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Grain-Free JK Gourmet was started by Jodi Bager in 2001 and is now operated by Jodi and her husband Steven. If you are gluten free, lactose intolerant, or just trying to increase your intake of whole, natural foods, then you should check out Grain-Free JK Gourmet’s products.
JK Gourmet products are made in a gluten free, peanut free facility and can be purchased online.
This entry was posted in Baking, Product Review and tagged Baking, Product Review on 24 August, 2016. From the grill to the oven to the slow cooker, a JENNIE-O® All Natural Turkey Breast Tenderloin is an easy meal the whole family will love and is great for making week night meals easy and tasty! Last week I went to check out the gluten free lunch menu and I was impressed with the number of options it offers. This entry was posted in Boston, Restaurant Review, Seafood, Seaport, Steakhouse, sushi and tagged Boston, Restaurant Review, seafood, Seaport, Steakhouse, Sushi on 22 August, 2016.
For years Kelapo has focused on providing the market’s highest quality extra virgin coconut oil. This entry was posted in dairy free, organic, Product Review, Vegetarian and tagged Dairy Free, organic, Product Review, Vegetairan on 19 August, 2016.
Sold in two-ounce and four ounce bottles, the Orange Blossom is made from Seville bitter oranges from the Middle East and Spain.
This entry was posted in dairy free, Kosher, nut free, Product Review, Soy free and tagged Dairy Free, kosher, nut free, Product Review, soy free on 16 August, 2016. This entry was posted in Dips, Product Review, pumpkin, Sauce and tagged dips, Product Review, pumpkin, Sauce on 15 August, 2016.
This entry was posted in breakfast, dairy free, granola, organic, Product Review, Vegan and tagged breakfast, Dairy Free, granola, organic, Product Review, Vegan on 12 August, 2016. This entry was posted in oil, Product Review, Vegan and tagged oil, Product Review, Vegan on 10 August, 2016. The Flavors of Hemingway aka EH Gourmet is a line of gourmet sauces and seasonings based on the life and travels of prolific American novelist Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway became enamored with Spanish bullfighting after seeing the Pamplona fiesta in 1925, which he wrote about in The Sun Also Rises. You can putters EH Gourmet products online or in retail locations in CT, FL, DE, LA, Pe, and TX.
Jack’s Gourmet was founded in 2010 in Brooklyn, NY by individuals who love food and wanted to share their passion with everyone.
With the philosophy that only the finest ingredients will produce the best-tasting products, Jack’s Gourmet carefully sources every ingredient they use. Before discussing the vegan probiotic sources, let us give you a brief introduction about probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria like organisms which play an important role in regulating our digestive system and boosting up the immune system. Sauerkraut is tangy, crunchy and little salty that everyone will love to eat it again and again.
You must be aware of the kefir which is prepared using dairy products, but here, we are talking about the water kefir. However, many people think that whether this product is equally rich in vegan probiotics as that of milk kefir or not. This spicy and sour dish is also prepared using fermented cabbage along with other veggies.
As Kimchi is also prepared by using seafood or fish, vegans should check the ingredients if they are buying it from the market. Prepared from fermented soybeans as a main component, Miso is considered as a great source of probiotics.
Nutritiously prepared pickles are good for strengthening our immune system, maintaining the blood pressure levels in our body and preventing the heart strokes. These plants are rich in probiotics and when mixed with the other probiotic rich food, they will really boost up the probiotic levels in it.
Always try to intake the probiotic foods which not only boost up the bacterial content in your body, but also provide other health benefits. Sometimes you probably find yourself  in a hurry and have no time to prepare something to eat. Considering that popcorn and ice cream are two of the most popular snacks of summertime, Ohio-based artisan ice cream maker Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has decided to bring together the two in the form of its sun-popped popcorn ice cream flavor. Available for purchase from the Jeni's website, this popcorn ice cream is infused with popcorn that is literally popped using natural sunlight.
The end result is popcorn ice cream that offers the true taste of freshly buttered popcorn but in a creamy and delectable ice cream format. Probiotics should be taken periodically to help keep an optimal balance in intestinal flora (usually taken with a meal). Almost everyone benefits from taking the Probiotic supplement, and we especially recommend it for pregnant and nursing mothers, individuals on antibiotics, anyone undergoing pelvic or abdominal radiation treatments. Read technical data from florafit: Rhodia Probiotic Technical Data - Rhodia probiotic cultures are used in all of the Hallelujah Acres supplements that contain probiotics. Sometimes you probably find yourselfA  in a hurry and have no time to prepare something to eat. A pickled product that does not list vinegar on the label is a good probiotic candidate, provided it has not been heat-processed during production.
Home fermentation of vegetables preserves without the use of any pressure or heat unlike supermarket versions of the same foods. Improves the digestibility of the food and even cooked foods that are consumed along with it! Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage, and like the name suggests, it has a pleasantly sour tang. Of course, sauerkraut is the perfect accompaniment for pastrami, on a hot dog, or alongside beer-braised brats. Another fermented cabbage condiment, kimchi is both spicy and slightly sour. Bon Appetit Magazine has saved us all a lot of trouble by finding their 8 Favorite Kimchi Brands from Across America.
Stir a spoonful of kimchi into your soups, salads, or even pasta dishes just before serving. We all know what a pickle is, but, like sauerkraut, not all pickles are created equal. Most store-bought pickles are not raw, so make sure you read those labels carefully. Of course, pickles are a great condiment for sandwiches, but there are so many other ways to enjoy them.
That said, a simple and delicious way to consume miso is a simple homemade salad dressing of tahini, miso, lemon, and water (to thin it out).
You’ve probably seen bottled Kombucha, a fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drink, in supermarkets everywhere. But, note, not all Kombucha is probiotic rich because some brewers use pasteurization to help control the alcohol content in their products. Cheeses are excellent carriers for probiotics — their low acidity and high fat preserve and nurture the bacteria while they move through the digestive system. Both water and milk kefirs are loaded with beneficial bacteria but have different characteristics. Chocolate probiotic bars are often kept in the refrigerated section of your grocery store (in some stores, they are kept in the refrigerated yogurt aisle).

As our friends over at Wellness Mama note, soda hasn’t always been the high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavor concoction in an aluminum can that we know today. For hundreds of years (and probably much longer) cultures around the world have made various forms of naturally fermented “sodas” from sweetened herbal teas or fruit juice mixes.
Jennifer Kaplan is a former marketing consultant who decided, at the age of fifty, to turn her hand to creative non-fiction. Eat, Drink Better is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Grain-Free JK Gourmet is a Canadian company with a mandate devoted to making all-natural, preservative-free whole-foods baked goods that taste as good as they are healthy. From almond flour and baking mixes, to granola and biscotti, JK Gourmet offer’s a variety of grain free, guilt free products!
This almond flour is gluten-free and its powder-fine texture makes your pie crusts, cakes, cookies, brownies, and muffins taste delicious and authentic, just like they’re supposed to taste. With new routines and back to school, meal planning is an easy way to eat well and stay ahead of busy schedules. Grill, turning occasionally, until meat thermometer inserted into thickest portion of the meat reaches 165°F, approximately 45-50 minutes. Place tenderloins (two in each packet) in slow cooker, add ? cup water, and cover with lid. Ocean Prime specializes in a variety of seafood dishes, meats, and cocktails, and it also offers a gluten-free menu.
Ocean Prime is open for lunch Monday – Friday and dinner is served seven days a week. Launched this past June at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, the company’s 19th salsa evokes a spice mix of pumpkin pie, with a heat level registering at the medium level. I love baking and cooking with it – banana pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin hummus, pumpkin chili, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin pie, just to name a few. It some how ends up making its way into almost everything I cook and therefore I only use high quality oils. The all-natural citrus oils, flavorings and extracts add a new dimension to cooking, baking, candy making, ice cream making and much more.
The classic tale tells the story of an old fisherman pursuing a giant marlin in the waters off Havana. A few years later, in the summer of 1929, he traveled to Spain again in research of Death in the Afternoon, which was a much more detailed exploration into the tradition and ceremony of Spanish bullfighting. Beginning as a small producer of authentic handcrafted deli meats and sausages, Jack’s Gourmet has grown to become the leader in minimally processed, superior quality Kosher meat products.
From premium cuts of beef and poultry to fresh garlic to whole spices, at Jack’s Gourmet the belief is that what you use is as important as what you don’t use. However, you can intake them in two ways- through probiotic supplements and by eating probiotic rich foods. If you are a vegan, then you have many other non-yogurt options which are good sources of vegan probiotics. Though it contains fewer strains of probiotics, but it is the product on which vegans can rely for the intake of probiotics. It is rich in probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins that are greatly beneficial for our good health.
Along with that it is a good source of magnesium, folate, iron, vitamin K, fiber and many proteins.
It is a nutrient-dense food which is believed to alkalize the body, and neutralize the effects of pollution on our body. They also protect us against various types of infections which include cold, tuberculosis, pneumonia and vaginal infections. However, microalgae are not a food in itself but it can be added to many other foods, like, you can add microalgae to your soup, sweet smoothie and other dishes.
All the above mentioned foods are easily available and you can simply include them in your daily diet. This extraordinarily fresh and naturally made popcorn is then mixed with the richest and most decadent milk, cream and sugar. A healthy intestinal tract is host to over 400 species of bacteria - both pathogenic and "friendly" flora - with the friendly flora being predominant. In fact, probiotics have been shown to help with serious gut ailments, like IBS and leaky gut syndrome. The Healthy Economist has an excellent post, The Crucial Difference Between Pickled and Fermented in which they spell out what to look for. Fermentation basically means letting beneficial bacteria digest some of the carbohydrates and sugars in food. Raw pickles will be well labeled and brands found in the refrigerated section of the market are likely to be raw.
Also, this recipe for nutty Miso Sunflower Seed Sauce is fantastic on just about anything and makes a great dipping sauce for grilled tofu skewers and is also good tossed with pasta or roasted vegetables. For more good information, Andrea at our sister site Vibrant Wellness Journal wrote a great piece on the health benefits of miso. This is thanks to GT’s Kombucha, a $600 million company in Los Angeles that has brought Kombucha mainstream. Cheddar, feta and Gouda are common probiotic cheeses as are provolone, Edam, brick, caciocavallo, Emmental and Gruyere.
Milk-based kefir is loaded with tryptophan, an amino acid affectionately known as “nature’s Prozac,” because of how it soothes the nervous system.
Brands that can be found in health food stores, Whole Foods Markets and even Sam’s Club include Attune and Healthy Delights.
In December 2013, Japanese researchers found that green peas contain Leuconostoc mesenteroides, a strain of probiotic bacteria. Add them raw to your salad, eat as a snack, try raw green pea and almond dip on crackers, with veggies chips, or on top of tacos or try this delicious raw food recipe for sprouted wild rice with pistachios and spring vegetables. Samurai warriors used to eat them to stay strong during battle and okayu (rice congee) with umeboshi is a standard Japanese folk remedy for colds and flus. These natural fermented drinks contained beneficial enzymes and probiotics to boost health and were a far cry from the unhealthy versions we have today. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. Jennie-O® Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast adds an Italian twist to sandwiches and salads and is great for mixing up your weekly lunch bag! Bake until meat thermometer inserted into thickest portion of the meat reaches 165°F, approximately 60-70 minutes.
Plus, they incorporate eco-friendly practices to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources. Its fragrant characteristics also complement chocolate, vanilla, almond, lemon and other citrus flavors. In addition to pairing well with vanilla, cream, white and dark chocolate and mild cheeses such as Brie or cream cheese, rose water blends nicely with fruits like strawberry, raspberry, lychee and mango. The citrus oils are natural essences that are cold pressed from the rind of the fruit. That is why all Jack’s Gourmet products are Gluten-Free, MSG-Free (and Dairy free by default of being Kosher) and do not contain any fillers or by-products.
But, it is always recommended to intake probiotics through food so that you can avoid the side effects of supplements.

While preparing water kefir, you have the choice of using kefir grains or powdered kefir starter culture.
Usually, cucumber and radish are used as additional veggies, but to make it delicious you can add the vegetables and seasoning of your choice. Along with providing the high strains of vegan probiotics, it plays an important role in restoring the beneficial probiotics to our intestines.
One thing that you need to consider while choosing pickles is that they should be prepared using sea salt and water instead of vinegar.
This probiotic rich food source provides you protection against various infections and also improves the digestion in your body. However, beside these above given probiotic rich foods, you can also take probiotic supplements if your body is greatly in their need. The higher number of + in any given area indicates better performance or stability in that specific area. But, there are also many everyday benefits of probiotic rich foods that can help us all. Probiotic side effects include a range of things from supporting the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, preventing inflammation, boosting immunity, reducing stress, improving your mood and alleviating conditions ranging from allergies to diarrhea. Hardick, founder of the Centre for Maximized Living in London, Ontario notes: “Conventionally, when people hear about probiotics, they typically think of yogurt or supplements. In short, as Alex Lewin, author of Real Food Fermentation explains not all fermented foods are pickled and not all pickles are fermented.
The brands found in the refrigerated section of the market are likely to be raw so check the refrigerated section of your market for local and artisanal brands of sauerkraut. You can also ferment your own sauerkraut at home. Its like shredded cabbage but with a sour kick. Martyna Angell, author of The Wholesome Cook has a great blog post naming six things to make with sauerkraut other than a reuben that includes several raw sauerkraut recipes for sauerkraut kiwi smoothies, sauerkraut slaw and nori rolls. When using miso in soup, stew or another cooked dish, don’t add it until the end of the cooking process and remove the food from heat immediately since high heat can destroy the probiotic organisms. Dairy is an excellent environment for bacteria because the live microorganisms feed on lactose, a naturally occurring sugar in dairy products.
If your wondering how cheese stacks up to other probiotic rich dairy foods, cheddar cheese was evaluated as a food carrier for the delivery of probiotic microorganisms and it was found that mature raw cheddar cheese compares very favorably with fresh yogurt.
Milk kefir, on the other hand, is made from goat’s milk, cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and, even, camel’s milk. Milk sugars are broken down during the fermentation process, so kefir naturally contains less lactose than milk, and goat and sheep milk kefirs have even less. Using low processing temperatures to keep them intact, manufacturers are able to add probiotics to dark chocolate at up to four times the amount found in other forms of dairy.
In addition to improving our digestive system, probiotics have many other benefits on our health like they lower the chances of diarrhea, prevent cholesterol levels from getting high and also provide immunity against viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Though you can easily get sauerkraut from market, but to get all its nutritional benefits, especially probiotics, you need to ensure that it is natural. But, it would be better if you use kefir grains as they contain more probiotics than powdered starter.
Vitamin K regulates the blood clotting, maintains the bone density and plays an important role in preventing the cardiovascular diseases. It is prepared using tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast, thus, it contains high amount of gut friendly bacteria.
It assists the assimilation and digestion of food in our stomach by preserving the digestive fluids in it. It is because of the fact that vinegar will not assist the growth of beneficial bacteria in our body. This helps inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, produce B vitamins, and maintain overall optimal colon health.
Bon Appetit Magazine suggests serving it alongside this ultimate Korean barbecue menu or with one of these 12 dishes that just taste better with kimchi. Known as a scoby (for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), it essentially eats the sugar, tannic acids, and caffeine in the tea, and creates a cocktail of live microorganisms that many believe to be beneficial.
Kefir also contains active lactase enzymes, which is why even some people with lactose intolerance can digest it with ease. The good bacteria inside green peas may raise the level of antibodies in your immune system. Splash it on anything needs a lil’ kick from wings to eggs, even just a gluten free cracker. But as veganism cuts the use of all animal products, yogurt is no longer an option for them. When buying sauerkraut from the market, make sure that it is not pasteurized because pasteurization will kill all its useful elements.
You can also add some sugar for taste and to make it more nutritious, you can add some dry fruits to it. Including Miso in your diet will also protect you from prostrate, breast, lung and colon cancer.
It is rich is lactobacillus bacteria which produces lactic acid in our body and thus, helps in the easier digestion of food.
If you are going to intake pickles as a source of probiotics, then ensure that they are fermented with bacterial cultures.
Though peas can be cooked via low heating, but is better to boil them for retaining all its probiotic components. The only drawback is that these gourmet items are rather expensive compared to the pennies per ounce it costs to make them yourself. Scobys constantly grow and reproduce, and their offspring are something of a currency among kombucha devotees, who use them in homebrewing.
A 2010 study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology found that probiotics in dark chocolate survived the passage through the stomach and small intestine better than those added to liquid milk. These types of antibodies are often found in the lining of your airway and digestive tracts, according to the study. Though the plant based yogurts are also available in the market nowadays, but in many of them probiotics get destroyed during the heating process. The color of tempeh may vary in your different recipes, but make sure that it does not get yellow, pink or blue as it is the sign of over fermentation. While preparing Miso, ensure that it is not overheated as it will kill all beneficial probiotics. The fermentation process while preparing the sourdough leads to the production of healthy gut bacteria. Kefir can be found in health foods stores and major supermarkets as a fermented milk drink (typically in the yogurt aisle), you can also find products with kefir used in ice cream, cheese, popsicles, oatmeal and even veggie-based drinks.
Translation: green peas may be able to help fight off infections and colds thanks to their inherent probiotic bacteria. Not only this product will provide you the required amount of vegan probiotics, but will also provide you good immunity against heart, skin and digestive problems.
It boosts our immune system and provides an effective protection again cancer and other normal infections.

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