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Before we learned about Shaklee supplements, we probably ate no better than most Americans- and we didn't feel any better, either. Shaklee has supplements scientifically designed and tested to boost your health no matter who you are or what your nutritional needs may be.
Below, we've organized the many nutritional supplements available by health need and described benefits we've seen for ourselves, our Shaklee team, and our clients.
Nutriferon's support for my immune system that actually increase the interferon in my body. Shaklee knows that we're all unique individuals, and has made products scientifically proven to work for adults and children with different supplement needs and preferences. If you're a woman who is still menstruating or if you are pregnant you should take Vita-Lea with Iron. A man who does not work out strenuously and eats lots of red meat may take the plain Vita-Lea (without iron).
Vita-Lea Gold with and without K are products for people , both men and women, who are 50 years old and above. I'd like to quote 2 studies that were done on the ingredients in our Carotomax because I have 2 great testimonies to share with you about our product. In a small study conducted at Washington State Univ-Pullman, researchers injected lab mice with breast cancer cells, leading to solid cancers in 60 to 70 percent of the mice.
This product is a very strong antioxidant and is great for eye health and other conditions. Much of that severity depends on how you have treated your body over the years that you have been on this wonderful earth of ours. If you start caring for your body, exercising and being controlled about what you put into your mouth, this product will work wonders! Some diabetics have been able to decrease their insulin because of adding this product to their lifestyle changes. Optiflora Pre and Probioticsa€”Critically important friendly bacteria (acidophilus and bifidus) depleted by antibiotics, stress, sugar , medications , etc. Shaklee's Optiflora took many years of research to develop a triple encapsulation that protects the delicate probiotics as they pass through the stomach acid, unlike most products on the market. Energizing Soy Protein or Instant Protein Soy Mix - Because we need protein for building healthy cells and a strong immune system -AND- soy protein has been shown to boost energy levels and lower the risk of breast & prostate cancer and osteoporosis.

When someone's health is poor, we find that Alfalfa works well to get their body back into an alkaline balance. 8 Products To Build Your Own All-Natural Medicine Chest with the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S.
Place an order for Shaklee’s Optiflora Prebiotic and Probiotic System here right now.
Normal, healthy colonies of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria can help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.
Optiflora’s state-of-the-art, triple encapsulated, seamless capsule is guaranteed to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach to deliver live beneficial bacteria to the intestine. So I ordered him Shaklee’s Optiflora Probiotic and Prebiotic System  He was more than willing to test it. This is a high quality system that is designed to provide needed support for our digestive tracts.
Provides a welcome environment for the friendly, beneficial bacteria that live and work in the colon. Shaklee’s Optiflora’s state-of-the-art, triple encapsulated, seamless capsule is guaranteed to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach to deliver live beneficial bacteria to the intestine. You Can Order These Amazing Products Today Click Here  Become a Member and Save 15-25% On Every Order. Like many people, we knew a little about nutrition, but hadn't ever really made the effort to eat naturally and heathfully- and we certainly couldn't imagine the difference it could make! Clinical studies have shown that this results in up to a 200% increase in blood levels of some B vitamins and that blood levels of vitamin B12 are equal to or greater than the same amount of B12 in an immediate release B complex. He took a lot of Carotomax every day and by the time the surgeon went in to remove the tumor , it had shrunk. If lost, may result in overgrowth of yeast ( candida) .Sugar and stress will cause yeasts to multiply and damage the gut wall, resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome.
If few colonies are present due to antibiotics, steroid medications, hormone meds, etc) it is best to start just with the pearl ( Probiotic capsule) and then add the powder just A? to A? teaspoon initially in water..
Bob takes a lot of Alfalfa because it actually stops foot odor plus after his knee replacement surgery, it took swelling down in his leg, foot and ankle.
This tiny pearl can be taken every day and will help feed the GOOD bacteria that your tummy needs!

I mean, if Matt could control his reflux without OTC medications, then I knew we’d both want to try it!
Even very small quantities of lutein--about two-thousandths of a percent (0.002) of the diet--decreased the incidence, appearance and growth of tumors. My nephew wasn't doing anything different with his nutritional regiment except he added the Carotomax at a high level. In a recent study of men and women over age 60, researchers at Purdue University found that men who consumed more calcium had stronger, denser bones.
In this condition, candida and undigested food particles can leak into the blood stream leading to possible allergie digestive disorders, headaches, skin eruptions, hormonal imbalances and even reduced immunity. Most Acidophilus products begin dying as soon as they leave the factory and warn on the label to keep out of reach of children.
But neither the men nor the women in this study were taking in enough calcium in their food; the men averaged 735 mg. It is pure, made only with alfalfa leaves and is still "viable" so you get 8 digestive enzymes that are living in the leaves along with protein and minerals. He was a trailblazer and pioneer in the nutrition industry, and his work has made it easy for people like me to be a crusader and spread the good word that he started 50+ years ago.
Provides immune support at the cellular level by naturally increasing levels of interferon. The macular pigment increased by as much as 39 percent, decreasing by 30 to 40 percent the amount of blue light reaching receptors in the eyes.
At first the eye surgeon noticed her condition hadn't progressed as it usually does with his patients. No wonder it helps with ulcers, stomach issues, allergies gas pains, detoxification, just to name a few health challenges. They mentioned vitamin D and phosphorous; other important nutrients include magnesium, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, and vitamin K.

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