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A healthy gut typically contains as much as 4lbs of bacteria, of which 85% are lactobacilli & 15% coliform bacteria.
In our bodies there are twenty times more bacteria than there are human cells and we all contain more bacteria in our bodies than there have ever been people on the planet. A healthy gut typically contains as much as 4lbs of bacteria of which 85% are lactobacilli and 15% coliform bacteria.
We at Natures Aid are committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality therefore we will never compromise on our high standards of quality efficacy and safety in products services and the environment in which we work.
Quality control and quality assurance cover all processes and procedures to guarantee high quality. We impose stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures from delivery into our factory where everything is fully checked and identified by QC before being released for manufacture.
We use standardised Herbal extracts wherever possible to ensure consistent potency so that consumers can be confident that every tablet will deliver the same amount of the active ingredient. We use several techniques for analysing and testing raw materials and finished products in our own laboratory headed by our full time technical support manager. We also use TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) which is used to identify herbs and herbal extracts by separating out individual compounds in the sample and producing characteristic patterns which are compared with reference materials. In addition we use HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) This is mainly used to measure the strength of vitamins herbs and other natural products in both raw materials and finished products. Various traditional methods of chemical analysis are also used to test raw materials and active ingredients in tablets.
Finally disintegration hardness and friability tests are carried out to ensure that the tablets will disintegrate in the body when taken yet will stand up to packaging and transportation nationwide.

The result of our commitment to quality is that whenever you see the Natures Aid name on a product you can be confident that the product meets the label claim and that it has been made from the finest ingredients to a consistently high standard. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Natures Aid Probiotic Complex provides `friendly` bacteria which may help to maintain a healthy balance in the gut, especially after taking antibiotics and when travelling abroad. We currently ship to the following countries: Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. However, the typical colon bacterial count today shows a ratio that can be so distorted that it actually sows these figures in reverse. Probiotics are often called our friendly bacteria and are the beneficial bacteria normally present in the digestive tract. However the typical colon bacterial count today shows a ratio that can be so distorted that it actually sows these figures in reverse.
We ensure it contains the correct ingredients in the correct proportions and always meets the label claim and once the product is taken it disintegrates and is absorbed by the body effectively.
We at Natures Aid have always worked to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and to all the legal requirements of the Food industry and the Pharmaceutical industry. We check the quality throughout every stage of the manufacturing and packaging process until the finished product is thoroughly checked and finally passed and released for sale.
The potency and purity of our raw materials are always the highest available and are sourced to specific quality standards. Any contaminants in materials would then be shown and the material would be immediately rejected.

Physically, large food particles are broken down into smaller ones, and chemically, large molecules are broken down into smaller ones.
The use of these beneficial bacteria dates back thousands of years to nomadic tribes who regularly consumed milk fermented with friendly bacteria.
The friendly bacteria are so important for proper digestion and other useful functions such as preventing overgrowth of yeasts and other pathogens and the manufacture of vitamin K.
We work hard to ensure raw materials and finished products conform to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the BHP (British Herbal Pharmacopoeia) and reject outright any raw materials that do not meet this criteria.
Nutrients are then absorbed into the blood stream and transported to where they are needed in the body.
We carry out regular quality audits both internally and externally- ensuring that quality is maintained. One of these methods is FTIR (Infra-red spectroscopy) used to confirm the identities of single compounds e.g.
Enzymes play a part in the chemical breakdown, increasing the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs.
If a courier is not able to deliver to you directly, a calling card will be left at your address notifying you of the status of the delivery. Once we process & dispatch your Click and Collect order (within 3-5 working days), you can collect it in your store within 1 - 2 working days (from date of dispatch).

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