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Probiotics are used to help get your gut working properly, and different probiotics may serve different functions.
IBS is probably the most common cause of bloating — up to 90 per cent of IBS patients report bloating among their symptoms. How to treat it Treatment for IBS varies, as it all depends on the suferer’s symptoms and type of IBS.
If you sufer from an irritable bowel, it’s also a good idea to limit your consumption of fat, which can provoke problems with muscle contraction in the digestive tract. Posted in For Men, For Women, Health Tagged drugs for irritable bowel syndrome treatment, irritable bowel syndrome treatment guidelines, irritable bowel syndrome treatment medication, post infectious irritable bowel syndrome treatment, probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome treatment. We cannot move to a mountain top or quit our job but we can take care of the most important part of our body; our digestive system. Get cultured by adding a good quality probiotic and cultured foods to your diet and watch your body transform. You can buy Inner-Eco Probiotic Kefir at Whole Foods or New Seasons  in the refrigerated supplement area.
We are kicking off the Bliss Detox Spring Fling and I am honored to have so many Refinery clients doing the detox.

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In medical studies, ailments such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea, allergies, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome have been linked to a patient’s shortage of the B. There is a reason for the constipation, and while probiotics might not cure constipation, it can certainly help relieve it as long as you can find the underlying issues. The most efective approach is a combination of positive dietary changes, stress management and medication (which includes laxatives or drugs that stimulate movement through the bowel).
For some of you this has been happening your entire life – you  may have inherited this from your parents, or stress led to imbalances in the gut flora or the Standard American Diet (SAD). Some of these microbials are “healthy” while others are there trying to wreak havoc on your health and the health of your digestive system. Too often digestive imbalances lead to Leaky Gut – a syndrome that occurs when you intestinal lining has been damaged. Take a whole food probiotic such as Inner-Eco Probiotic Kefir, Thorne Flora-Mend Prime Probiotic, Organic Gut Pro or another brand that is high quality. Many probiotics are not effective because they do not reach the large intestines – they are killed by your stomach acid so I encourage you to consume all natural probiotics in a food state too.
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There’s some evidence to show that gut-bacteria problems can give rise to symptoms, and that some probiotic strains (found in yoghurts) and certain antibiotics can be beneficial. Your digestive system begins at your mouth and ends at your anus; therefore taking care of your digestive system is imperative as this is the key to a healthy immune system, metabolism and brain function.
The herbal preparation Iberogast has also alleviated IBS symptoms, such as bloating, in a number of studies.
But exercise subsequently reduced this retention by 50 per cent, and subjects experienced fewer IBS symptoms, including bloating.
The most effective probiotics are not killed by your stomach acid – which is an essential part of choosing a probiotic – THEY MUST remain viable until they reach the large intestine.
Another plant-based solution is peppermint oil: Two studies show that it reduces abdominal distension and bloating in people with IBS. B breve is also present in the vagina, where it helps to inhibit overproduction of Candida albicans, also known as the primary cause of yeast infections in women. Mommysbliss Inc., All rights reservedThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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