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A nodular organ in the ABDOMEN that contains a mixture of ENDOCRINE GLANDS and EXOCRINE GLANDS. Pancreas resection - A portion of a person's pancreas (or in some cases the entire pancreas) is surgically removed usually because they have a cancerous tumor. The small endocrine portion consists of the ISLETS OF LANGERHANS secreting a number of hormones into the blood stream. After surgery patients may need pancreatic enzyme supplements and insulin depending on how much their body can produce with a reduced pancreas.

The large exocrine portion (EXOCRINE PANCREAS) is a compound acinar gland that secretes several digestive enzymes into the pancreatic ductal system that empties into the DUODENUM. After two hours or more in the stomach, the partly digested food moves into the beginning of the duodenum.
Liposomal delivery form (multi-layer spheres of GMO-free and soy-free phospholipids) has been demonstrated to cross the blood brain barrier and can thus help chelate these neurotoxic heavy metals from the brain and nervous system. When the food reaches the duodenum, the pancreas releases its digestive juices which flow down the pancreatic duct and mix with the food.

I can usually put off taking pain medication for at least a couple of hours and that’s wonderful.

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