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Please view our Full Terms of Use Agreement for more information and the terms and conditions governing your use of the VDC Site. I wrote a little bit about why I incorporated VSL#3 Probiotic into my anti-cholesterol game plan, but I wanted to take the chance here to expand on why I like it so much.
The probiotic (VSL#3) supplemented group had significant reduction in total cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, and VLDL and had increased HDL () value. VSL#3 improved insulin sensitivity, decreased hsCRP, and favorably affected the composition of gut microbiota. All of this from a legit peer reviewed paper with no conflicts of interest.  Prior to this, the only information I could find regarding probiotics I experimented with were the review sections of Amazon, which are completely anecdotal and very hit or miss.
I scanned through a couple of these entries a saw that this has been thoroughly tested in all sorts of conditions. VSL#3 supplementation appears to have provided some protection from body mass gain and fat accumulation in healthy young men consuming a High-fat and high-energy diet. With all this data staring me in my face and the wide ranging applications in diseases in an equally wide range of patient populations spanning neonates to post operative patients to the elderly, it’s hard to not come away thinking that this is the best probiotic out there.
This box was the size of a small microwave, and at first I thought I received the wrong order… but it had my name on it so I went ahead and opened it. VSL#3 is shipped in this manner to preserve the efficacy of the bacteria to ensure that you’re getting the proper strains and amounts listed on the label. We’ve already seen that I was able to bring my cholesterol down with VSL#3 as one of the tools I used and I suspect given all the research, it probably played an essential role. Luckily, this paper can be accessed for free, so I set aside some time and read through it. The authors do a wonderful job in the introduction providing the background to their project. This modest elevation in circulating endotoxin, termed “metabolic endotoxemia”, has been implicated as a cause for the low-grade systemic inflammation observed in obesity and related metabolic diseases. Elevated circulating endotoxin has been shown to initiate obesity and insulin resistance in rodent models. Essentially, what they’re saying is, our diet can alter our gut bacteria which can then cause endotoxin to leak into our blood stream, which then causes systemic inflammation, leading to obesity and insulin resistance.

This is sort of related to one of the theories behind high cholesterol that Rhonda Patrick has been espousing lately which goes something like: inflammation in the gut causes bacterial endotoxin to leak into the circulation, which then binds to LDL particles, preventing them from being absorbed, therefore causing high LDL.
This was a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study, which is pretty much the gold standard of scientific experiments. They took 20 healthy yet sedentary males and fed them a diet consisting of 55% carbs, 30% fat, and 15% protein for 2 weeks, at a maintenance level of calories. The subjects were then randomized into a control group receiving placebo and a test group receiving VSL#3.
So if our hypothetical test subject a 2000 calories for the first 2 weeks, the subject would now be eating 3000 calories for the next 4 weeks.
They mixed two sachets of VSL#3 (each sachet contains 450 billion bacteria for a total of 900 billion) into a shake composed of ice cream and coconut milk, and gave it to the test group. There were no differences in the two groups with regard to serum endotoxin levels, insulin sensitivity, or the various metabolic enzymes they measured. Both groups gained weight and gained fat, however the group taking VSL#3 experienced overall LESS weight gain and LESS fat gain. The major finding of the present study was that VSL#3 treatment attenuated body mass and fat mass gain following a high-fat diet compared with placebo. In the discussion they propose some mechanisms for how this happens based on prior research. VSL#3 supplementation alters gut bacteria to decrease the amount of energy absorbed through diet, leading to less weight and fat gain.
VSL#3 supplementation alters gut bacteria which decreases the amount of fat the gut absorbs via decreased pancreatic lipase activity. VSL#3 supplementation increased the body’s metabolism via mechanisms like increased angiopoietin-like protein-4, GLP-1 secretion, and increased sympathetic activity to white and brown fat.
It’s important to note that none of these things have been proven and some of these theories are only supported by preliminary animal models. When it comes to probiotics, I’ve always wondered how much of it actually makes it through the gut. Meaning, they found more of these two bacteria (which are 2 of the 8 strains in VSL#3) in the stool of the VSL#3 group.

The next question I have is how long do these changes persist after supplementation is stopped? Mainly I want to know, do I need to keep taking this in perpetuity to experience the effects? To replicate the amount they gave for this study, it would require 60 packs over 4 weeks which comes out to $190!!!
The benefits that this probiotic confers and the fact that it stands up to the rigors of a randomized study really legitimizes it as a supplement for me.
Our Ultimate Flora Special Care Probiotics target your body's unique needs so you always feel your best - no matter where life takes you.
On the bottle I have there are multiple dosings (pill count) for different issues people may have. In addition, elevated endotoxin concentrations have been associated with insulin resistance and increased risk for incident type 2 diabetes in humans. However, neither the high-fat diet nor VSL#3 treatment altered circulating endotoxin concentrations, proinflammatory cytokines, insulin sensitivity, or skeletal muscle substrate metabolism.
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