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Gut flora consists of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts and is the largest reservoir of human flora. The human body, consists of about 100 trillion cells, carries about ten times as many microorganisms in the intestines. Bacteria make up most of the flora in the colon and up to 60% of the dry mass of feces, between 300 and 1000 different species live in the gut. The microorganisms perform a host of useful functions, such as fermenting unused energy substrates, training the immune system, preventing growth of harmful, pathogenic bacteria, regulating the development of the gut, producing vitamins for the host (such as biotin and vitamin K), and producing hormones to direct the host to store fats.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring as well as a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms. Disease onset usually occurs in young adults, and it is more common in women. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich, Germany have found an astonishing evidence that suggests MS is triggered by natural intestinal flora, the so-called friendly bacteria that reside in the gut.
They discovered this by allowing some of the genetically modified mice to continue with their normal gut bacteria intact, while removing the intestinal flora in the others and keeping them under sterile conditions.The mice that kept their gut bacteria developed MS-like symptoms. But the mice that had their gut bacteria removed remained healthy, despite their genetic predisposition to MS. However, when they then inoculated these mice with normal gut flora, their T-cells and B-cells increased, as did their cytokine and antibody production, and they eventually developed symptoms and fell ill. The team now wants to investigate the complete microbial genomes of people with MS and compare them to people without MS.
There are many fermented beverages (aside from beer and wine!) that are also rich in probiotics! A few varieties do have a slightly higher alcohol content than others and it is now regulated where you have to be 21 or older to purchase some of them.
2.Unfriendly microorganisms, such as disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and parasites can disturb the balance. While the safety of probiotics has not been thoroughly researched scientifically, there are cases of live microorganisms having extended use as probiotics with no side effects. If side effects do occur, they tend to be of a mild digestive nature, such as gas or bloating, although, some serious effects have been noted in some people.
Severe side effects are very rare, but if they do appear, they usually go away without repercussions. Although probiotics are usually considered dietary supplements, they are widely available in foods. In probiotic supplements and foods, the bacteria may have originally been present or added during preparation. Some of the probiotic foods date back to ancient times, such as the fermented foods and cultured milk products.
My daughter’s been battling an ear infection since the beginning of January and probiotics have become our close friend!
I know probiotics work well for my body and our youngest daughters but our son doesn’t react well to them, he get stomach upset from them. We have been taking probiotics in our household since the vet recommended it for our dog a couple of years ago! Probiotics are living microorganisms, a type of bacteria that is good for your gastrointestinal system.
Probiotics are needed because of chlorinated drinking water and and foods that have been overly processed because you are not receiving the right amount of beneficial bacteria that your gut depends on. The major benefits of a high quality probiotics is an aid in digesting your foods, enhances the B vitamins and improves calcium absorption, helps maintain a healthy amount of intestinal micro-flora, helps support the overall immune function, plus many other benefits. Probiotics can help your pets immune system, healthy digestion, and help your cat’s overall health. For younger healthy cats probiotics may not be needed since they should have a decent amount of good bacteria already.

It can get overwhelming looking at all the different types and prices of probiotics available.
Many veterinarians say probiotic supplements are safe with little or no known side effects and will not cause your cat any harm, since the bacteria is natural and should be already in the body of your cat .
Another advantage is if your cat has a digestive ailment such as diarrhea it can help naturally without causing any harm to your cat, since your cat may not have enough good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria. If your cat has excessive flatulence (or gas), constipation, diarrhea, sluggishness, skin problems, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then you may want to consider a probiotic supplement since it can help with these common problems. As your cat ages the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract can be affected.
When trying to keep your cat healthy be sure to keep in mind garlic and onion destroy a cat’s red blood cells, to much calcium and vitamin D can be toxic, and too much vitamin C can lead to overly acidic urine, which can lead to crystal formation and a life threatening blockage.
One thing that I think you should add is that human gut bacteria are different from cat gut bacteria. The metabolic activities performed by these bacteria resemble those of an organ. It is estimated that these gut flora have around 100 times as many genes as there are in the human genome. However, in certain conditions, some species are thought to be capable of causing disease by producing infection or increasing cancer risk for the host. MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively. They say the bacteria first activated the immune T-cells, then the B-cells, which resulted in an attack on the myelin layer in the brain, developing brain inflammation similar to MS. They also had fewer T-cells in their gut, their spleens produced fewer inflammatory substances like cytokines, and their B-cells produced few if any antibodies against myelin. Together with the surface proteins of the myelin layer, these then stimulate the B cells to form pathogenic antibodies.
I listed a few different types of fermented foods that contain the healthy bacteria that are good for your digestive system as well as your immune system.
Several types of Kombucha can be found in stores as well as other types of probiotic drinks. Even the highest percentage ones still have less than half a percent of alcohol though, so you’d probably have to drink a case of them to get a buzz. I’ve considered giving this a try but I’m SUPER weird about my foods getting contaminated with bacteria or mold. These are a bit lighter and sweeter than the kombucha because they are fermented from coconut water rather than black tea. Sometimes referred to as “good bacteria” or “friendly bacteria,” probiotics are attainable to consumers generally through dietary supplements and foods. The world has an overabundance of microorganisms, including bacteria, as do people’s bodies – not only in their gut, but also in and on the skin, and other orifices. More research is required, however, particularly for the safety of our elderly people, young children, and people with compromised immune systems.
However, there are those who do not tolerate probiotics, so a doctor’s visit would be highly recommended for relevant analysis and examinations to determine whether your digestive organs are too sensitive and possibly at risk. A lot of enthusiasm in probiotics has been flourishing in recent years, as evidenced in United States’ spending on probiotic supplements — during 1994 to 2003, sales nearly tripled. I love connecting with people so be sure to follow me on the social networks below so I can follow back!
There are different ways for you to intake the probiotic such as vitamin capsules and your everyday foods like yogurt and sauerkraut.

It has also been argued that probiotics help the development of allergies in children, and may also help prevent yeast and urinary tract infections. It can also help reduce allergic reactions, prevents the overgrowth of certain types of fungi, kills off the harmful bacteria, and stimulates the immune system.
To help your cat you should definitely invest in the supplements to improve the number of good bacteria. Some probiotics are better than none but there is a recommended amount your cat should be given.
Giving a human probiotics to a cat will end up with a confused mix of gut bacteria in the cat. Most likely MS occurs as a result of some combination of genetic, environmental and infectious factors, and possibly other factors like vascular problems. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso are great, but they aren’t your only option when it comes to getting your daily dose of probiotics. I remember one day my Mom stopped in to visit or bring me lunch, and she brought in one of the GT’s Kombucha drinks.
I totally realize that is the point of Kombucha but I just don’t think I could trust my own recipe and be brave enough to drink it haha. They also don’t have the same bitter, slightly alcoholic taste that traditional kombucha tends to have so if you’ve tried kombucha and weren’t a fan, this is a great choice! The good bacteria are essential to the suitable progression of the immune system, protection against disease-causing microorganisms, and to the proper digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. If your cat eats grass or happens to get stressed it can mess with the gastrointestinal track. Which is why most pet owners pay a little extra for flea and tick treatments, heart worm medications, and high quality food. A human diet and nutritional needs are significantly different from a cat’s needs, so the bacterial mix would be significantly different as well, as listed in the article.
It is naturally carbonated and has a slightly bitter flavor but it doesn’t taste bad at all!
I opened it and took a sip and I immediately accused her of giving me alcohol while I was at work! Like people a cat’s diet is important which is why they need good bacteria in there gastrointestinal tract.
This is the culture of bacteria, which is often referred to as the ‘mother’ or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts). 7+ years ago, they didn’t regulate the trace alcohol content as closely as they do now, so my Mom had no idea. I usually pour my Kombucha into a glass because I am weirded out by that part LOL but you can drink it.
I have a really irrational paranoia that I might accidentally poison myself if I try to make it.
I think she was a little mortified at first, but we read the fine print of the label and realized it wasn’t going to get me drunk. I swear though, after that first sip, I legitimately thought she had brought me a wine cooler by mistake.

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