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Attune Is The Powerhouse Probiotic Bar Packed With 5 Times The Live Active Cultures Of Yogurt. UpLoad your image Here !!????? ???? ????? ??????  Your browser does not support iframes. There are reported health benefits to normal dark chocolate and with Ohso’s added probiotic, I think this is a great product! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ Reddit StumbleUpon DiggIf you are not eating probiotic foods you are missing out on many health benefits that these good bacteria can provide. Believe it or not but our bodies need some good bacteria, in fact recent research suggests that the more good bacteria in your gut, the stronger your immune system will be. Probiotics help the body absorb important vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, chromium, and vitamins A, D, E, and K, plus lots more.
It’s easy to get these much needed good bacteria inside our guts either by taking supplements or incorporating probiotic foods into our every day diets.
There’s a wide range of foods that naturally contain probiotics and can help boost your digestive health with regular consumption. Sauerkraut is loaded full of healthy probiotics and boast many other health benefits because it contains a nutrient rich vegetable, cabbage. Cabbage is actually been shown to effectively combat various cancers as well as help soothing digestive issues. The amount of good bacteria found in sauerkraut is enough to help keep your digestive bacteria balanced. Kimchi can be eaten as a side dish with chicken or beef proteins and has a relatively low calorie count, and with its health does of probiotics, minerals and vitamins make this super food a must have. These small fermented cucumbers help your digestive system to absorb nutrients and help breakdown compounds that hinder proper nutrient absorption. Organic pickles are the best option to get the most benefit or if you’re feeling up for the challenge why not make some at home.
Normally taken in powder form, microalgae is one of many sea vegetables that is phytonutrient dense and power packed. Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains good bacteria and as a result of the tea fermentation process. A Hawaiian dish, Poi is comprised of fermented taro root it provides you with good gut bacteria from its probiotic content. Kefir is a fermented milk product that is packed full of probiotics as well as other much needed vitamins and minerals.

The milk proteins in Kefir are partially broken down in the fermenting process making them more readily absorbed by your digestive system. For those of you who are on a high protein diet or are following a vegetarian or vegan diet Natto is a fantastic plant-based source of protein. Tempehis another plant-based fermented food made from soybeans and is normaly found in a bread-like form and can be eaten with salads, consumed as a side dish, or even mixed into a stir-fry. This probiotic rich food also contains large amounts of fiber as well as cardiovascular benefiting compounds. Miso soup is a base mix of fermented soybean paste and water with additional ingredients added to taste like seaweed and onions. However Miso soup does have a high salt content so shouldn’t be consumed to frequently, a few times a week is sufficient. Dark chocolate is probably one of the tastiest probiotic giving foods on the list; dark chocolate contains large amounts of probiotics that are naturally accruing in the cocao.
As with any of the food on this list its important to try and source organic, and with dark chocolate you want to find cacao bars that are at least 70% cacao. Why not share this with your friends to give them the heads up on healthy gut bacteria and its benefits? It Has All The Digestive Health And Immune Benefits Of Probiotics In One Tasty Little Package You Can Take On The Go. According to researchers, friendly gut bacteria break down and ferment the compounds in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a natural product which contains antioxidants to help strengthen your body’s own natural defences. Ohso chocolate is 3x more effective than most probiotic milk drinks at delivering around a billion good bacteria to your intestine.
Work these probiotic foods into your daily eating routine to boost your intestinal health and overall health. Add some of these delicious gut loving foods into your daily diet for overall improved health. These salty, tart, sour snacks are often found on your burger and are perhaps an unexpected addition to this good bacteria list. Microalgae contains large amounts of naturally occurring good bacteria that feed the bacteria in your intestines and stomach. It’s probably one of the tastiest fermented foods on this list and helps to improve your digestive health by increasing the amount of good bacteria found in your stomach.

The texture of the culture itself can be unappetizing to some at first, but it has no foul flavor or smell and it can be found in a many of flavors and is consumed chilled.
Kefir is a great alternative for those of you that don’t consume dairy products due to digestive issues. This healthy food provides cardiocascular, digestive and immune health benefits and is packed full of good bacteria probiotics.
This is a great option for anyone with high blood pressure as tempeh contains low amounts of sodium. Miso soup offers many benefits to your digestive system and simply sipping on a bowl will give you all of the benefits you need. The chocolate bars found n your local grocery store will NOT offer the probiotic health benefits you are looking for so best head to a health and suppliant store to get the best probiotic chocolate. If you are suffering from stomach problems or even if you have even been on a course of antibiotics, adding some good bacteria into your diet will do wonders. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Bad Carbs How to Make the Right ChoicesIs Berberine the Best Herbal Supplement on the Planet?Spinach Extract: Can it Help you to Lose Weight?
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Recently Kimchi has travelled across to the western part of the world where it is now among a favorite with healthy eaters wanting healthy gut food.
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Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Rather than the sweet, sugary stuff you’re probably used to eating, cacao and cocoa can be quite bitter. For this reason, manufacturers sweeten the treat.While adding sweeteners to dark chocolate may please your taste buds, it does take away from the health benefits.

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