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ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Adrian Beltre singled in two runs in the eighth inning, and the Texas Rangers rallied late for the third straight game against the Colorado Rockies in a 5-4 victory Wednesday night.The first two comebacks were in Denver, where the Rangers had a three-run ninth for a 4-3 victory and erased a three-run deficit in the eighth inning of a 7-5 win.
She is looks very much at home on the horse she rides in the movie, bareback and no reins at that.
Disney has not mentioned if the horse she is riding in this photo is, Major the horse in the animated version of the story. One of my readers had to chime in and point out that Lily James learned how to ride a horse for the movie.
Texas extended its winning streak to five.In the first of two games in Texas, Colorado rookie David Dahl had a tying two-run triple in the eighth to extend his career-opening hitting streak to 16 games, matching Juan Pierre's franchise record from 2000.

American Bow pin: Also, the new American themed Minnie Mouse bow pin has made it’s way to the Disney Parks! It was spotted on Instagram, I believe the pin can be purchased at the Pixar Studios store. That little detail I left out of the article above because she is now is in fact an accomplished rider, which is what I meant in the first place.
Here are the pin releases at Disneyland and Walt Disney World this week along with a new pin spotted at Disney Pixar Studios.
This was originally released in the Park Pack online, but is now an open edition pin at DLR and WDW.

My reader also pointed out that a body double was used in some scenes but the photo at the top sure does look like her and I have no clue how they would fake that shot unless Photoshop had something to do with it. 1.SHORT HOPSColorado leadoff hitter Charlie Blackmon had three singles, including one on a 13-pitch at-bat against Texas starter Martin Perez in the third. RHP Colby Lewis (strained right lat muscle) threw off a mound for the first time since he was sidelined following his last start June 22.

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