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Description: One of the biggest challenges encountered by millions of shoppers each year lies in finding a gift idea that is unique.
The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing, available through EMC2, is a self-healing tool that not only helps people to heal themselves, but also helps to balance one?s energy, which can greatly improve a person?s quality of life.
All that people need to do in order to give the gift of energetic balancing is to enroll the person, with their permission, in the program and send a photo. The AIM Program for Energetic Balancing has been proven to be beneficial for families, individuals and even pets.
Alignmed Introduces First Garments Designed To Align The Joints And Promote Good Posture By Creating An Anatomical Change In The Body. Description: The Posture Shirt, part of Alignmed’s Evidence Based Apparel line of pants and shirts is designed to improve posture and reduce muscle fatigue, pulls and tilts kyphotic (rounded) shoulders back into a natural upright position.
The NCAA approved Alignmed apparel for wear during competition per head trainer and doctors referral. Description: WaterWorks is the first FDA-cleared feminine cleansing system, which safely and effectively eliminates feminine odor. Description: Spoonk Space Acupressure Mats, available in a variety of colors, are Sweden’s biggest hit brought to America.
Description: Desert Labs’ Ice Cube Diet contains more than 97% of pure Hoodia, a natural plant that controls appetite, a powerful natural supplement to help you eat less and stop cravings. Steeped in style and packaged in sleekly sophisticated tins, the Ultimate Gift Set explores combinations of unexpected flavors, spices and aromas from the finest quality ingredients from around the world. Description: RepHresh® Pro-B is a once-daily capsule that contains the first strains of probiotics that specifically promote vaginal health and are clinically shown to balance yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health. My name is Maik Wiedenbach and I am a fitness coach, nutritionist and fitness model , based in New York city and East Hampton. Billions more are spent on pain killers, ergonomic chairs, chiropractor visits, physical therapists, and so on. The Desk Athlete is a simple yet powerful three-step exercise program that will take a maximum of 10 minutes, just three times per week, and will be the basis of durable relief from most back, neck, shoulder and elbow-pain caused by repetitive stress injuries. Considered by the fashion world to be the first male supermodel, Cameron Alborzian had a life that many dream of: traveling the globe, working with the most prestigious designers in the world, partying with celebrities, and appearing in major ad campaigns and cultural landmarks like Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video.
The popular Bed Buddy® Foot and Hand Warmers contain 100% natural materials, heat quickly in the microwave, are lightly fragranced with aromatherapy – including eucalyptus to revitalize, clove to comfort and cinnamon to calm. Like all Bed Buddy® products, the Foot and Hand Warmers feature proven doctor recommended Moist Heat ThermaTherapy® that penetrates deeply to warm and soothe tired feet or hands. The Bed Buddy® Foot and Hand Warmers Gift Sets are currently available at select retailers, independent pharmacies and drug stores across the country, and online. Description: De Odor Works is a deodorant alternative made entirely of medical grade, lightweight stainless steel.
Description: LoveMyStrutz - "New York Times Innovation for 2010," for high-heel weary feet and those who stand all day. These "human shock absorbers" relieve the pain and pressure from common foot problems, ailments like Plantar Fasciitis and help knee, hip and lower back pain. After spending a year going to doctors and trying every orthotic on the market, Steve Llorens had no relief from a ski accident.
He tinkered with prototypes of his own design -- cutting, pasting and sewing-- experimenting with various materials with Paul Mazzanobile. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Steve Llorens and Paul Mazzanobile, the American Dream is alive, strapped to thousands of feet.
Description: The human brain is a remarkable metabolic dynamo that weighs only 3 pounds, but demands 20% of our oxygen and blood sugar even when at rest. As a special offer to you, you can save 20% on the Brain Vibrance 5-pack OR 20-pack by entering savings code SPLASH at checkout! Description: RepHresh® Vaginal Gel is clinically shown to maintain a healthy vaginal pH for three days per application. Description: Replens® Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer contains a patented ingredient for soothing and long-lasting moisture. Description: Nip-It is a small, easy-to-use, effective product that makes a great gift for anyone who simply wants to get through the winter cold and flu season without getting sick. Currently Nip-It Throat Spray is sold at several independent pharmacies, doctor offices, Amazon, E-bay, and at the Los Angeles International Airport inside the “I Love LA” store in terminal 2. Description: Don't let the sniffles stop you or your little angel from making snow angels this winter.
Worn on the wrist, Sniffle Buddies act as a soft, absorbent solution for a runny winter nose. Description: Boom Boom was an energizing nasal inhaler way before it was a hit song by the Black Eyed Peas. Description: KidKupz®, the revolutionary new medicine dispensing cups with all-natural fruit-flavored rims, are now available in over 5,000 Walgreens stores nationwide. KidKupz® fruit-flavored medicine dispensing cups are rapidly becoming the “go to” cup for parents whenever their child needs to be given over-the-counter or prescribed liquid medication.
Left unchecked these shortages can lead to a malfunctioning of basis systems throughout the body including the digestive system, neurological system, and circulatory system.
Rather than giving the same old gifts that fill the shelves each year at this time, many people will find that unique option by giving the gift of energetic balancing. Our first product, EmSeeQ, consists of an affordable, wearable device and activation service which are linked to the E-9-1-1 emergency response systems. Modeled on the principle that the human body’s most innate desire is to balance itself, the garments interact with the body’s multiple physiologic functions. As a nonsurgical alternative for spinal and joint related problems the Evidence Based Apparel line of pants and shirts has proven to reduce or eliminate pain. Its medical grade, lightweight stainless steel nozzle which releases low-pressure water is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable reusable use in the shower as part of a daily routine. These acupressure mats are based on the principles of the Indian bed of nails and Japanese shiatsu massage, and stimulate specific reflex points throughout the body to release blocked energy, ease tense muscles and create deep mental and physical relaxation. Each all-natural frozen Ice Cube Diet cube contains 3000 mg of crushed raw Hoodia mixed with a touch of lemon juice for taste. PureSleep® works with a network of dentists to facilitate a prescription so that the product can be obtained quickly and conveniently without an office visit.
Lactobacillus, yeast, and other bacteria are all naturally present in your body, and optimum vaginal health occurs when there is a healthy balance of these elements. I have designed a new DVD called The Desk Athlete with content that, I believe, is a great holiday gift or addition to any in-home fitness progam you might already have. As you must be very well aware, in the age of intense technology use and ever-increasing workloads, people sit at their desks longer than ever and often with poor posture. They treat the symptoms rather than preventing RSI or bringing sustained relief from the pain. It can be done without equipment, in the office and it brings almost immediate relief from those often chronic pains.
But his greatest achievement came when he decided to leave the material world of high fashion at the height of his popularity and investigate the world of yoga, meditation, and the ancient art of Ayurvedic healing. The product also helps relieve symptoms of those suffering from Arthritis or nerve related illnesses.
Carex will be donating a portion of proceeds from the sales of all pink Bed Buddy® Foot and Hand Warmers Gift Sets to the fight against breast cancer. Simply put, it turns traditional thinking about weight loss and wellness on its head - instead of promoting one major lifestyle change (i.e. It neutralizes body odor through the unique reaction that occurs when ordinary running tap water reacts with the stainless steel.
Unlike insoles or orthotics, you wear them "on your feet," and they can be worn in any type of footwear. Recently I developed an all-natural remedy that combats the common cold and relieves the sore throat associated with it.

Sniffle Buddies has won multiple awards, including The Mom’s Choice Award for best in family-friendly products, and The National Parenting Association Seal of Approval.
Sizes range from small to adult, with sizes in between appropriate for wear on a bare arm or over a jacket sleeve. Derived from herbs and made of a blend of menthol and 100% natural essential oils, Boom Boom invigorates and energizes within seconds. With kid-licious® natural flavors like Sour Cherry and Blue Raspberry, KidKupz makes swallowing medicine easy and delicious! While other “medicine-flavoring” and delivery mechanisms exist, the KidKupz line is the first of its kind. This online resource offers free weight management tools, social support and nutritional information to help its 2 million+ users achieve their personal diet goals. It’s essential to get a mix of nutrient-rich foods into the body on a daily basis to give it a fighting chance against viruses and diseases. Through the AIM Program for Energetic Balancing, people can give a gift that is potentially life-changing. There are scholarship opportunities for those with Autism and Downs Syndrome, with EMC2 providing those people with complimentary usage of the program. It takes advantage of existing cellular telephone location technology, which already is in place in 96 percent of the US population. The form fitting garments use strategically placed neuro-bands with precise tensions that stimulate nerves that control muscle movement. Further by keeping the body in alignment, the garments prevent injuries, increase flexibility and improve sports performance.
The secret is in the combination of stainless steel and running tap water that eliminates the volatile sulfur compounds that cause odor. Easy, safe and convenient, one cube a day effectively suppresses the appetite, resulting in easy portion control and gradual weight loss without unwanted stimulants or unpleasant side effects.
PureSleep® is also sold directly to consumers by many participating dentists across the country.
RepHresh Pro-B is clinically shown to provide healthy probiotic lactobacillus that works with your body to balance yeast and bacteria. Most commonly reported consequences are lower back pain (lumbar), sciatic pain, shoulder and neck pain, as well as elbow problems.
What he learned changed his life, and after years of study, he now works with Hollywood celebrities and executives of international companies to bring balance, improved health, and serenity to their lives.
Using stainless steel with running water is a recognized method, used for years by chefs to eliminate odor caused by fish, onions, and other food, to eliminate the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause odor. Three of these brain-boosting nutrients stand out from the rest for their clinical benefits, their safety of use, and their contributions to brain vitality and renewal.
As the cells of the vaginal wall are regenerated, dry cells are cleared and Replens® is eliminated naturally. It is a phenomenal remedy and the efficiency along with the ease of use make it the perfect product to carry on oneself at all times. That’s right – a pocket-sized product that delivers refreshment, rejuvenation and the motivation to fist pump in a whole new way…through your nose. Providing instant energy, mood enhancement, mental acuity improvement, appetite suppressant and breath refreshment, the inhalant is a clean, mental energy that awakens the mind.
In addition to being naturally flavored, each KidKupz dispensing cup contains only two grams of sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. Here is a breakdown of some of the most crucial, and often overlooked vitamins and minerals, and why they’re so important.Foods High in ProteinHere are the top 15 foods highest in protein to help you reach your daily protein target.
EmSeeQ is a watch-like device that works in conjunction with law enforcement officials to determine the precise location of a missing person. When the body is in alignment, strength and power increase directly impacting athletic performance. You simply lay on it, ensuring that your “trouble areas” are covered by the mat’s spikes, and the mat does the rest! PureSleep® works by a technique called ‘mandibular repositioning’, and has been used by dentists for decades for the treatment of snoring.
Just 1 capsule of RepHresh® Pro-B per day helps maintain vaginal flora in a normal, healthy range. De Odor Works is all natural and simple to use in the shower as part of your daily hygiene routine. The Big Three of cognitive function fame are now available in Brain Vibrance, an easy-to-use, great-tasting liquid shot that contains 150 mg of PS (phosphatidylserine), 600 mg of GPC(glycerophosphocholine), and 750 mg of ALC (acetyl-l-carnitine). RepHresh® Gel can be used after your period, before or after sex, after douching or for freshness anytime. As with dry skin that you experience on your face and hands, regular moisturizing treatment may be necessary to prevent dryness from recurring. Nip-It should be used prior to going into crowded places, traveling or at the onset of a sore throat. The pocket sized energizer can be experienced several times throughout the day without negative side effects.
As you might suspect there are plenty of meats on the list, but there are also a few surprising sources of protein that are worth checking out.
The plastic points stimulate blood circulation, relax tense muscles and induce "feel good" hormones (endorphins and oxytocin) that release feelings of wellbeing and calm. The device gently holds the jaw forward, creating an open airway through the throat, eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring. It is a reusable and portable alternative to deodorant that can easily be thrown in a gym bag or suitcase and taken wherever you go. The latest research makes it clear that our brains are quite capable of making new circuits if provided with the necessary cofactors such as those found in Brain Vibrance. It simply needs to be sprayed to the back of the throat, which makes it very convenient and easy to use. Rather than caloric beverages or ingesting engineered chemicals, try a completely natural alternative.
Whether you’re building muscle or just want to eat a properly balanced diet, this list can help.Foods High in FiberReaching your Recommended Daily Value of fiber each day is an important part of your overall health, and these high fiber foods will definitely put you on the right path.
All Spoonk mats are completely natural, made of 100 percent cotton, recyclable non-toxic plastic points, and natural foam created without the use of chemicals. You’ll notice that not a single one will do the job itself, so it’s important to eat a varied diet full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains to get you to your full day’s supply of fiber.Foods High in PotassiumFind out which foods rank highest in potassium, as well as why it’s so important to keep a healthy level of potassium in the body. We’ve got the definitive guide to keeping your potassium level where it needs to be, and once you know the foods that have the most potassium you’ll be able to shop with confidence.Foods High in IronHere are the top 15 foods highest in iron that you should consider adding to your menu on a regular basis to keep your iron level where it needs to be. The good news is that they each contain additional vitamins and minerals you need, so you will be getting a broad nutritional boost by eating them. In many instances they also have other healthy factors like protein or fiber.Foods High in Vitamin DCheck out which foods rank highest in Vitamin D so you can favor these foods if you’re concerned about your Vitamin D levels.
It’s always best to eat a balanced diet so you’re getting a broad range of all the vitamins and minerals you need, but these foods will make it so you’ll have an easier time of meeting your Vitamin D needs.Vitamin A FoodsStrong teeth and bones are just the start when it comes to why Vitamin A is so important in our diets.
It can improve your vision, and helps to make sure that you’ll be able to maintain your eyesight as you age.
It’s helps you make more white blood cells so that you aren’t as sick for as long as you otherwise would be when you do get sick. It also has antioxidant properties, helping to destroy free radicals and keeping the body running at optimal levels.Vitamin B12 FoodsYou might want to think of this as the brain vitamin, as it helps to make sure you don’t suffer from brain shrinkage over time. But that’s not all it does, it helps several of your body’s key systems, including digestive and cardiovascular. There are plenty of foods out there that can supply you with the daily allowance you’re supposed to get.Biotin FoodsBiotin is an important B Vitamin, and one that you don’t want to go without for long periods of time.
If you suspect you have a Biotin shortage, take steps to improve it through your diet before resorting to supplements.

This is the most natural way to make up for any shortages, and is not too hard since most of the foods listed here are readily available and already part of many people’s regular diet.Vitamin C FoodsMost of us know that Vitamin C can help stave off a cold, and boost our immune system so we’re less likely to get sick. The problem lies in the fact that it’s hard to consume so much fruit and vegetables in one day, even if you make a conscious effort to up your intake of Vitamin C-containing foods.
But the benefits are worth it, since you’ll be doing your best to battle back things like cancer and strokes, and helping your body become more healthy overall.Calcium Rich FoodsIf you have a case of dry skin, it might not be the weather, it could be low amounts of calcium.
It can also help women through their periods, be an ally in a battle with cancer, and is also good for the heart if you don’t overdo it. This is one mineral you don’t want to overlook when taking into consideration your daily eating regimen. Milk and other dairy products are known for their calcium content.Vitamin D FoodsVitamin D can be supplemented, and it can also be created by the body. Many people across the world have a Vitamin D deficiency, which causes an increased risk of cardiovascular problems and cancer. Getting more Vitamin D into your system can result in increased levels of feeling happy, more regularity in regards to your blood pressure, and can help your bones and muscles become stronger.
Getting more sun is part of the answer, but you can also eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D.Vitamin E FoodsYour skin will thank you when you’re getting the right amount of Vitamin E from natural sources. Aside from the benefits it provides to your skin and hair, this is also high in antioxidant value. This means it will help with a host of problems including preventing cancer, and lowering your cholesterol levels. If you end up getting a cut or other scar-leaving wound you can count on proper Vitamin E levels to prevent scarring.High Fiber FoodsFiber helps keep things moving through the digestive system, reduces the transit time of food, and helps your body eliminate toxins by helping to keep your colon in top form. You don’t want to rely on fiber-infused foods you can find in boxes at the store, as there is plenty of dietary fiber found in fruits and vegetables. Not getting enough fiber leads to things like constipation and hemorrhoids, so it’s best to be sure you’ve got it covered. Just be sure to ease your body into getting more fiber.Folic Acid FoodsThe number one reason why you want to make sure you’re getting enough folic acid is because it helps you be in a better mood. It’s also responsible for helping your heart function at its best, and keeping your brain sharp. If you don’t get enough of it you might find that you’re moody, that you can’t think clearly, and men might find that their libido isn’t as high as they’d like it to be.Iodine Rich FoodsThe thyroid plays a major part in the body, and iodine can help it stay healthy. It’s also good for keeping your energy levels up, keeping your hair and nails looking good, and helping to get rid of toxins from the body, even helping to clear out some of the toxic metals that can be found in the body.
If you don’t get enough iodine you might find yourself feeling sluggish and gaining weight.Iron RIch FoodsIron is one mineral you don’t want to be without.
The first thing you’ll notice if you’re not getting enough iron is that you feel tired all the time. If you find that you can’t last long while exercising, it might not simply be because you’re out of shape, you could also be running low on iron. There are plenty of iron-filled foods out there to keep you topped off, so in most cases it just takes a few diet adjustments to get enough.Vitamin K FoodsVitamin K doesn’t get a lot of media attention the way some of its vitamin cousins do, but it’s a pretty powerful addition to your diet. You can find this in several different green foods, most notably spinach which is one reason that’s considered a superfood. For women it can help regulate menstrual cycles, and it helps blood clot for both genders.Magnesium Rich FoodsSome of the most notable benefits of magnesium include helping to prevent diseases of the heart, and along with calcium helping to undo osteoporosis.
You might find yourself overly anxious or depressed if you’re not getting enough of this vital mineral. The good news is that it’s not too hard to get more of it into your diet, by paying a bit more attention to foods that are rich in it.Niacin FoodsGetting enough niacin is important to your health and wellbeing, and is a vitamin that shouldn’t be overlooked. Luckily there are plenty of delicious foods that contain it in large amounts, making it easy to consume your daily needs. If you’ve been told you have a niacin deficiency, paying extra attention to these foods will turn things around pretty quickly.Omega-3 FoodsOmega-3 consistently makes the news with more and more health benefits attributed to it, so it’s a good idea to start incorporating more of these foods into your daily menu. But aside from some well-known sources, where else can you find omega-3 fatty acids in abundance? We’ve gathered some of the best, and tastiest sources, including a few you might not have known about.Potassium Rich FoodsLow potassium levels can lead to having aching muscles, an irregular heartbeat, and other symptoms.
Getting enough potassium will help with your digestion, as well as the functioning of your muscles.
Bananas often get the credit for having plenty of potassium, but there are other foods that have even more than they do. Avocadoes and apricots are just a few other high-potassium foods you might be lacking.High Protein FoodsProtein helps your muscles heal and rebuild themselves, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting enough of it if you’re strength training or lifting weights. It also helps you to feel full, so adding a quality protein to a meal with vegetables and carbohydrates is a good way to be in the zone and cruise through to your next meal.
There are plenty of great-tasting foods that are high in protein, so this is typically one of the easier dietary changes to make if you’re coming up short.Foods High in ZincFind out how to start getting more of this important mineral.
We’ve assembled some of the best foods you can eat to make sure that your Zinc levels are in the right place so your body can function at its best. Get this mineral covered and you’ll be helping to fight cancer, boosting your immune system, as well as preventing diabetes and increasing your heart health.Selenium RIch FoodsIn all likelihood you’re probably not running low on selenium, as it shows up enough in a standard healthy diet to not be a problem.
But if you’ve been told that you’ve got a shortage going on, and need to concentrate on foods that will top you up in a hurry, these foods are the way to get the job done.High Purine FoodsGout attacks can be debilitating, and managing your diet is part of the prevention process. Here is our list of foods high in purines so that you can avoid them and hopefully remain symptom free. Of course it’s always best to talk with your doctor to discuss your individual situation, but this will give you an overview of some of the most common foods to stay away from.Why Is Eating Whole Foods Important?Whole foods represent what we’d be eating if we weren’t stuck in a modern society.
They speak to us on a primal level because it’s what our ancestors ate for millions of years.
Sure, fresh fruits and vegetables might not be as flashy as all of the packaged foods screaming to you at the supermarket, but they are real food, the way nature intended, especially if you opt for organic whenever possible.The Opposite of Whole FoodsIn order to see why it’s so important to eat whole foods, you simply have to look at the negative consequences of basing your diet primarily around pre-packaged, chemically laden foods.
These have been shown to make us fatter, dumber, and lazier, with almost no nutritional value whatsoever. Things like trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, and MSG don’t show up in the foods provided to us by nature, and the body does its best to deal with them.Quality AssuranceWhen you buy foods that come in a box with a Nutrition Information label on them, there’s a strong possibility that there’s something in it that you wouldn’t want to consume. This is because you are trusting a food corporation to provide you with a nutritious product, and it just doesn’t happen. It all starts with a focus on profits and the bottom line, so even though the label might sound like it includes healthy ingredients, you’re often getting the lowest cost foods from suppliers that do whatever it takes to keep costs low, like using pesticides and herbicides, and genetically modified foods.When you eat whole foods you can be pretty sure that an apple is just an apple, or a carrot is just a carrot.
There aren’t many ways to sneak in toxic substances, as long as you’re buying organic.Feeling Good by Eating GoodIt’s important to realize that there likely won’t be a quantum leap whereby you eat one piece of fruit and start to feel amazingly better. It’s a cumulative effect, and requires that you slow start to adopt more whole foods into your diet, displacing some of the packaged foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Over time you’ll notice that you’re feeling better, and that you naturally make smarter decisions when it comes time to your food choices.With whole foods it’s more about what you’re not consuming, since you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s in your food, rather than eating foods with mysterious ingredients that most likely don’t have a positive effect on the body. Any health concern or condition should be addressed by a doctor or other appropriate health care professional. The information and opinions found on this website are written based on the best data available at the time of writing, and are believed to be accurate according to the best discernment of the authors. Those who do not seek council from the appropriate health care authority assume the liability of any injury which may occur.
The publisher of this site is not responsible for any errors or omissions in any content herein.AFFILIATE DISCLAIMERLinks on this website may lead you to a product or service that provides an affiliate commission to the owners of this site should you make a purchase.
In no way does any affiliate relationship ever factor into a recommendation, or alter the integrity of the information we provide.
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