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PRO-Dental is uniquely formulated with the most effective and clinically proven oral probiotic strains to repopulate your oral cavity, helping to break-up plaque and malodor causing bacteria, reduce oral health challenges such as cavities, teeth-staining, tongue-coating, unhealthy gums, sensitive teeth, tonsil stones, canker sores and protect against allergies, ear, nose, throat and sinus infections.
A FULL SPECTRUM of SEVEN Top Oral Probiotic Strains: Unlike other oral probiotics, we use the synergy of 7 POTENT STRAINS of oral probiotics to build a healthy ecology in your oral cavity for effective gum and breath treatment. CHARGE UP YOUR IMMUNE DEFENSES-Our oral probiotic blend contains the key probiotics that clinical studies have shown to really boost your oral immune system to fight off germs and promote better ear, nose, throat and sinus health. HIT BAD BREATH IN ITS HOME: Food remains and other icky stuff feed certain bacteria in your mouth, gums and tongue.
A healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the gut may be thrown off by disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and parasites. In addition, many immune cells reside in the intestines; overall health may be very dependent on the health of your GI system. Mounting research suggests that an imbalanced micro biome, or dysbiosis, is related to many health problems both within the gastro-intestinal tract, such as diarrohea and inflammatory bowel disease, and outside the gastro-intestinal tract such as obesity and allergy. More recently there has been some interest in the role of gut bacteria in depression and anxiety. Yogurt is the most common food containing beneficial bacteria and can be an effective prophylactic source of probiotic. When probiotics are suggested after a course of antibiotics to restore normal gut flora, supplementation in the form of capsules, powder, or liquid may help to improve gut flora more quickly than with yogurt alone. As more is understood about the complexity of the human micro biome, we are also recognising that strains of beneficial flora work best in synergy. Some people can respond with digestive distention or discomfort if FOS (a source of pre-biotic) is included in the supplement.
Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and yoghurt are rich sources of probiotics and prebiotics, compounds that the beneficial flora in our digestive tract feed from and thrive. Probiotic supplements should have both a manufacturing date and expiration date on the bottle, as potency is lost after time. As my clients will tell you I am adamant that the body is very clever at re-establishing balance when given the right tools. Great Oral Health Most Powerful Oral Probiotics 7 STRAINS of beneficial bacteria and a FULL 60 Tablets!
CHARGE UP YOUR IMMUNE DEFENSES-Our oral probiotic blend contains the key probiotics that clinical studies have shown to boost your oral immune system to fight off germs and promote better ear, nose, throat and sinus health.
DRY MOUTH, TONSIL STONES AND IMMUNE SUPPORT: Saliva flow is very, very important for good oral health and to prevent illness. Uniquely developed for the youngster’s Upper Respiratory wellnessTargeted Oral Probiotic Strains (including S. Dutch firm Winclove Probiotics is extending into ear, nose and throat (ENT) treatment with the purchase of 10 probiotic strains. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it? Did you know that when you use mouthwash to prevent bad breath, you kill both the good and bad bacteria? You might be familiar with your gut microbiome, but did you know that different probiotic strains populate your oral cavities?
PRO-Dental is uniquely formulated with the most effective and clinically proven oral probiotic strains (including S. Upper respiratory and ear infections are caused by a buildup of bad bacteria that travels throughout your oral cavities. These bacteria then produce very offensive sulfur gases that are the main cause for chronic halitosis and bad breath.
They are vital for a healthy immune system, protect against disease-causing microorganisms, and aid in both digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

Drugs (particularly antibiotics), alcohol, stress and toxin exposure can also throw off the delicate balance in the body, allowing an overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, or harmful organisms, with subsequent development of vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections. For this reason, prophylactic daily use of a probiotic is helpful and may assist in improving overall immune function.
This beneficial flora also creates the body’s own supply of B Vitamins needed for energy production.
It is important to use plain yogurt as the addition of sugars to yogurt can negate the good effect of the probiotic. Powder is both more versatile and is argued to be more effectively utilised by the body in a free powder of liquid form. Look for complexes with multiple strains such as those containing lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and streptococcus strains. If this is the case with you, I suggest taking a product without added FOS and gradually build pre-biotic sources into your diet.
Therefore I suggest that for most people, long term supplementation with probiotics is not necessary.
These bacteria then produce stinky, offensive sulfur gases that are a major cause of chronic halitosis and bad breath.
Our oral probiotics are effective for restoring saliva flow to a natural and healthy level, which is beneficial for both dry mouth and treating tonsil stones. All natural and developed by a Holistic Dentist with a global mission to revolutionize oral health!
The lips could be the gatekeeper of our health and wellness and its own useful germs plays a crucial part within our immunity system’s very first type of protection. The study used Bifodan’s EcoVag probiotic.Winclove expects to bring a product using the strains to the market in the second half of 2016. And, did you know that it is up to the good bacteria to keep the bad breath causing bacteria in check? When your oral microbiome is populated with strong probiotic colonies, you are equipped with natural defenses against these nasty invaders. Simply killing off the bacteria produces short and temporary results as they are very persistent and will rapidly grow back. We have a big dose of those, plus 5 others, to restore your oral ecology and improve your health. Antibacterial treatments and mouthwashes are only temporary cover-ups and kill off the good bacteria as well. The normal GI tract contains several hundred types of friendly bacteria that are able to promote healthy digestion and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. When antibiotics are necessary to treat a bacterial infection, the concomitant destruction of beneficial bacteria often leads to diarrohea. Preliminary research suggest that supplementing with strains such as bifidobacterium breve and Lactobacillus rhamnosus can improve metabolism, glucose regulation and protect the gut barrier from exercise induced oxidative damage. The process of fermentation also makes these foods excellent sources of B vitamins and Vitamin K2.
We have a big dose of those-plus 5 others-to restore your oral ecology and improve your health. The strains in PRO-Kids ENT create normal antibacterials that balance the flora inside mouth and allow space the good germs to flourish. Studies show that a special 2% of the population rarely experience plaque or tooth decay (that leads to the domino effect of dental problems) with the only differentiating factor being that they have sufficient S. When your balance of healthy oral microflora is compromised by diet, disease, stress or antibiotics, you can quickly develop oral health and immune related problems. The most well- known probiotics are Lactobacillus acidophilus, occurring naturally in yogurt, and Bifidobacterium, commonly found in the gut of breast-fed infants and thought to help confer natural immunity from disease. Probiotics can be used to replace the loss of beneficial bacteria, helping to restore normal bowel function and prevent diarrohea from antibiotic use.

The key is to make sure you get a variety of the fermented foods though and introduce them to your diet gradually to avoid the less desirable side effects such as bloating and gas. Then, if you are eating a micro biome friendly diet low in sugar and high in prebiotics, you can let your body do these rest…. Our oral probiotics work to both kill off and to crowd out the bad breath causing bacteria-for an effective, lasting and natural treatment.
Unlike other cheap halitosis cures or bad breath treatments, these will not leave a metallic aftertaste or deaden your taste buds.
There are certain strains of yeast, such as Saccharomyces boulardii, that also function as probiotics. These fermented foods have been used since ancient times by cultures that report great health and longevity. This means that the best long-term solution to eradicating bad breath is to repopulate your oral cavities with the good guys found in PRO-Dental.
Oral Probiotic Strains colonize much easier than digestive probiotic strains since they do not have to survive your stomachOs acids to get where they need to be.
We all want our youngsters to feel their best and helping to protect their neck usually keeps their whole top respiratory system in optimal condition. These strains are meant to reside on the tongue, tonsils, and ear, nose and throat area so chewing them is the perfect delivery method.Chelated Zinc acts as an antioxidant and helps to protect cells against the effects of free radicals while playing a vital role in the formation of connective tissue, teeth and bones. Made to exacting standards in a premier manufacturing facility, our probiotics are made with the patented LIVEBAC process for guaranteed potent active culture in each tablet that does NOT require refrigeration. All natural and developed by a Holistic Dentist with a global mission revolutionize oral health! Whenever beneficial bacteria are abundant inside neck and pharynx, they create a barrier against invaders that will induce unpleasant ear, sinus and chest issues. Oral probiotic strains colonize quicker than digestive probiotic strains given that they don’t must survive your stomach acids to obtain where they have to be.
K12 is known as nature’s throat guard because it was found inside mouth of a wholesome youngster who had never experienced throat dilemmas in his life.KEEP THOSE INNER EARS HAPPY. These strains are meant to live in the tongue, tonsils, and ear, nose, and neck area so chewing them could be the perfect delivery method. We understand everything too well: by age 3, around 80percent of young ones have observed internal ear problems by age 7, many have become recurrent.
With all the patented LiveBac manufacturing procedure, we offer a guaranteed shelf life of 1 .
Clinical research reports have shown that K12 colonization stretches beyond the oral cavity to have adenoid tissue (the accomplice generally in most ear issues).
This choosing means, as parents, we now have a natural and proactive solution to protect our child’s health insurance and break this disheartening period.TURN DENTIST VISITS TOWARDS AN ENJOYABLE EVENT. Many probiotics don’t provide a romantic date of all kinds because their organisms die therefore quickly after being manufactured. In fact, one research showed that 100percent of children had an important improvement within their dental health when the any risk of strain M18 colonized within their lips.HELP YOUR HOUSEHOLD LIVE MUCH HEALTHIER DAYS. PRO-Kids ENT may help reinstate microbial balance for your little one (this is certainly specially important after antibiotic use), and their human body will simply work better – which often causes a decrease in medical practitioner visits, times off school and, needless to say, days off work for parents looking after young ones whom don’t feel their utmost. The lips could be the gatekeeper of our health and wellness and its own beneficial bacteria plays a vital role in our immunity system’s very first distinct protection.

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