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Having healthy gut flora (bacterial colonies) increases physical health and immunities as well as mental and emotional health. Nanoparticles, which are small, engineered particles created to help preserve food textures and shapes, prevent the growth of mold and filter water, have been proven to negatively impact the gut’s natural bacterial colonies. Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and cerium dioxide are the 3 main nanoparticles that have been studied and proven to destroy a healthy gut which causes adverse health effects.
What are all the steps we can take to ensure we are caring for our gut health as much as we should? To nourish the healthy, beneficial bacterial colonies in your gut, be sure to include probiotic and prebiotic rich foods in your daily diet.
Most foods that contain artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives most likely also contain destructive nanoparticles. Also, it is important to limit your intake of meat and most dairy (not yogurts which still contain live, active probiotic cultures).
Finally, do your due-diligence and stay current on this research as new discoveries are being made all the time. The interesting thing about all of this research is that it is still very cutting edge and new, and also very controversial as it negatively impacts major food corporations and other main contributors to the massive amount of processed foods available to us.
This blog pro­vides gen­eral infor­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion about health and wellness related sub­jects.
Recent research has found that the application of probiotics for vaginosis and vaginitis produces definite clinical effectiveness, with or without additional treatment with antibiotics.
In the most recent, Bulgarian hospital researchers treated 60 women with bacterial vaginosis with antibiotic treatment alone or antibiotic treatment followed by probiotic treatment. The first group was given metronidazole orally with two local applications over a five day period.
After the two treatments, the researchers found that 60% of the patients in the first group had resolution of their infections, while the group receiving the probiotic treatment experienced an 88.5% resolution. As to whether probiotic treatment alone will outperform antibiotic treatment, this latter issue is important.
As to whether a probiotic treatment will beat the conventional antibiotic treatment for vaginosis, another 2013 study from Bulgaria hospital researchers studied 381 women with bacterial vaginosis. The researchers then followed up with the patients between 46 and 40 days after the probiotic treatment ended. Meanwhile the effectiveness of the antibiotic treatment was 47% and 52% effective, respectively. This of course means that like the first study mentioned, the infection was knocked out by the antibiotics and then the flora environment was restored by the probiotics. Both studies illustrate that probiotics is a bonafide treatment for vaginosis – just not as effective as antibiotics. The two obvious short-comings of both of these studies are that the probiotic treatment in each was ridiculously short. In practical application, natural practitioners will typically suggest the probiotic application continues for at least a few weeks to get full resolution. For example, researchers from the School of Medicine at Italy’s Universita degli Studi di Siena (Delia et al.
The other comment to note is how many patients were not improved by the antibiotic-only treatment. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Lactic Acid Bacteria as Source of Functional IngredientsPanagiota Florou-Paneri1, Efterpi Christaki1 and Eleftherios Bonos2[1] Laboratory of Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, , Greece[2] Animal Production, Faculty of Technology of Agronomics, Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia, Florina, , Greece1.
By altering those colonies and introducing destructive bacteria, scientists can actually alter a persons mood and mental health. Moreover, these nanoparticles are completely unregulated and no one knows exactly how much exposure to them we are all experiencing.

Probiotics and Prebiotics are very sensitive as they are living cultures and can easily lose all effectiveness if not processed and stored properly.
Stay away from candy, gum, processed coffee creamers, pudding, pop tarts… and you get my drift. Harvard scientists have found that a diet rich in dairy and meat actually negatively impacts gut health in as little as 2 days.
As a result, lobyists will do their best to keep this news and research from becoming popular.
This is my little blog project where I am trying to learn more about health, wellness and living a balanced life, while also sharing a bit of my silly side as well. The con­tent in this blog, and in any linked mate­ri­als, is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. The second group was given the same treatment for the first five days and then given local application of Lactobacillus casei var rhamnosus – also called Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Antibiotic treatment has two consequences: One that it does also knock out the healthy flora of the vagina, leaving the vagina open to new opportunistic infections.
This of course has been the evolving case among many bacteria that are increasingly becoming resistant to our antibiotic arsenal.
They gave 143 patients 10 applications (twice a day for five days) of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. They found that the patients given the probiotic-only treatment was 41% microbiologically effective and was 43% clinically effective – meaning their symptoms were resolved. The best results were obtained from the combined therapy, which resulted in 80% effectiveness in the micro analysis and 87% clinically effective. The researchers were practically testing the probiotics side by side as if the probiotic treatment should only take a week to complete. During this time the probiotics will increasingly colonize the vagina and eventually knock out the infective organisms.
2006) treated 60 healthy women with vaginosis with either a vaginal suppository containing Lactobacillus acidophilus or a suppository containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus paracasei F19. IntroductionLactic acid bacteria (LAB) are widespread microorganisms which can be found in any environment rich mainly in carbohydrates, such as plants, fermented foods and the mucosal surfaces of humans, terrestrial and marine animals.
A supplement like Naturae Vita’s Bioflorathin uses only the highest quality of proven probiotic and prebiotic strains. Anything that wouldn’t exist 50 or so years ago, before our food supply became a completely processed, profit-driven health disaster. The second group of 126 patients were given the oral antibiotic Clindamycin with two treatments of local antibiotic Metronidazole treatment. At the end of three months of treatment—and again three months afterward—both groups showed significant improvement in vaginosis, a significant reduction in vaginal pH, and significant decrease in vagina odor. As other research shows, unresolved infections following antibiotic treatment increases the risk of antibiotic-resistance.
In the human and animal bodies, LAB are part of the normal microbiota or microflora, the ecosystem that naturally inhabits the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts, which is comprised by a large number of different bacterial species with a diverse amount of strains [1,2]. They are manufactured properly to ensure that no damage is done to the living organisms and great care is taken in packaging and storage to guarantee that the large amount of bacterial colonies present in the supplement remain fully alive and intact so consumers get optimum benefits from their supplement. A third group of 112 women was given the same antibiotic treatment for first days followed by the probiotic treatment, again with local application of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. They are non-sporing, aero tolerant anaerobes that lack catalase and respiratory chain, with a DNA base composition of less than 53 mol% G+C [3,4].
According to their morphology LAB are divided to robs and cocci and according to the mode of glucose fermentation to homofermentative and heterofermentative.
The homofermentative LAB convert carbohydrates to lactic acid as the only or major end-product, while the heterofermentative produce lactic acid and additional products such as ethanol, acetic acid and carbon dioxide [5,6].
Thus, the main metabolism of LAB is the degradation of different carbohydrates and related compounds by producing primarily lactic acid and energy.

LAB have been used in food preservation and for the modification of the organoleptic characteristics of foods, for example flavors and texture [2]. Various strains of LAB [8] can be found in dairy products (yoghurt, cheese), fermented meats (salami), fermented vegetables (olives, sauerkraut), sourdough bread, etc [9]. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stated that several LAB strains can be considered to have “Qualified Presumption of Safety” QPS-status [9]. Moreover, nowadays, LAB play an important role in the industry for the synthesis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other useful products (Figure 1). Lactic acid bacteria as source of probioticsEtymologically the term probiotics is derived from the Greek “probios” which means “for life”. In 1974 Parker [11] defined as probiotics “organisms and substances which contribute to intestinal microbial balance”.
Fuller in 1989 [12] defined as probiotic “a live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”. Since probiotics can colonize the gastrointestinal tract and exert their beneficial effect long term, without requiring continuous medical intervention, they have been used for a century to treat a variety of mucosal surface infections (gut, vagina), but their use decreased after the appearance of antibiotics. However, today, probiotics are considered as an alternative solution to antibiotics due to the increasing spread of antibiotic resistance and the need for treatment cost reduction [14].
Microorganisms considered as commercial probiotics are mainly of the Lactobacillus genus with over one hundred species recognized, for example: L.
Probiotic bacteria are very sensitive to many environmental stresses, such as acidity, oxygen and temperature [20,21] and they must fulfill some functional and physiological aspects such as [21,22]: a) Adherence to the intestinal epithelium and colonization of the lumen of the tract. The probiotic bacteria compete with pathogenic bacteria for epithelial binding sites, inhibiting the colonization of strains like Salmonella and E. Probiotic bacteria interact with the epithelial cells of the gut, either directly (via cell compounds like DNA, lipoteichoic acids and cell-surface polysaccharides) or indirectly (through production of bioactive metabolites) [30].
This action of probiotics could be important for the elimination of neoplastic host cells [22]. Moreover, the effects of probiotics on B-lymphocytes and antibody production resulted in an increase in IgA secretion and the enhancement of response to vaccination [34]. Probiotics and healthFunctional properties of probiotics have been demonstrated for various therapeutic applications. Nevertheless, the health benefits provided by probiotics are strain-specific, therefore no probiotic strain will have all proposes benefits, not even strains of the same species [36]. Moreover, in animal nutrition dietary probiotics or direct fed microbials, term which is preferred in the USA, are able to help the maintenance of a healthy intestinal microflora. This microflora may serve to improve performance and health status of the animals, but also to suppress food born pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter. For instance, the gastrointestinal tract of broilers can be colonized by ingested probiotic bacteria from the first days of their life, which results in shorter period for the achievement of microflora stability.
Also, in another example the dietary inclusion of probiotics in young calves’ milk replacers may improve their growth performance [40].
The most studied gastrointestinal condition treated by probiotics is acute infectious diarrhea in infants. Children represent a main target of studies due to the importance of limiting the spread of diseases and decreasing the need of antibiotics (Aureli et al.
Bulgaricus) support the efficacy of these probiotics in preventing diarrhea [14,49,53], due to their direct or indirect interaction with the enterotoxins [54].Antibiotic associated diarrhea. A variety of probiotic bacteria, mainly lactobacilli have been used in the treatment and prevention of antibiotic associated diarrhea [55,56]. Nevertheless, the results obtained were from pilot studies, so further investigation is needed to evaluate the efficacy of probiotics on such disorders.Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea.

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