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It’s finally September, which means it is time to get excited to pull out our autumn scarves and slip back into our skinny jeans. Now for the good news: The occasional puff up can be reduced through some wise food choices and lifestyle changes.
Rice (fully digested carbohydrates): Some foods, especially certain carbohydrates, are either indigestible or only partially digested in the gut.
Cucumber (natural diuretic): If you’re already bloated, cucumbers can make a great tummy-flattening snack.
Papaya (papain): A 2009 study showed that raw papaya contains a white, milky substance called papain and when ripe, the fruit is moderately laxative and helps in the movement of the bowels.
This feeling is not only physically uncomfortable but also may affect our mood and self-esteem.
Often caused by natural processes during digestion, bloating is typically triggered by the accumulation of fluid or production of gas in the body.
Regularly consuming yogurt with active cultures increases lactobacillus and bifidobacterium—the “good” bacteria—in the digestive tract, which facilitate efficient digestion and prevention of belly bloat.

For quick relief, sip a peppermint tea to help relax the digestive tract and return to normal peristalsis, aka muscle contractions. The high water and low fiber content of these tasty vegetables can cause increased urination, which in turn, makes you feel slimmer. Although it is not the most popular or readily available fruit, papaya may be worth considering. If you are concerned about how often you feel bloated, try keeping a food diary to identify specific foods that you should avoid. The pressure of bikini season is over!”), there is a chance that as you tried to zip up your jeans, you came in contact with an uncomfortable obstacle—bloating. However, bloating is not always caused by too much gas, but rather, how the body handles that gas.
According to American College of Gastroenterology, rice and rice flour make a good substitute for starches such as wheat, oats, corn and potatoes. Hiding in most of today’s processed foods and restaurant items, sodium attracts and retains water in the body.

Occasional bloating is normal, but if it occurs chronically, bloating can be a symptom of a more serious health problem. Rice is fully digested in the small intestines, giving it the least potential to form gases in the gut. If you need a bit of sweetness, mix in fresh fruit at home rather than grabbing flavored yogurts. If your problem is chronic, or if you are experiencing a severe increase in gassiness or distention, you should talk to your health care practitioner right away. If your bloat is a result of yesterday’s salty dinner, try adding sliced banana to your morning oatmeal for some balance.

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