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Each disposable Vitamin Vape vaporizer contains “14 energy shots”, good for “hundreds of puffs”. Additionally, the ingredients are “sourced from suppliers in the United States” – so it doesn’t appear that you’re getting some chemical-filled e-liquid from China (although you could be getting a chemical-filled e-liquid from America). Oh, and if that “8000%” dose scares you, then remember that vitamin B12 is not dangerous in high doses at all. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient responsible for important functions throughout the body. That report from the NIH also claims that as many as 1 out of 7 Americans are deficient in vitamin B12. Vitamin Vape has an entire page of its website dedicated to the science behind the supplement.
Vaping other vitamins – like vitamins A and C, would reportedly require “thousands of puffs a day”.
Ultimately, research has shown that inhaling vitamin B12 can be just as effective at treating vitamin B12 deficiency as ingesting it orally. The problem here is that the vitamin B12 vapor used in the studies above isn’t the same as the vapor produced by the Vitamin Vape vaporizer. Nevertheless, the science posted by the creators of Vitamin Vape seems to indicate that the product should work as advertised to raise your vitamin B12 levels.
The manufacturer is also careful to note that the vaporizer’s ingredients do not include nicotine, propylene glycol, diacetyl, or acetyl propionyl.
They also claim that all ingredients are sourced from American suppliers and that the juice is made in America.
Regardless of how you buy Vitamin Vape, all the vaporizers have the same dosage: they each have 14 servings, with each serving containing 8000% of your recommended daily value of vitamin B12. Vitamin Vape was originally launched on the internet in 2014 and is currently only available exclusively online through The Perfecter Fusion Styler is a round, heated brush that uses ionic technology, ceramic, and nylon to give users the salon quality hair they’ve always wanted. Created by Maria McCool, the Perfecter Fusion Styler is the result of over 25 years of her working in the hair industry. By combining the capabilities of a curling iron, flat iron, and round brush, the Perfecter Fusion Styler doesn’t just make styling hair easier, but it makes the process faster than more conventional methods. There are several features that can be found in the Perfecter that make it stand apart from other hair styling tools on the market. Between the nylon teeth and all along the ion ceramic barrel, the Perfecter has dual heaters.
In addition to being effective on all these hair types, the Perfecter is also extremely easy to use.
The hair should be wrapped around the Perfecter and held there anywhere from three to eight minutes.
The Perfecter Fusion Styler website has a whole library of videos on how to achieve just the right styles with the hairstyling tool. Purchasing the Perfecter today will also qualify customers to get three free bonus gifts, valued at about $40. The Primal Sleep System is a downloadable eBook that promises to teach you the six step formula to reset your body’s sleep schedule and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.
Primal Sleep System is an eBook that promises to teach you how to enjoy a more restful sleep.
The book explains a six step process anyone can use to reset their sleep schedule, for example, as well as other tips and tricks that fight against the root causes of your insomnia and allow you to feel refreshed in the morning.
The eBook was created by a guy named David Sinick, who has previously been known for creating Paleo Hacks LLC. Primal Sleep System, as the name suggests, is based on similar lessons to those espoused in the paleo diet – by returning to our primal cycles and habits, you can reset your sleep schedule and enjoy healthier sleeps every night.
The core part of the Primal Sleep System includes six steps along with other tips and tricks for curing your insomnia. Many people find that by avoiding artificial light sources before bed, they can instantly fix whatever sleep problems they’ve been experiencing. In addition to the core eBook of Primal Sleep System, you get several audio files that promise to help you sleep more soundly at night.
You may have heard that our brains work in four cycles and produce four different types of brain waves. There’s no mention of any clinical trials or scientific tests that have taken place with Primal Sleep System’s meditation sounds.
Primal Sleep System includes the core eBook, the core audio files, and several other bonus eBooks that teach you about other parts of your sleep cycle.
If you’re looking for medical advice on how to sleep more easily at night, then Primal Sleep System isn’t it. Meanwhile, the meditation audio files – which claim to be worth over $200 in value – do not appear to be backed up by any clinical trials or scientific testing.
Ultimately, the best way to cure your insomnia is to talk to a real medical professional who knows your unique health characteristics and can recommend scientifically-proven medical advice based on this information. Muscle Growth Testosterone Boosters Alpha Fuel 720 – Testosterone Muscle Growth Booster? Alpha Fuel 720 is a testosterone booster that claims to use natural ingredients to supercharge the male body. The supplement is exclusively available through an online trial offer available to United States residents. At price of nearly $100, Alpha Fuel 720 is one of the most expensive natural testosterone boosters we’ve ever seen.
Alpha Fuel 720 claims to use “natural ingredients to support advanced endurance & recovery”.
All three of these ingredients occur naturally in the environment and have been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac.
Together, these ingredients deliver the nutrients your muscles need after a workout, which is why you enjoy a faster recovery time (at least, that’s the claim made by the manufacturer).
We don’t know how much of any ingredient is included within Alpha Fuel 720, which makes all of the claims made by the supplement totally meaningless.
If you’re a caffeine-sensitive individual, then Alpha Fuel 720 could give you dangerous side effects like heart palpitations, nausea, and other symptoms related to high levels of stimulants.
Another problem with the lack of dosage information is that it means we can’t definitively say that Alpha Fuel 720 is linked to any of its promised benefits – even though it uses ingredients that have been proven to work. Tribulus Terrestris, for example, has been shown to enhance libido and sexual wellbeing without affecting your testosterone in doses of approximately 200 to 450mg per day (assuming 60% saponins extract). Other ingredients, like fenugreek, are well-known aphrodisiacs that have never been observed to increase testosterone levels in men, but have been shown to enhance arousal in doses of around 600mg. Ultimately, even if we did know the dosages of the active ingredients in Alpha Fuel 720, none of the ingredients would be attributed to higher testosterone levels. Typically, supplement manufacturers give out their dosage information because it allows consumers to compare the formula against competitors. First, Alpha Fuel 720 is only available through a trial found on the product’s official website. Then, 18 days after you receive your trial product in the mail, your credit card will be charged $89.74.
However, it’s important to note that you can avoid all of these charges if you cancel within the 18 day period. You’ll often find Alpha Fuel 720 paired with a pre-workout supplement called Power Growth which is a Nitric Oxide booster.
Alpha Fuel 720 doesn’t list its manufacturing conditions, ingredient sources, or the name of the supplement maker. If you Google the above address, you’ll find that it’s associated with an astonishing range of scammy nutritional supplements sold online through lucrative free trial programs. Typically, supplements that are manufactured in America or other developed countries will advertise that information. Alpha Fuel 720 appears to be yet another natural testosterone booster scam that sells you an overpriced, underpowered multivitamin caffeine pill while calling itself the world’s greatest testosterone booster. In reality, Alpha Fuel 720 uses poor-quality ingredients that haven’t been linked to any improved recovery times or higher testosterone levels. For all of these reasons, Alpha Fuel 720 appears to be a total waste of its ludicrous $90 price tag.
June 18, 2014 by Kelly R Leave a Comment Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I received Number One Nutrition’s Number One Probiotic Supplement For Men, Women, and Children complimentary for review.
Probiotics are good bacteria that perform a very important role in our digestive, metabolic and immune systems. Metabo Pure contains an all-natural proprietary blend that helps user’s burn fat, suppress the appetite, and boost energy levels. The true power behind Metabo Pure is the green coffee bean, which helps user’s burn fat and stay naturally energized when on this fat loss supplement. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it helps the body flush toxins and pollutants out. In a 2005 study, chlorogenic acid was found to lower the release of glucose, or sugar, into the blood stream. Another clinical study that looked at green coffee beans found that taking an extract of the beans reversed weight gain caused by high fat diets. While the physical benefits found with Metabo Pure are amazing, the product itself is one of the biggest benefits of the supplement.
Metabo Pure also contains the highest quality ingredients, making it more potent and effective. Blackcore Edge is a preworkout supplement that promises to give you lean muscle while reducing body fat.
Blackcore Edge is a preworkout supplement that makes the same promises as most other preworkout supplements: it promises to reduce body fat and boost lean muscle mass by making you more productive during your workouts. In other words, Blackcore Edge claims to do everything from work as a nootropic (improves focus) to enhancing the way your body manages food (increased nutrient delivery). If you’ve ever taken a nitric oxide supplement or a preworkout, then you know what this feels like: more powerful pump at the gym and longer endurance, among other benefits. By taking the supplement daily, you can purportedly increase your strength and power during a workout.
Below, we’ll take a closer look at these ingredients and determine whether or not they’ll actually work as advertised.

As you can see, we don’t know the specific dosage of most of the ingredients in the supplement.
Since beet root extract is the first listed ingredient, it’s likely the most common ingredient in that proprietary formula. Since the amount of beet root extract in Blackcore Edge isn’t listed, it’s unclear if the dosage is powerful enough to raise nitric oxide levels. Sodium nitrate, which is the second most common ingredient in the proprietary formula, was once thought to enhance athletic performance by raising nitric oxide levels, but it doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. Niacinamide, on the other hand, is a form of vitamin B3 and is “literally required in hundreds of enzymatic reactions” in the human body, according to Vitamin Research Products. Today, you can buy Extramel in its pure form from Amazon, where it’s priced at $24.95 for a 300 IU serving.
Ultimately, the lack of dosage information on Blackcore Edge makes it difficult to compare this supplement to its known ingredients.
But the real problem with Blackcore Edge is that the formula hasn’t gone through clinical trials on its own.
Like many nutritional supplements sold online today, Blackcore Edge is sold through a shady free trial program.
Ultimately, this shady pricing policy has left many customers with hundreds of dollars in credit card debt for products they never intended to order. Ultimately, based on all of the above information, there’s little reason to believe that Blackcore Edge works as advertised to boost your lean muscle mass. There’s also the problem of the Blackcore Edge pricing policy, which lures customers in with a “free” trial offer before silently pre-authorizing hundreds of dollars of credit card charges.
While most people think that competition is only something that happens in the workplace or in sports, men know that this isn’t true.
Anyone who has been to a gym recently knows that it is the place where competition is the most heated between men.
Bio Testosterone XR is the perfect tool for men who want to reach new levels when it comes to forming and strengthening muscles.
Bio Testosterone XR is a supplement that works in the male body to boost its natural testosterone levels.
Bio Testosterone XR is able to support the growth of muscle, the burning of fat, and the increase of stamina. The problem with decreasing testosterone levels are that the symptoms associated with this decrease are often shrugged off as being part of daily stress or getting older. Testosterone levels in a man reach their peak in teenage years, which is why it’s easier for high schoolers to gain muscle.
The most important part of knowing if testosterone levels are getting low is recognizing the signs for what they are and not shrugging them off as stress. Because the creators of Bio Testosterone XR understand this need, they made the dosing process of the supplement extremely easy. After taking Bio Testosterone XR regularly and sticking with their usual exercise schedule, users of Bio Testosterone XR will notice that their muscles are growing firmer and stronger. By following these three simple steps, every man who takes Bio Testosterone XR can have the success and experience the gains they’ve always wanted. It’s also unclear if the studied vapor was heated before participants inhaled it – or if it was produced through some other method. We don’t yet have evidence showing that someone who is vitamin B12 deficient can take a few puffs on Vitamin Vape and absorb their recommended daily amount of vitamin B12. Not only does it take forever, especially for those with long or thick hair, but it causes a lot of damage to the hair, which only makes styling it harder down the road.
By using ionic technology, which pulls moisture in from the air and feeds it into the hair, the Perfecter is able to give users beautiful, healthy hair that can be styled in any way they can imagine.
As a hairstylist, Maria had worked with all sorts of hair types, from thin and straight to thick and curly.
Not only does the ion ceramic keep the hair from becoming overly frizzy while being used, but it also adds a smoothness and shine to the body.
These heaters get to the desired temperature quickly and heat evenly, to provide the hair the heat it needs without damaging it. For those who aren’t sure this is true, the Perfecter website offers several videos that show women with different hair types using the Perfecter to get the exact style they want. There are only a few simple steps that need to be followed to get the most out of the Perfecter. While air drying the hair is always recommended, especially for those who are trying to put less heat on their hair, doing a quick blow dry will prepare the hair perfectly for using the Perfecter. These bonuses include a thermal traveling case for storing the Perfecter, a wide detangle brush, and three styling clips which make the entire Perfecter process much easier.
If, for any reason at all, customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can return the item and receive a full refund.
After buying Primal Sleep System, you immediately download it and can access it across any electronic device. One of the key lessons in Primal Sleep System is to put down electronic devices within one hour before going to sleep. The system particularly recommends one tea that it calls the “tea of immortality” to help you fall asleep more easily at night. It claims that it uses audio signals, music, and noises to put your brain into different states of mind.
Delta, theta, and alpha waves are generated while we sleep, while beta waves are produced in stressful situations.
Maybe they’ll work for some people, while other people might try them once and feel like it’s not for them. If you’re too stressed or wound up to sleep, then this system promises to bring you back down to earth. So don’t be tricked into making a rush decision just because a timer on the internet told you.
If you’re looking for basic tips on nutrition, wellness, and other tips on how to sleep more easily at night, then Primal Sleep System may be able to help.
They’re ambient noises and meditation music that may put you in a more relaxed state of mind, or they might just make you feel silly when you fall asleep.
Modern scientific studies have also reinforced their benefits and shown that they do appear to raise testosterone levels in men (we’ll talk more about scientific studies below). When a manufacturer doesn’t display dosage information, it’s a good indication their formula is extremely underpowered and not worthy of comparison. But it’s scammy pricing policy will make you even more suspicious of this low-quality natural testosterone booster. You will continue to be charged $89.74 every 30 days thereafter and you will continue receiving monthly packages of Alpha Fuel 720 in the mail – even though you didn’t explicitly order them. Like most supplement scams, Alpha Fuel 720 hides the full price of its supplement in the fine print of its terms and conditions.
Other supplements associated with that address include Garcinia Cambogia Pure Select, Advance Power NO2, Infinite No2, and Gainz 007. The lack of sourcing information on Alpha Fuel 720 suggests that it’s sourced from China, India, or other developing parts of the world. I have been taking it since I received it a few weeks ago and have experienced no side effects at all.
They produce enzymes that break down the food we eat, regulate vitamin intake and convert sugars to the essential nutrients that our bodies need.
This product contains 10.12 Billion Cfus Lactobacillus + Acidophilus Per Serving, More Than 50 Billion Cfus in One Bottle!!
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. In a very short amount of time, her blog, titled “Kelly’s Thoughts on Things,” grew in popularity due to her honest and detailed reviews and in-demand giveaways.
Using natural, scientifically supported ingredients, Metabo Pure provides all the support that those who want to lose weight need, giving them the drive necessary to stick with their goal.
By using the fat burning power of green coffee beans, Metabo Pure has been found to be one of the most effective and powerful fat burners on the market. Because Metabo Pure will cause the body to flush all the impurities from the body, it’s very easy to get dehydrated while on the supplement. Once these pollutants have left the body, it is able to operate better, leaving people feeling revitalized, energized, and happier.
The study found that those who took chlorogenic acid had more even blood sugar levels and those who had hypertension showed improvement. In this study, the green coffee bean extracts seemed to protect the liver from fat build up. It also keeps blood sugar levels consistent, allowing users to feel full and energized throughout the day, even if they haven’t eaten as much.
Metabo Pure doesn’t contain any fillers, so users can know they’re getting exactly what is listed on the bottle.
Because Metabo Pure wanted to have the best green coffee bean extracts, it is able to offer proven results in a much shorter amount of time than the other green coffee bean supplements. Thankfully, each bottle of Metabo Pure comes with about 60 capsules, so most users only need three bottles to get through the entire 90 days. Two capsules of Metabo Pure should be taken before breakfast every day with a cup of water.
Potential customers can fill out an order form and see the deals available for the purchase of Metabo Pure that day. Furthermore, some people already have maximum levels of nitric oxide within their body, and that means they can’t benefit from these supplements.
That blend includes things like beet root extract, sodium nitrate, and ascorbic acid, along with certain amino acids and botanical extracts.
The majority of ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary blend that includes ingredients like beet root extract, sodium nitrate, and ascorbic acid. In one study published in December 2012, researchers concluded that “sodium nitrate supplementation does not enhance performance of endurance athletes” (although the study involved just 13 participants). It’s typically taken in doses over 1g, however, and is shown to actually inhibit nitric oxide synthesis. That’s actually a proprietary freeze-dried melon juice concentrate that comes from a specific type of melon that contains high levels of antioxidants. Although certain ingredients – like beet root extract – have been linked to increased nitric oxide production, other ingredients have shown no such link. But like most free things on the internet, Blackcore Edge’s free trial program is far too good to be true.

Yes, some of the ingredients – like beet root extract – have been linked to modest nitric oxide benefits. If you’re spending $100 on a nitric oxide booster, you can do way better than Blackcore Edge. Everyone is striving to reach some sort of goal and, with so much competition around them, this requires people to be better than their contemporaries. To perform the way they want, men can take the natural supplement and finally get the muscles, endurance, and stamina they’ve always wanted.
Because the levels of testosterone in a man’s body begin to decrease over time, it’s extremely important for them to have a support that will help them maintain these levels in a natural way. By combining these crucial benefits, Bio Testosterone XR is able to help men perform better no matter where they are. Whether men hit the gym once a day or once a week, Bio Testosterone XR will still be able to help them improve where they need it the most. While the symptoms are, in fact, a sign of a man getting older, they aren’t in the way most people think. However, once men hit their mid-twenties, these levels begin to steadily decrease for the remained of a man’s life. For those who are tired of struggling with these issues, Bio Testosterone XR is the perfect supplemental solution. And with their busy lives, they don’t have time to follow a bunch of instructions or guides on how to take a supplement.
In fact, it’s a simple three step process that anyone can follow, no matter what their lifestyle.
Unlike several other supplements, Bio Testosterone XR doesn’t require specific workouts or exercises to be effective. The fat will have been burned from their bodies, making their new, defined muscles more obvious.
While customers will need to pay a small shipping and handling fee, they can try Bio Testosterone XR free of charge for the trial period to decide if it is something they want to commit to long-term.
We would note however, that we have studied our product’s effect on B12 plasma levels in our own private research (which many find less credible, reasonably, than academic, peer-reviewed research), and found that the product works dramatically well. On top of all the issues that these tools cause to the hair, the tools themselves are extremely expensive. She noticed that she needed a different tool for every hair type and for every hairstyle that she was attempting. Not only does the Perfecter Fusion Styler make it easier to combat these problems, but it can give salon-like hair to users, from the comfort of their own homes. The heated round brush can add volume and body to the hair, but it can also shine, smooth, and straighten even the frizziest hair.
These teeth are spaced very precisely, to evenly distribute heat to all the hair follicles. While this barrel makes it extremely easy to straighten the hair, it also makes it an effective way of adding curl and body to the hair. By evenly distributing the heat, the Perfecter is also able to lock the heat into the hair, which allows the hair to retain its styling for longer periods of time. For those with thicker, curlier hair, the high setting is perfect for straightening and riding the hair of unwanted frizz. For those who want bangs, the Perfecter should be lifted from the crown and brushed in the direction the bangs should go. For those who would rather try the product out first or don’t want to pay that much up front, there is a payment plan available.
Your body can’t produce melatonin when it’s looking at artificial light sources – like your smartphone or the TV in your bedroom late at night.
Thus, he’s spent the last few years of his life spreading the benefits of Primal Sleep System to the world. You take the supplement after each workout to raise testosterone levels, which somehow translates into reduced recovery times. But without the exact dosage of caffeine, we don’t know if you’re consuming the same amount of caffeine as say, a cup of coffee (100mg) or a strong energy drink (200mg). Most customers will glaze over this size-8 text and will simply see the larger, $5.95 price at the top. That company’s LinkedIn page claims that it was founded in 2011 and maintains its headquarters at the above address. She finds great satisfaction in reviewing products because she knows doing so helps her readers make better buying decisions.
For others, it’s more serious and they need to lose weight to regain control of their health.
And, because it contains only natural ingredients, it’s the perfect option for anyone looking to lose weight naturally. They have long been associated with weight loss benefits, as well as clean energy boosters.
Because this acid is destroyed when coffee beans are roasted, it can only be found when the beans are green and raw. Blood sugar levels control the amount of insulin in the body and since insulin levels are now being associated with weight gain and obesity, so the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans is vital for the weight loss benefits found in Metabo Pure. The most important piece of information from the study, however, is that the average weight lost by the participants was about 17 pounds. What makes Metabo Pure so great is that, unlike other diet pills, this one treats three different sides of weight loss. And Metabo Pure doesn’t contain any chemicals or binders that might be harmful to the body and health. And, because Metabo Pure is made with natural ingredients, it is completely safe, even for those who have very sensitive bodies. As mentioned above, Metabo Pure can cause dehydration, so the cup of water is a vital part of the process. When your body has higher levels of nitric oxide, your blood vessels expand, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to be delivered throughout your body. In one small study, the formula was shown to “have an antioxidant activity on cellular level and fighting against oxidative stress”. Until we get that evidence, we really have no indication that Blackcore Edge works as advertised. But without dosage information or independent trials on the Blackcore Edge formula, it’s difficult to say whether the ingredients work well together as a whole. The friction this type of competition causes can be seen everywhere, from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quieter striving in office buildings. The supplement helps men make more gains in the gym, focus better at work, and perform better in bed. For those who want to keep their body in the best shape possible, toned and strong, Bio Testosterone XR is the perfect addition to their routine. It’s suggested to take one pill in the morning, whenever is convenient, and the other before working out. Concentration levels can be raised in less than 10 minutes (upwards of 5% increases were seen), and when taken daily, concentrations increased by upwards of 40% in some cases! Not only did switching tools take up precious time, but purchasing all those tools was extremely expensive.
It works well on all textures and lengths, offering an all-inclusive hair tool that can finally address all the common hair issues women face today. Because the ends of these teeth are tipped with a soft material, they don’t tangle the hair or burn the scalp. For those with thinner hair or those just doing touchups, the lower temperature is a better choice. High is perfect for thick or curly hair, while low should be used for thinner, straight, sensitive, or damaged hair.
For those who want curls, the Perfecter can be flipped or spun to create just the right look. Three payments of $33.33, made once a month, will get users their Perfecter easily and conveniently. There is yeast overgrowth in people’s bodies lately and we don’t even know but when you take this product it balances out the yeast that can cause us to feel fatigue and not very well! She regularly shares tips and information on a wide range of topics, including: fashion, beauty, travel, health, and autism.
Not only does it allow the body to burn fat more efficiently, it also suppresses the appetite, so users are eating less and feeling full faster. One of the most common things men notice in each other immediately is how strong they look. The Bio Testosterone XR will help push them further, so users notice within a few days of starting BioTestosterone XR that they’re making more gains and lasting longer in the gym. Consumers can test their own results at their local lab in a fairly inexpensive way, and we would be happy to pay the expense for the publisher of this article to test the effects and report back to their readers.
In fact, users can touch the Perfecter, though grabbing it isn’t recommended, and not burn their hands. While the device works fine on large quantities of hair, it is much more effective when used on smaller sections.
I’ve been telling everybody about this if you see this review just get it and try it I promise you, you will love it! In this role, she is highly active in social media by Facebook posting and Tweeting the blog posts she writes on a daily basis. Unfortunately, while many want to achieve this goal, very few will try, simply because losing weight seems too hard. Those who have seen the best results with Metabo Pure also made sure they got enough sleep, since the body uses sleep to heal itself. While this is interesting, the true power of green coffee beans and chlorogenic acid can be seen when examining its weight loss abilities. In addition to these two benefits, Metabo Pure keeps users feeling energized, so they are more willing to exercise and less likely to binge eat during the day. Because these temperatures are so high, the Perfecter comes with a pilot light which will shut off automatically if there are any safety problems. Because of this, users should probably divide their hair so that the device can be used on each section more effectively.

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