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June has officially arrived and with it, the open-ended sunshine, fun and entertainment of summer.
But the downfall to shedding all of my extra layers of clothing means that all of the slacking that I've done with exercise and maintaining a balanced diet is more evident. Dannon Oikos is a creamy-thick nonfat yogurt, made through a traditional Greek straining process which makes it an excellent source of protein. I love how the Grab a Spoon 'til June campaign can help achieve a balanced diet and support your weight management goals, exercise ideas, provide motivational messages to keep you on track, nutritious recipes and more! One lucky person will win a signed copy of Keri Glassman’s new book Slim, Calm, Sexy Diet! Anastasia is a mom of two who loves to spend time with her family, travel, homeschool, read, and run her photography business. The kids are out of school, the temperatures are heating up and it is time to pack away the sweatshirts and jeans so that our closets are filled with shorts and tank tops instead.

Each cup of Dannon Oikos contains twice the amount of protein of regular lowfat yogurt and 0% fat (with the exception of Dannon Traditional varieties)*. Honor your craving with a conscious indulgence — take a few deep breaths and find a healthy alternative!
Sometimes the biggest barrier to working out is just getting there so a good option can be to make it as easy as possible — throw in a workout DVD or even going for a walk takes away excuses and gets you moving!
A moderate-protein balanced diet with a reasonable amount of fiber, carbohydrates and the appropriate amount of healthy fats is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. From nutritious foods to healthy snacks, Dannon Oikos and Glassman are your ultimate partners for shaking up your routine this summer! This is especially great for those who like the richness of whole milk yogurt but don't want all the fat to go with it.
She is a life-long learner and small business owner who loves to share her parenting experiences with others.

I had been hearing a bunch about how greek yogurt has more protein and stuff, so we wanted to try it out. Try satisfying your sweet tooth with Dannon Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt, it is nutritious but still has an incredible taste. Dairy is a great source of protein, try a creamy Greek nonfat yogurt like Dannon Oikos — it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt*. Great for dieting, as a pre or post exercise snack, on-the-go snack, road trip munchie, light lunch, or just as a delicious guilt free dessert. I can't even begin to describe what it tastes like, it is something you have to taste for yourself.

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