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Danone has launched Actimel, a fermented milk drink with fruit containing a natural source of vitamin C. Lechita (meaning little milk) from Santa Clara is a small carton of ice cream-flavored milk for kids.
Lechita is made from reduced fat milk and contains vitamins A, D3, B1, B6, and B12, calcium, iron, zinc, and folic acid to promote healthy growth in children. Santa Clara was founded in 1924 in Pachuca, the capital city of Hidalgo, beginning as a milk delivery business for homes in the area. However, this product line has a difference — along with the three regular flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, Lechita also comes in capucchino [sic] flavor, once again reflecting the Mexican love of coffee.

The company expanded its line to the ice creams it is known for today in 1985, and the first store opened the following year. There is also a multi-fruit option.This is a probiotic drink, which means it's full of good bacteria that help keep your gut healthy. A delicious milk product available in eight variants and in a unique and convenient format: ideal to start the day. In 1988, Santa Clara further extended its line of products to yogurts and cheeses, and today produces a wide range of dairy products. The good bacteria in the drink is strong enough to survive the acid in the stomach and reach the intestines alive in sufficient numbers to help support your own good bacteria.

The flavours are really enjoyable & the consistency is fairly thick, not as thick as a yogurt you would eat with a spoon, but not too thin!Most days I have one straight out of the bottle in the morning.

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