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The Sun God Mountain Retreat is a project set up by Huafa New Town Community Hospital and Menat Health Group in partnership with China Biofield.
It is a great place to visit and stay for Schools, Families, Businesses and Tourists offering a beautiful environment for team-work building, rest & recuperation and deeper understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese culture. Approved by the Chinese Medical Association, the Sun God Mountain Retreat is located amidst the beautiful scenery of Maotian Shan, located near Sanzhao Town, 40 minutes west by car or bus from our International department in Huafa New Town Community Hospital. A key theme of the Sun God Mountain Retreat is preservation of nature and local communities. With 194 acres of sub-tropical hills and forest, the Sun God Mountain Retreat offers many beautiful places to spend time in nature.
The retreat can accommodate up to 44 overnight guests in the traditional-styled Fort building.

Sun God cuisine is Guangdong style with an emphasis on fresh organic local foods (mostly grown at the Sun God Mountain Retreat). Medical Services, Health and Family Advice, TCM Treatments & Therapies, Events, Training, Health Directory. Gardens are dedicated to growing herbs and plants for food and medicine and an animal and insect farm provides an exciting experience for the children.

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