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The English National Opera's production of Philip Glass' new opera, The Perfect American was one of the highlights of the Brisbane Festival this year. As part of this event, RN's Into the Music, Opera Queensland and the Brisbane Festival presented a symposium on the opera hosted by ABC Classic FM's Christopher Lawrence with key members of the cast, Marie McLaughlin and Christopher Purves, CEO and Artistic Director of State Opera SA, Timothy Sexton and international theatre director, Phelim McDermott who directed the Brisbane Festival performances.This discussion ranged across themes of mortality and eternity, the cult of the celebrity and opera as journalism.
The novel is a fierce demythologizing of Walt Disney (1901–66), who is depicted in the last months of his life as a racist, far-rightist, ignorant, populist bigot. The book is narrated by the Austrian cartoonist and composite artist Wilhelm Dantine, and centers on the confrontation between him and Disney.  Dantine, a Disney employee had helped to create a union — anathema for the fiercely anti-Communist Disney — and gets sacked. Nobody really stands up to the great man.  Disney's most meaningful conversations are in his final stay at the hospital, dying of cancer. The complicated character of Walt Disney comes to life in this thoughtful, brilliantly executed opera.
The characters move in and around a central elevation, which represents Disney's bed, his laboratory, his house and finally his catafalque.
Features Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Opera News with seminal articles and excerpts from our archives that have never before appeared on our website.  In Review With a cast of four superb singing actors, West Edge Opera’s excellent, unbuttoned production of Thomas Ades's Powder Her Face brought an atmosphere of nostalgia and humanity that kept the work's raunchy humor in perspective.

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Philip Glass's opera about Walt Disney, The Perfect American, has received favourable reviews from the Spanish press after its world premiere at Madrid's Teatro Real.
Toute reproduction en tout ou partie est interdite quel que soit le support sans autorisation ecrite de Tutti Magazine. The libretto for Glass's opera, by veteran novelist, playright and scriptwriter Rudy Wurlitzer, who worked with Glass on his chamber opera In the Penal Colony (2000), maintains the Disney character as a "negative" force but somewhat humanizes the monster of Jungk's book. When his former boss is dying, Dantine returns to Disney, seeking respect, recognition and money. There are racist and anti-union rants, but the piece also acknowledges the man's nostalgia for his childhood and his rare ability to touch the imaginations of children.  The emotional center of the piece is Disney's connection to his boyhood hometown of Marceline, Missouri.
Among its weak moments are the long, meandering recitatives — more rhetorical than narrative — in which all characters sing in a similar monochrome parlando. In Review Featuring Klaus Florian Vogt in the title role, Bayreuth's new production of Parsifal was technically and musically impeccable, catapulting the festival to Olympus-like heights.

Dantine represents the thousands of anonymous artists who were used to create the brilliant and wildly successful Disney animated films and then treated as if they were garbage. The pastoral peace and innocence of  Marceline is the world Disney used as the model for Disneyland.
They are not anything recognizably Disney, rather work-in-progress elaborations on a darker, more sinister world of images.
Bass-baritone David Pittsinger uses his elegant demeanor and deep, creamy voice to embody that rock of common sense, Walt's brother Roy Disney.
Dantine poses the question of who is the creator in such a collective endeavor as animated movies.
A real success considering the heterodoxy of the work and the rigid nature of some sections of the Madrid public," said the leading daily El Pais.

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