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With words like probiotics and weight loss being thrown around recently it can be hard to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction. One of the latest diet buzz words has been “probiotics,” specifically those that exist in yogurt. Greek yogurt is thicker and richer than regular yogurt, and typically contains lower sugar, higher protein and higher amounts of probiotics.
As far as bacteria are concerned, Greek yogurt can contain up to six strains of probiotics, while regular yogurt usually contains just two. To reach maximum health advantages for males women and kids it's important to just take probiotic supplements with a wide variety of different strains. Developed Through Extensive Scientific Study – We researched EVERY aspect of why is this probiotics supplement function better than such a thing available.
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We have looked into the differences between Greek and regular yogurt to find out the truth for you. This type of “good bacteria” has been shown to boost immunity and help maintain healthy digestion, and one of the prime sources of probiotics is yogurt.

These high levels aid in converting milk lactose into lactic acid, making it easier to digest, especially for those who are lactose intolerant.
You know, that beneficial bacteria that lives in your gut to help your immune system and aid in digestive health?Probiotics are my friend.
With this Proprietary mixture of 18 strains and 40 billion cfu of the good germs, it'll permit you to get back to your happy energetic self!PROBIOTICS TAKEN EVERYDAY CAN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT – When you simply take the proper probiotic supplements it will also help food digestion and GI tract function.
For core stability, the abdominal muscles do little without proper strength and conditioning of the muscles, and injury, aches and pains can occur more frequently.
Dannon’s Activia yogurt has built its entire marketing campaign around the bacteria, but the company was  slapped with a $45-million false advertising lawsuit saying Dannon made false claims about the medical benefits of eating the product.
New studies have shown that enhancement within gut function can help with fat loss, boost your metabolism, and shrink your waist.100per cent SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident that when used as directed that you'll feel better and now have more power than you ever thought had been possible. It’s so easy & you've got no risk so provide this product a try today…100percent SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
While the amount in Dannon’s Activia may not be as much as claimed, probiotics are still an important part of a healthy diet. KeVita contains 4 strains of probiotics and is certified organic, non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan. More than half of the ingredients are from vendors within driving distance of their Certified Organic facility.

Some of the ones I have tried are: Coconut, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate, Pomegranate Coconut and Strawberry Acai Coconut. Additionally, Kevita has Mango Coconut, Mojito Lime Mint Coconut, Lemon Cayenne Cleanse, Living Greens and their 3 newest flavors – Hibiscus Berry, Tangerine, Blueberry Cherry.KeVita Vs. I knew there was a difference between milk based cultures and the clear-type probiotic drinks, but I had no idea that KeVita and Kombucha were different!
KeVita is fermented with coconut water or reverse osmosis water and Kombucha is fermented with black teas!
A few reasons I like them: they tend to be more affordable than some others, the company is one I like to support, and they taste delicious.
Check out the KeVita Store Locator.Connect with KevitaJoin Kevita on their social networks! Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment About Me Get the Latest Updates!

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