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UC Davis’ new milk-processing lab aims to isolate oligosaccharides from cow milk to enhance baby formula. As researchers tease apart the roles of sugar, protein, and fat in milk, as well as the roles of beneficial gut microbes that help process the milk in babies’ tummies, they are finding many interrelated ways in which milk nourishes infants and protects their health. The oligosaccharides are difficult to analyze, requiring new analytical methods using state-of-the-art lab instrumentation. In the long term, this combination of approaches could provide ways to diagnose digestive problems in babies, Lebrilla says.
It turns out that the major role of oligosaccharides in human milk is to serve as food for beneficial gut microbes.
Capitalizing on what they’ve learned so far, the UC Davis breast milk researchers are developing B. For premature babies in particular, Underwood hopes the probiotics will help prevent necrotizing enterocolitis, a destructive intestinal disease that affects roughly 10% of premature babies. Doctors believe the disease is caused by pathogenic bacteria getting into the lining of the intestines. The complexity of milk oligosaccharides defies large-scale chemical synthesis, but there may be ways to extract them from dairy cows. One quirk Lebrilla’s team discovered is that the types of sugars on lactoferrin change as bacterial populations change. These bacteria cause the breast infection mastitis, so the peptides likely help protect mothers from infection and perhaps protect infants as well, depending on how infants digest them. Although deciphering the composition of breast milk is critical for Underwood’s premature babies, that is only part of the breast milk equation.
In a study comparing formula- and breast-fed infant rhesus monkeys, Slupsky found that the two groups not only had distinct gut microbiomes but they also had different insulin levels in the blood and appeared to be metabolizing amino acids differently (J. German emphasizes that the inspiration for the breast milk studies is to develop an overall understanding of what makes a baby healthy.
I'm a registered dietitian and blogger living in Metro Detroit, Michigan with my husband Troy, daughter Adalyn and 2 dachshunds! Herea€™s what researchers do know: Food has an almost immediate effect on your intestinal environment, which is composed of trillions of microbes. But the jurya€™s still out concerning how often a€”A and in what quantities a€” youa€™d need to consume certain probiotics to reap the benefits.
Since probiotic dietary supplements lack strong scientific evidence demonstrating their safety and effectiveness, your best bet may be adopting a probiotics-rich diet. A milky beverage originating in Russia and Turkey, kefir is thought to be an even better source of probiotics than yogurt.
Spicy and sour, this traditional Korean side dish is made by fermenting cabbage, cucumber or radish. Soybeans fermented with brown rice produce miso paste, a popular seasoning used in Asian cuisine. Another food formed from fermented soybeans, tempeh is a firm, white block thata€™s frequently used as a protein-packed meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. If youa€™re experiencing gastrointestinal distress or want to boost your immunity, any of these natural sources of probiotics could provide some relief. Consumers have a wide variety of capsules, liquids and foods to choose from, so ita€™s important you choose the option that fits with your budget, taste preferences and wellness needs. A health, fitness and lifestyle site brought to you by Daily Burn, in partnership with Verywell. We taste the leading brands to find the distinct differences and rate them with tasting scores. Greek yogurt inspires an obsessive, almost cultish following that few other foods ever will. Many of the Greek yogurt brands offer a blueberry flavor, but once you stir up all that syrupy gunk at the bottom, you kind of forget about the Greek part. If you're a sucker for dalmatian-like vanilla bean flecks, go for Trader Joe's Organic Vanilla Bean ($1.69 for six ounces). Many Serious Eaters hipped us to the Greek Gods Honey ($1.49 for six ounces), and boy were you people right. It wouldn't be a Serious Eats taste test without Robyn sketching anthropomorphic yogurt blobs between bites.

The most abundant sugar in human milk is the disaccharide lactose, from which babies derive energy. But those products have been prepared from bacterial strains that are easy to grow and generally thought to be health-promoting for adults, Underwood says. This variability could be an evolutionary response to long-standing intestinal microbe patterns, or it could be the result of a feedback mechanism between an infant and its mother that responds to microbial changes in real time, Lebrilla says.
The peptides appear to be specifically cleaved from larger proteins in the mammary glands, rather than having been randomly produced.
Newborns are flush with high amounts of peptides from their mothers for the first few days after birth, and then the concentrations drop dramatically. Lipids are clearly important in milk—the genes to secrete milk fat are similar in all mammals and have changed little over time. In addition to Lebrilla’s oligosaccharide, protein, and peptide analyses, UC Davis food science professor Carolyn M.
On the preemie front in particular, medical science has saved so many babies from dying, German says. I haven't thought how complex breast milk is and how it's contents contribute not only to the baby for food but also for bowel health and the mother's health.
The Nutritionist Reviews is a blog that follows my love for creating healthy recipes, trying new products, nutrition, fitness & parenting. When making this dairy-aisle favorite, producers add cultures of bacteria after milk has been pasteurized, to ensure the bacteria survives.
Made by fermenting goat, cow or sheepa€™s milk with kefir a€?grains,a€? this drink contains ten to 20 different types of bacteria.
Kombucha (pronounced cum-bu-cha) is a slightly sweet and fizzy liquid that results when sweet black tea is fermented with a mushroom-like colony of bacteria called a a€?scoby.a€? King recommends kombucha as a potent source of probiotics a€” provided theya€™re clearly marked on the label. The fermentation process is what makes this condiment a source of lactobacillus acidophilus.
Keep in mind, it has more calories a€” but more protein, fiber and probiotic potential a€” than tofu, which is also soy-based.
The real kind from Greece is typically made of sheep's milk, but in most parts of the world, the term just refers to any extra thick yogurt, no matter the milk type, where the whey has been strained out.
With a nice tang and thickness, it also features the brand's signature flower-nibbling cow on the package.
Almost a golden shade, the Trader Joe's Plain Greek Yogurt ($2.49 for twelve ounces) was so thick, stirring it felt like mixing cement.
This also falls under the basically butter yogurt category with 14 grams of fat and 250 calories per serving. But unraveling the chemistry that underpins the benefits of breast feeding versus using infant formula is still an adventure in complexity.
But breast milk also contains complex polymeric sugars called oligosaccharides that babies can’t break down.
And they are conducting clinical trials to see if the probiotics can improve the health of premature babies in neonatal intensive care units. For infants unable to get breast milk, the oligosaccharides have to come in the form of a prebiotic—a dose of oligosaccharides that could be added to formula. Research studies indicate, however, that premature guts may not be able to digest some material, regardless of how much a baby is fed, Underwood says. Slupsky uses nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to look at how compounds in blood and urine respond to a baby’s diet, as well as to track the diversity of gut microbe species. You may be laudatory or critical, but please stay on topic and be respectful of the author and your fellow readers. Scientists are just beginning to unlock why and how probiotics, the a€?gooda€? bacteria that live in your gut and aid digestion, can boost your health. She notes that though there are hundreds and hundreds of strands of probiotics, only the two most common strands, LactobacillusA and Bifidobacterium, have been widely studied. According to research published in the American Journal of Dietetics, kefir has been proven to help ease lactose intolerance in some adults. When making sandwiches, stir-fries or soup with this unique ingredient, just be sure to add it last to avoid cooking off the good bacteria. Each bottle of the Synergy Drink brand of fermented teas, for instance, packs one billion bacillus coagulans and one billion saccharomyces boulardii, two types of organisms that are thought to help and prevent diarrhea.

This tangy toast is made with sourdough starter (which functions like yeast) and contains lactobacillus.
Talk with your physician to discuss if a medical grade probiotics prescription could be right for you, King says. If you're really into that trademark sour Greek yogurt funk taste, go with Fage, whereas Chobani is best for slightly intimidated beginners. For 18 grams of fat and 260 calories per one cup serving, this isn't something you could eat every morning, but a couple spoonfuls is a pretty nice splurge.
If you can handle eating a whole tub of this rich fluff, more power to ya, but we think a couple dollops is plenty. Oligosaccharides are metabolically costly to produce, and it makes no sense for mothers to make them if they don’t play an important role in infant survival, says David A. Genomic and biochemical studies in Mills’s lab have pinpointed the various genes and proteins that enable B. The researchers are working to find a way to capitalize on the massive dairy industry by isolating B. One protein in particular, lactoferrin, is glycosylated with its own set of sugars that turns it into a decoy to play a protective role. He believes they have to be studied as particles, from small lactosomes that contain just phospholipids to larger globules in which the phospholipids encase triglycerides and cholesterol. Rather than focusing on feeding them higher concentrations of certain nutrients, it may be better to figure out how to help preemies digest them. She is now working to compare how compounds in breast milk differ between mothers and at different times during lactation, as well as how different formulas with varying nutrient content affect infant metabolism. We reserve the right to remove any comments that are profane, obscene, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate.
Research suggests they are responsible for a variety of benefits including supporting the immune system, relieving depression and helping to prevent obesity. Early research demonstrates a link between kimchi consumption and immune system regulation.
However, because cultures and preparation methods will differ, ita€™s difficult to pin down exactly what probiotics will be in a given batch of kombucha.
Sam says to check if the sauerkraut has been pasteurized because this process will destroy probiotics.
Since sourdough is low on the glycemic-index, it will keep you full for longer instead of igniting a short-lived energy spike and crash. The Fage's Total Classic is even fattier with 23 grams of fat and 300 calories per serving, but the Trader Joe's version was just as decadent. Underwood, a professor of pediatric neonatology at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Lebrilla and colleagues use feeding tubes that allow them to sample stomach contents to track which oligosaccharides get digested quickly in babies.
Email addresses are required so that we can verify you are not a robot overlord and in case we need to contact you about your comment privately. Youa€™ve probably seen probiotics in capsule or powder form, but you can also find this friendly bacteria in many foods you might already be eating.
Be on the lookout for the National Yogurt Associationa€™s a€?Live & Active Culturesa€? seal, which certifies that the product contains at least 100 million cultures per gram, or 20 billion per eight-ounce serving. Bonus: Pickle juice is rich in electrolytes, and has been shown to help relieve exercise-induced muscle cramps.
Just remember: Always consult a physician before eating unpasteurized foods while pregnant. This brand also wins for best ancient-looking Greek font and Zeus-like figure on the foil top. Mills and his UC Davis colleagues have spent a decade developing a program to better understand breast milk, which has expanded from studying sugars to running clinical trials on infants and developing nutritional supplements.

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