)!!
Chemical ridden and highly processed foods, sugar, antibiotics all tip the scales in the wrong direction. Pack cabbage tightly into a quart sized jar making sure to keep the juice above the cabbage.

While it was fermenting, I just left it untouched in a bowl in case any of the brine leaked over. If you consumed a large amount of processed foods, sugar and especially antibiotics in your life then your belly is most likely in serious need of some good bacteria. You can leave it for a little bit longer if you’d like, but 7 days was perfect for me.

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