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V prubihu testu bylo hodnoceno 8 mleenych kysanych vyrobku, prodavanych na eeskem trhu, ktere deklarovaly poitomnost Lactobacillus casei nebo L. Wenn du uns helfen mA¶chtest findest du hier Informationen, wie man den wahren Hersteller von Discounterprodukten herausfinden kann.
There's a Greek grocery store in the Niederdorf district, on Brunngasse, opposite the world music shop. Look for 'Total', by Fage: It's called Labis and they also have a store by the Fisherweg tram stop.
I've not found total in migros, but last I checked (a few weeks ago) you could get it via delivery from le-shop.

Rach x You can get it the Total brand showing in the picture above at both Globus and Jelomi.
Kedze s neudrzatelnostou Kalinaka suhlasime vsetci - skusme sa zjednotit aj na dovodoch, preco je odstupenie bez alternativy.
Senden Sie uns weitere VorschlA¤ge fA?r hilfreiche Seiten zum Thema Danone Activia Classic Natur. I tried it and im Cypriot so i know what the OP wants Quote: Heather4 Have seen Total Greek youghurt in larger coops. I think it is 2.20 a single serving and if memory serves correctly Jelmoi sells larger containers as well.

Ak nas navstevujete pravidelne, mozete nas podporit tym, ze si pridate na zoznam odblokovanych webov (whitelist). However, as most so called Greek yoghurt sold to dumb strangers, it's ordinary yoghurt with some cream added, miles away from the real, very rich home-made thing you get in little Greek bars and the like.
Bizne mleene kysane vyrobku jsou v obchodech skladovany cca 2 az 4 tydny nejlepe poi teploti 4oC.

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