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PERSONALIZED SERVICE means you can call our Customer Care Team to add a product, update the quantity or change your delivery date at any time. Studies have shown that the more healthy and effective the bacteria in your digestive system is, the more complete your digestion will be, and the stronger your immune system will be to fight off disease-carrying microbes or bacteria that enter your body.
One small Probiotic Advantage beadlet a day can help to free you of digestive problems and help you achieve and maintain good health. The reason is because they don’t deliver the bacteria to your digestive system when it is alive and viable, and so you never realize all of the benefits. Also, every Probiotic Advantage beadlet provides 10 specifically-chosen strains of probiotics to deliver maximum targeted benefits. The unique and seamless all-natural coating of each beadlet is composed of gelatin and pectin layers to create a 100% acid-resistant shell for the protection of the digestion-boosting probiotics inside.
Natural vegetable oil also provides for insulation and protection of the live probiotics inside the beadlet. The effectiveness of these unique protective layers is to deliver 1 billion live, digestion-boosting probiotics to where they work their best – your digestive tract below your stomach - to produce complete and comfortable digestion, nourishing nutrient absorption, and immunity-enhancing efficiency!
The secret lies inside this inexpensive, easy-to-swallow beadlet that makes your digestive system work better than Nature intended. It’s been estimated that if you lined these bacteria up, they would stretch twice around the equator.
A 10-second, daily dose of Probiotic Advantage delivers a full billion of the good guys to the entire length of your intestine.
These remarkable probiotic, longevity boosters were first discovered in 1907 by a Russian scientist studying an isolated group of mountain peasants who regularly lived over a hundred years. Even more remarkable, these centenarians lived astoundingly active lives and were almost disease-free until the day they died. You’ll be free to travel to the ends of the Earth and never, ever worry about how your stomach will handle it.
Research has shown that the bacteria lining your intestine actually help form a barrier that helps stop dangerous intruders from passing through the walls of your intestine and entering your body. Most people, including you, don’t have nearly enough of the good guys in your body right now.
The moment your probiotic pill reaches the corrosive acid in your stomach, millions of bacteria are vaporized.
Apparently, they had created a seamless beadlet that could safely carry its contents right past your stomach acid, and then deliver it directly to your intestine. So I jumped on the first high-speed train I could catch, and headed to a far corner of Japan.
The inner layer is made from ordinary vegetable oil, which surrounds and helps protect the good guys from oxygen. The middle layer and outer layer are made from gelatin and pectin—two natural substances that are highly resistant to stomach acid. Probiotic Advantage’s completely seamless encapsulation makes refrigeration unnecessary! And finally, none of this would ever be possible without a revolutionary manufacturing process that produces a completely seamless beadlet.
Even more remarkable, this seamless beadlet is so effective, it makes refrigeration totally pointless.
If you check the label on most probiotic products, chances are good they only include one or two types of friendly bacteria. THAT’s why Probiotic Advantage is the ONLY solution for digestive health that includes ALL TEN essential types of friendly bacteria in one tiny, golden beadlet.
Conventional probiotic capsules and tablets are incinerated the moment they reach the acid in your stomach. BREAK DOWN CARBS: Since the average American diet is overflowing with carbs, this is a huge benefit.
With all these benefits, you might think that every probiotic product would automatically include B. If you ever have any problems digesting dairy products—like milk, ice cream, and cheese, you could have a serious shortage of B.
This important organism is absolutely essential for a healthy small intestine and it easily attaches itself to the intestine wall. These seven strains of friendly bacteria help guarantee that you have sufficient numbers of the good guys for your digestive system to stay trouble free.
Help your body maintain normal histamine levels to help control seasonal sneezing and wheezing. Help keep your bowel healthy and deliver extra protection against embarrassing diarrhea when you travel!
When you take one, easy-to-swallow beadlet each morning, you can rest easy knowing you’re covering every square inch of your intestine. No other product available anywhere offers the same formula and delivers it direct to every square inch of your intestine. When Jack Bonacarso decided to try Probiotic Advantage, he had tried everything his doctor recommended to no avail. I recently started reading about probiotics and decided to give them a try [with Probiotic Advantage]. Save more and your body will finally get the full benefits of the nutrients you eat every day. But if you’re like the rest of us, and your stomach sometimes misbehaves at the worst possible time, then you really ought to give Probiotic Advantage a try. How many yogurts do you have to eat to get the probiotic benefits of one beadlet of Probiotic Advantage?

An independent Canadian study reviewed the friendly bacteria counts in several off-the-shelf yogurt brands.
All it takes is 10 seconds in the morning to swallow this teeny, tiny little beadlet and you’re set for the day. It’s such a simple, little thing, yet it can have such an amazing, positive impact on your whole life! You can enjoy a dish of ice cream, a glass of milk, or even a grilled cheese sandwich with a clear conscience.
If you don’t notice a remarkable improvement in your digestive health, I want you to call me right back at once! Learn MoreThe best way to experience the full benefits of a daily supplement is to take it every day, as directed. We focus on delivering natural health guidance, products, and premium service without compromise. Our doctor-developed formulas, Triple Testing Philosophy, and pioneering leadership have earned us a 20 year track record of delivering incomparable safety, quality, and service.
Healthy Directions, a top source of natural health advice and doctor-formulated nutritional products, launches Probiotic Advantage® + Cranberry, an exclusive cranberry probiotic supplement that promotes women’s digestive and urinary health. Most people are familiar with the digestive benefits associated with probiotic supplements and foods, but they aren’t aware that certain strains of these beneficial bacteria also help to maintain women’s vaginal, urinary, and bladder health. Healthy Directions, LLC, today announced the launch of Probiotic Advantage® + Cranberry, a unique cranberry probiotic supplement formulated by Dr.
Probiotic Advantage® + Cranberry contains two billion live bacteria from a blend of seven targeted strains—L. Probiotic Advantage® + Cranberry also utilizes special vegetarian, time-release capsules that ensure the live bacteria survive exposure to stomach acid and make it to where they are needed most. Healthy Directions, LLC, a leading health publisher and direct-to-consumer retailer of doctor-formulated nutritional supplements and skincare products, is dedicated to helping people lead healthier, happier lives. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Typically, gas and bloating, constipation, and other digestive symptoms are reliable signs that you would benefit from eating more fermented foods and taking a probiotic supplement to improve the health of your gut bacteria. You can  check your pH by using pH paper or with a liquid test agent called Bromthymol. Learn about the wide-ranging health effects of gut bacteria, including their influence on immune health, mood, and weight management. Learn about the digestive and other health symptoms that may indicate you have dysbacteriosis, or an imbalance of gut bacteria. Williams will help improve all of your digestive issues, resulting in the elimination of most digestive problems – heartburn, bloating, insufficient digestion, stomach pains, etc. Your digestive system also houses literally billions of bacteria that work to break down food as part of your overall digestive process.
Probiotic Advantage fills your digestive tract with healthy and effective bacteria (hundreds of millions of them) that accomplish all of these goals – boost digestion, raise immunity and promote overall best health. Plus, certain prescribed medications for other health-related issues can kill or harm many of the good digestive bacteria in your digestive tract.
And many other supplements don’t provide sufficient quantities of the bacteria, or of the best effective strains.
Williams’ Probiotic Advantage is designed to deliver all of the digestion-helping benefits because of its unique and seamless triple-layer coating. One teeny-tiny little beadlet like Probiotic Advantage and soon your digestive system works like clockwork. These bad guys are notorious for giving off carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and the ever-so-smelly methane gas.
And it turned out that their daily diet was simply overflowing with these friendly bacteria.
Beyond the discomfort and embarrassment, constipation happens to be very unhealthy for you. Each tiny, seamless beadlet releases four essential types of “the good guys” that help guarantee your digestive system works like clockwork! Precious few of them will ever survive to reach your intestine where they can work their magic. In combination, these layers offer an unsurpassed degree of protection for their precious cargo. If you’ve bought probiotic products like acidophilus before, you know that they generally require refrigeration to keep the bacteria alive.
Many people, including me, have stomach issues when traveling to foreign countries, or even to different areas in the USA. All of a sudden, your stomach has to adapt to a whole new set of foods and flavors plus a whole new eating schedule. All of a sudden you’ll be able to really enjoy your foods again with a totally clear conscience. They discovered that as the yogurt sits on the shelf, the friendly bacteria counts plummet. That’s why I insisted that all my readers and their friends get an opportunity to try Probiotic Advantage without risking a single penny. Take 10 seconds before breakfast each morning to swallow one tiny beadlet with a glass of water. And with AutoDelivery, you’ll never run out of the supplements you love most, because we’ll send you a fresh supply right before you run out! David Williams that safely and naturally supports women’s digestive, bladder, urinary, and vaginal health.

In addition to providing overall digestive and urinary health benefits, this proprietary formula reduces bloating and gas and supports immune function. Healthy Directions provides expert guidance and advanced nutritional supplements from America’s most knowledgeable and highly respected integrative and alternative health doctors including Julian Whitaker, MD, Dr. A neutral or alkaline pH (7 or higher) generally indicates poor balance between beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria; however, a very acidic pH can be negative as well, and often occurs when too much sucrose (table sugar) or lactose (milk sugar) are consumed in the diet. The easiest to obtain is the pH paper, which is sold in many aquarium shops, pharmacies, medical supply houses, or by chemical supply companies. Signup for E-News and you'll get great content like you've just read along with other great tips and guides from Dr.
This will lead to greater comfort after you eat, better digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, higher energy levels and overall greater health. If some resident bacteria in your gut are not working properly, it not only affects the way you digest food, but also affects your overall body immunity. Remember great health is dependent on what you eat … and how your digestive tract extracts the nutrients from your food for energy and immunity protection. This reduction in good bacteria affects your ability to properly digest many of the foods you consume. Recent independent studies by reputable laboratories have shown that 5 out of 13 probiotic supplement products tested failed to achieve results promised. And you’ve just given your whole digestive system everything it needs to perform flawlessly. No other probiotic product out there comes even close to matching the formula and technology that you get from Probiotic Advantage! Let me put this as tenderly as I can: The longer your food stays in your intestine, the more toxins and bacteria can get into your system. I have long since learned NOT to believe the hype—until I check (and double-check) all the facts.
Because your friendly bacteria are anaerobic—which means they can only thrive in an oxygen-free environment. But that never happens with Probiotic Advantage because all your good guys are completely surrounded in a perfect, oxygen-free environment. Because the seam in a conventional (and much larger) capsule is “the weak” point that allows the acid to sneak in and destroy the contents!
That never happens with Probiotic Advantage because our seamless, triple-layer beadlet carries the “good guys” safely past your stomach! As a result, you get gas, bloating, and stomach upset every time you decide to treat yourself! So it’s absolutely essential that you restore this essential bacteria to the same levels you had 20 or 30 years ago.
Probiotic Advantage is the perfect “tummy insurance” for people who love to eat! These enlightened medical professionals understand how vitally important it is to give your digestive system all the support it needs.
We’ll rush your supply of Probiotic Advantage directly to your mailbox for the lowest price available to the public.
David Williams, Stephen Sinatra, MD, Susan Lark, MD, Aaron Tabor, MD, Richard Wurtman, MD, and Joseph Pergolizzi, Jr., MD.
To determine the pH of your stool, simply touch the paper to a moist sample (before it hits the water in the toilet) and compare the color change to the chart that comes with the paper. Probiotic Advantage also provides so-called “natural killer cells” that work in concert with your body immunity to ward off and neutralize disease-producing microbes and bacteria!
A key challenge is to replenish your digestive system with the good working and healthy bacteria.
And you’ll be free (finally!) from the digestive problems that have plagued you for so long.
These brilliant researchers had indeed created the perfect delivery system for friendly bacteria. You need ten essential varieties of probiotics to keep your digestive system working properly.
And you just can’t do that with most other probiotic products because they contain ZERO B.
Probiotic Advantage delivers a full billion of the friendly bacteria (good guys) you need in every beadlet! And don’t forget the fruits and veggies you need to eat healthier—now you can eat them, too!
Probiotic Advantage’s exclusive formula and technology will nourish and support your entire digestive system from start to finish.
Our board-certified doctors are some of the most recognized experts in alternative medicine.
And that includes tough-to-digest foods like dairy products, fried foods, beans, vegetables, and meats. These probiotics help restore optimal levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut, as well as in the vagina.

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