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I am quite experimental when it comes to personal care and beauty products, that is why I change them really often. The glistening, amber lava of honey is high in antioxidant agent that helps fighting the skin damage. Yogurt helps in moisturizing and the light acidic character help removing the dead skin cells.
No matter what your skin tone is (my white, black, Spanish etc) friends have all tried them with me – your skin will not stain or look yellow.
When my skin felt dry and liveless, I have some homemade recipes to bring back that cheerful shine.

My honey yogurt and turmeric mask is my favorite recipe I use every now and then to bring back that glowing smoothness to my skin.
Turmeric is known for its Ayurvedic values as inflammatory, anti-aging, and antiseptic agents.
I love the natural smells of honey and yogurt which help me relax while the mask stayed on my face. I came across several disappointments and really amazing products like my new hair serum from the Caribbean that has repaired my damage hair recently. When I was a kid, my mother often used fresh turmeric paste on the bruises on my skin which helped it heal and prevent from infection.

I usually use Greek yogurt for the mask, because the thick and rich texture helps the mask stay on the skin better.
There is no harm in trying this unless you are allergic to the ingredients, otherwise why not… all ingredients are right there in your kitchen.

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