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Imitation Pearl are products, completely or partially man-made, imitating the appearance, colour and effect of natural or cultured pearls without possessing the physical and chemical properties, even when using natural substances. The oyster consists of a soft visceral mass enclosed between two halves of the shell which are hinged together.
The first layer is dark horny outside layer composed of organic substance conchiolin, a protein like substance. The inner layer is a thicker crystalline layer of prismatic calcium carbonate in the form of calcite. Aragonite layer is made up of microscopic platy calcium carbonate crystals arranged in an overlapping manner. Nacre is a protective pearly substance secreted by the mollusc and deposited around an irritant, in layers.
Mantle is a fold of epithelial material that envelopes the internal organs of the animal and is situated at the meeting point of the inner sides of the shell. Orient of a pearl results from the diffraction of the light through the aragonite crystals.
When white light is reflected from two different surfaces very close together, the two reflected waves can be out of phase, which causes interference, resulting in rainbow colours. Conch Pearl: These pearls are found in the great Conch, a large marine snail found throughout the Caribbean.
Difference is minor and varies in their structures and the proportions of their components. Comparing a pearl and a ball of mother-of-pearl, it will be seen that the pearl has lustre over its entire surface, whereas the ball of mother-of-pearl has this in only two places.

The mother-of-pearl has relatively flat layers, whereas the pearl has been formed around a nucleus in concentric layers.
The components of pearls or mother of pearl are affected by the food, the salinity, the water temperature and the region where the oyster-beds are found. Persian Gulf, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela etc. Skinning: It is performed by removing a bad coloured or blemished outer layer, so that a more attractive, although smaller, pearl could be obtained. Soaking: Cracks in the surface of pearls are sometimes cured by soaking them in warm olive oil.
About GemExplorerThis website is brought to you by the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, a leading gemmological institution since 1974.
The pearls are soaked in a weak solution of silver nitrate and dilute ammonia and then exposed to light or hydrogen sulphide gas. This is done by immersing the pearls in a solution of oxygenated water and afterwards exposing them to light. Enhancements such as skinning and bleaching are often considered as part of the processing of pearls by traders.
It is built on SSEF’s knowledge and collaborations in geographic origin determination and visits to gemstone producing areas. Many of the locations featured have been collected from published findings and articles or literature or are a result of our travels to gemstone producing areas.
The direct connections with the pearl farms all over the world were expanded and intensified by a consistent and consequent business policy,  what is reflected in range and quality of the pearls offered up to highend qualities.

Materials which simulate or look like pearls, but do not have either the composition or structure, are known as imitation pearls. It breathes through its gills and feeds itself with micro-organisms and planktons in the water.
The colours may be any combination of green, blue, pink or yellow and usually have an irregular shape.
Occasionally the core (bead nuclei) is dyed before they are inserted in the oyster to produce a different overall colour. Many of the pictures found on this website are from gemstones that come from the SSEF and Prof. We are very much open to feedback, comments and contributions for the project. Henry Hanni gemstone collections, which have been meticulously collected over the past four decades.
All online documents and web pages on the website as well as their parts are protected by copyright, and it is permissible to copy them and print them out only for private, scientific and non-commercial use.
The information is provided by the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF and while we strive to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness and accuracy of this website .

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