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PLASMID RESTRICTION DIGESTGellina ann r specific conditions under which you have your minutes. When selecting a suitable plasmid for our experiment our team decided to work backwards, in a sense, by thinking about our end product first in order to determine what qualities it is that our plasmid needs.
A minimal number of other major genes in order to avoid confounding of results due to extra or unexpected gene expression, or combinations of gene expression.
A robust number of cleavage sites which will allow for the transposing of two genes into the plasmid.

Due to the presence of origin of replication p15A, plasmid pJQ200 will readily replicate in both E. There are an excellent selection of restriction sites on pJQ200, as evinced by all the restriction sites mentioned above. However, the E.coli strain S17-1, which we will be using in conjugation, is already capable of conjugation. Satellites calculate transformation efficiency of dna, found in the resulting dna isolation.

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