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We've also included this information in a more linear format for those who learn better in this manner. To name just a few of the benefits, probiotic bacteria are integral to fighting cancer, preventing cavities, reducing allergies, reducing blood pressure and helping you get better sleep! Have you ever wondered about the biological species living inside your stomach and intestines (so called Gastro-intestinal tract) ? There are about 100 trillion microbes living inside GI tact and an average of 500 different species are existing there.
Out of these microbes, 80-85% are beneficial, health promoting bacteria; 10% harmful bacteria and rest are yeasts and fungi. The beneficial bacteria should survive in the GI tract and the ratio should be maintained in order not to disturb the regular functioning of the body. Bene bac (beneficial bacteria – called as Bene Bac in this post) promote the synthesis of antibodies to destroy the pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria absorb minerals and amino acids in intestines and eliminate toxins creating a healthy environment.
We can provide food to the Bene Bac in order to keep the body stable and metabolic activities unaltered.
Special type of carbohydrates which are non-digestible by human body can improve the growth of Bene Bac.

Many processed foods are replacing fat and sugar with the dietary fiber in order to help the bene bac grow.
In order to replenish the bene bac in intestines and maintain higher good bacteria to bad bacteria ratio; few micro organism are taken in our daily diet.
Everyone would be familiar with these bacteria as we all consume them in the form of yogurt or curd. Millions of bacteria in the probiotic food enter the GI tract and enhance the immune system.
Honey, yogurt and a mixture of fruits like banana, strawberries, oranges can form a wonderful synbiotic food which is healthy as well as tasty. Now that you have known the benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics; do not try to skip yogurt in your daily diet.
I was visiting my friend in Indiana and we went into a store that carried natural products. I've been looking for a natural deodorant that didn't break me out after shaving but also took care of my sweat issues after working out. Freezer meals are the best way to make sure you have healthy, balanced meals on hand whenever you need them. My friend Katie introduced me to kombucha and now it’s a must in my weekly shopping cart.

At the time of my first visit, the DreamBank was decked out in a superhero-theme, but they change their themes and exhibits often, so you’ve always got some new eye candy and fresh sources of inspiration!
As if all this wasn’t enough, the DreamBank also offers a variety of FREE events, workshops and seminars to help you achieve your dream. DreamBank sounds interesting, but I’m still a bit confused about what it actually is. But surprisingly, few understand how important probiotics are to our health and preventing disease. I have tried multiple other natural brands before and none ever worked but this stuff is amazing. Anna suprises me on a daily basis with what she comprehends and understands, so I think I’ll get it for her and see what happens. I love that song Happy, but for some reason when I was listening to it today I started bawling!

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