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AWM looks forward to working with both large scale and small scale surf park projects around the globe and meeting specifications with the most cost effective and world class wave generation systems on the market. Yue Feng and Zhang Ji Bin on why Disney's presence in China will drive up quality and customer service. Enter your email address below and click submit to stay up-to-date with all the latest blooNews.
AboutProducts American Wave Machines designs, engineers, manufactures and develops world class surf pools, wave systems and surf parks. PerfectSwell® is a surf pool system capable of creating an authentic surfing experience that delivers 100% real ocean dynamics found in nature.
PerfectSwell® is the first pneumatic wave generator to replicate the circular motions that occur within wind-generated ocean swells. SurfStream® is the first standing wave surf pool that creates an authentic surfing experience anytime, anywhere.
ABOUT SURF PARK CENTRALSurf Park Central is the world's leading news, media, educational and development resource for surf parks, wave pools and surfing outside the ocean. SURF PARK SUMMITSurf Park Summit is the largest industry conference designed for surf park entreprenurs, investors, developers, suppliers and industry representatives to accelerate the growth of surfing beyond the coast.
Bruce McFarland, founder of American Wave Machines, has featured in a leading article about the advancements in the field of artificial wave technology. American Wave Machines, founded in 2000, delivers both standing waves and surf pool experiences that can be enjoyed in by surfers of all abilities. PerfectSwell® is the first surf pool system capable of creating an authentic surfing experience that delivers 100% real ocean dynamics found in nature.
Since 2007, surfers have enjoyed over 3 million sessions at American Wave Machines locations across the globe.
The reflective wave generator technology is capable of producing 10 large waves per minute, which means a wave every 6 seconds. The recommended installation area is 35,000 square feet, but a larger pool will get bigger wave options and results."Perfect Swell" is an air-powered system designed to create the complete push-pull wave form, typically found in scientific applications. The "Perfect Swell Colosseum" model promises total control of peel angle and wave patterns. American Wave Machines will be installing "Perfect Swell" in the Sheksna Resort, in Sochi, Russia.
Digital maps and satellite images have shown us the world from the sky, but there are still secret spots left untouched by the voracious surfing community.
A bigger prize money, a Big Air division, a KiteFoil and Twin Tip race, and a new ranking format. PerfectSwell® is the only surf pool designed to replicate the science behind waves in the ocean. To assure smooth and efficient operations of your business, we support our machines with services that deliver value and reliability. American Wave Machines offers wave technology consulting, schematic designs, elevations, and 3D renderings.
Once completed we begin the construction phase we will directly ship and delivery supplied equipment to your location in a timely and efficient manner.  After delivery of these supplies the American Wave Machines team provides equipment installation and on site supervision during this process.

Once the wave pool build is complete, American Wave Machines will send a start up team to your site to train personnel in operating the wave machines. American Wave Machines offers annual maintenance on its machines which will allow your site to guarantee safe and efficient operating.  American Wave Machines provides warranty through the suppliers on parts typically lasting one year. For an additional cost, we also offer pool vessel completion and filtration system services. American Wave Machines recently released a new video of their PerfectSwell™ wave pool model demonstrating the capabilities of their wave generating technology. PerfectSwell™ technology is an entirely new approach to generating large waves with the emphasis on creating an opportunity for an authentic surfing experience outside of the ocean. This is made possible by AWM's patented wave systems designed and engineered for the best user experience and the best long term owner experience. Founded in 2000 by California surfer Bruce McFarland, the company is committed to delivering authentic surfing experiences that encompass the best of beach culture and the surf lifestyle.
SurfStream® is a standing wave machine that delivers a deep water stationary surfing experience (on real surfboards) scalable to various spaces.
The patent-pending design can be integrated into new or existing surf pools, reducing rip currents and energy buildup, and generating breaking waves with the same profile as ocean surf. Riders can use real surfboards with fins to surf on a deep cushion with water that creates an endless wave. American Wave Machines, one of the first companies to develop  and market artificial wave parks, is planning a completely new approach to generating traveling man-made waves. Just hit one button and prepare for point break type peeling waves, left and right-handers, peak sets or a barrel into a peak close-out.
The 35,000 square foot artificial wave pool will be equipped with sophisticated computer controls modulating wave shape, ride duration, frequency and energy efficiency.
We're ramping up to deploy systems worldwide including in the resurgent US market", says Bruce McFarland, president of American Wave Machines.
The Classic Holidays National Kiteboarding League (NKL) is back for a second season with a few upgrades and improvements.
The Portuguese bodyboarder conquered the event for an unprecedented third consecutive time. Wave quality, size, duration, and frequency can be controlled at the touch of a button via any smartphone or tablet with no wait time for waves. American Wave Machines is there from start to finish, building your business the right way. These services allow our clients to be sure they are receiving a machine and design that best fits their needs. With a breadth and depth of technical expertise, American Wave Machines surf parks are transforming the sport of surfing. Our patented technology creates an infinite variety of waves that replicate point break, beach break, and reef break without long waits. Perfect Swell, SurfStream, and the SurfStream logos are trademarks of American Wave Machines. An infinite variety of customized waves can be generated that mimic points, reefs and beach breaks without the need for special bottom contours.

Founded in 2000 by California surfer Bruce McFarland, the company is committed to delivering authentic surfing experiences in a safe and controlled environment.
The technology to create ideal conditions for surfing in a safe and controlled environment any time of the year anywhere in the world is now available. From the Caribbean to Sweden, American Wave machines has developed more than 15 small and large-scale installations exclusively for surf parks, water parks, resorts, shopping centers and research institutions. SurfStream accomplishes this in a compact area, without the need for a large surge tank or surf-pool type installation. The first air-powered system to mimic ocean waves, AWM's PerfectSwell Reflecting Wave Generator creates circular particle motion waves like the ocean, using proprietary technology capable of producing 10 maximum size barreling waves per minute. SurfStream®, the world's first standing wave machine, delivers authentic surfing capability in a compact space. American Wave Machines is launching "Perfect Swell", the next generation of artificial wave pools. A PerfectSwell® surf pool requires a medium to large footprint with many options for customized pool shapes including circular designs.
Through our own testing, we have learned what equipment works best on the machines and provides the most safety to its riders. PerfectSwell® is the first and only air-pressure system to create naturally occurring ocean swells for an authentic world class surfing. SurfStream® is the world's first standing wave machine that delivers a stationary surfing experience (on real surfboards) scalable to various spaces. With a tubing barrel module option and wave adjustability, SurfStream provides the ultimate “long ride.” Bottom turn, hit the lip and get pitted.
Only the real surf created by PerfectSwell® can provide the waves necessary for the highest levels of competitive surfing outside of the ocean.
PerfectSwell® is the first air-powered system to create an authentic surfing experience through natural-like ocean waves. AWM now has an unprecedented ability to level the playing field for all surfers to be judged upon equally with guaranteed conditions for competition — something that nature cannot provide. From the Caribbean to Sweden, American Wave Machines has developed more than 15 small and large-scale installations exclusively for surf parks, waterparks, resorts, malls and research institutions. With PerfectSwell®’s capabilities it is now possible to produce professional surfing events in large scale venues suitable for syndicated television and broadcasting. AWM has the technology to enable surfing to become a mainstream sport, accessible to anyone anywhere.
That is separates surfing from so many sports it is the unknown of what the ocean is going to give you at any given moment.

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