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Thrive Culinary Algae Oil is a new oil that can be used as a replacement for more traditional cooking oils. Thrive Culinary Algae Oil is a cooking oil replacement that promises heart healthy benefits. As you probably guessed from the name, the oil is derived from algae, which has recently been making headlines for its health benefits and its sustainable growing conditions. Some of the promised benefits of Thrive Culinary Algae Oil include high levels of monounsaturated fat (the “good fat”) and low levels of saturated fat (bad fat).
Thrive’s algae oil promises to be healthier for you than standard cooking oils – like olive oil. Thrive Algae Oil is also advertised as Thrive Culinary Algae Oil – because the manufacturer clearly wants you to know that the oil can safely be used for cooking.
One of the advantages of using algae oil for cooking is that it has a high smoke point and stays stable over heat. Thrive’s smoke point is 485 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to 440 for peanut oil, 400 for canola oil, 375 for olive oil, and 320 for corn oil.
Those recipes are separated into different categories, including Chicken, Veggies, Baking, and Salad Dressing. If you’re like a lot of people, then the thought of making cooking oil from algae – the bacterial growths that spring up in oceans – sounds gross. Fortunately for you, Thrive outlines its manufacturing process and explains exactly how it makes the algae oil.
One of the advantages of using algae to make oil is that it’s more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thrive Algae Oil is currently only available at a limited selection of stores around Los Angeles. As of January 2015, the oil was only sold at Gelson’s Markets locations in Los Angeles, where you can find it in the cooking aisle. If that location sounds familiar, then it’s probably because you’ve heard of the company that owns the Thrive Algae Oil brand, Solazyme. Other popular company products include Soladiesel, which is a brand of algae fuel, as well as food products like AlgaVia Whole Algae Flour and Whole Algae Protein. Qurb Shot is a dietary formula that comes in a small shot – kind of like those 5 Hour Energy Shots you see at gas stations. Other key ingredients include 400mg of Svetol, which is a green coffee bean extract formula. Basically, taking Qurb on a regular basis lets you consume fewer calories and maintain better portion control.
Qurb links to a number of studies that have involved Svetol, green coffee bean extract, Stevia, and fiber over the years. One study that Qurb promotes frequently involves a group of participants using Svetol for 2 months. Qurb contains 50mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount as the amount of caffeine in half a large coffee. You’re supposed to take one full bottle of Qurb between meals “or whenever you want to curb those cravings”. For best results, the manufacturer recommends taking 200mg of the formula in the morning and another 200mg in the afternoon. Ultimately, Qurb Shot makes big promises about its weight loss benefits and provides scientific evidence to back up each individual ingredient in the supplement.
Nevertheless, Qurb Shot itself has never undergone clinical testing, which makes it difficult to assess the effects of the formula.
Bread Head is a new documentary that promises to explore the effects that different foods have on our brains.
The documentary promises to explore the impact of our diets and lifestyles on brain health.

In Bread Head, Max explores the question of how we can reduce our risk of Alzheimer’s decades before we start showing symptoms – simply by changing the foods we eat. The last update was in October 30 and described how Max and his team just wrapped another day of shooting in Berlin. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, a lot of the film deals with the impact that bread has on our brain health.
Max’s Kickstarter biography claims he is a “multi-hyphenate content creator, filmmaker and media personality.” The 32 year old has appeared on a number of media outlets over the last few years talking about brain health and reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s. One of the Kickstarter benefits is receiving an exclusive copy of Max’s debut single, which was released several years ago. The company is based in New York and Tel Aviv and has produced “a variety of feature films, television shows, and commercials” that have garnered critical acclaim over the years, according to the Kickstarter description. Some of the major productions from the company include To Die in Jerusalem, After the Storm, Numbered, Dancing in Jaffa, and The Go Go Boys.
As of December 2015, Bread Head was still actively shooting material for the documentary, and we have no information about when the film will be released or what their upcoming filming schedule might look like. We’ll keep you posted when we know more information about the Bread Head release date, although it’s expected to be released sometime in 2016. According to experts, the drug can be used to extend healthy life and lifespan while also staving off illnesses associated with aging – like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Metformin is typically marketed under the trade name Glucophage, although it also goes by a few other names.
Metformin treats symptoms of type 2 diabetes by suppressing glucose production in the liver and increasing sensitivity to insulin.
Recent tests on laboratory mice and worms have indicated that metformin might have additional anti-aging effects. Typically, those with diabetes have shorter lifespans because they’re more susceptible to heart and kidney diseases. Ultimately, these animal tests have led researchers to a surprising conclusion: if the animal results are replicated in humans, then metformin’s anti-aging benefits could ultimately help humans live beyond 120 years old. Of course, there hasn’t been a single human test on the anti-aging benefits of metformin thus far. After the groundbreaking research performed in Europe, American researchers are planning to conduct a study on metformin’s effects on humans.
The goal of the study is to determine if the benefits of metformin in animals can be replicated in humans.
The study will involve 3,000 American adults between ages 70 and 80 with a known risk of cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases.
There’s actually some evidence that there are other drugs more powerful than metformin at turning back the clock on aging. However, researchers have chosen to study the anti-aging benefits of metformin because it has repeatedly been proven to be a safe drug for humans after six decades of use for controlling type 2 diabetes. This proven safety record increases the likelihood that metformin could be the first anti-aging drug approved by the FDA. News website TheInquisitr interviewed aging expert Professor Gordon Lithgow for his thoughts on the upcoming study. Ultimately, people are excited about metformin’s anti-aging benefits because it means that aging could just be another disease that could be treated. The company is well-known for its algae-based products, which include everything from algae-based jet fuel to algae nutritional supplements. In fact, it has 90% monounsaturated fat content, compared to 74% in olive oil, 63% in canola oil, and 6% in coconut oil. Thrive actually found an algae source growing naturally, then modified that algae to give it the “best plant traits to help make an even better oil”. The algae in these fermenters consume renewable plant sugars, making oil in “just a few days”.

Thrive claims to produce just over 400 gallons of cooking oil per acre compared to 250 gallons per acre for coconut oil, 150 gallons per acre for olive oil, and 50 gallons per acre for canola oil. Solazyme is a leading renewable fuels and renewable oils biotech company that specializes in using algae for all sorts of different purposes. There’s also a small amount of caffeine (50mg, which is about as much as half a cup of coffee).
Each bottle of Qurb contains 10 grams of a low viscosity, soluble dietary fiber formula called Fibersol 2.
This formula claims to be “one of the safest and most effective weight loss supplements available today” and is one of the top green coffee bean extract supplements on the market. The fiber studies, for example, describe how eating 10 grams of fiber before each meal can lead to significantly less food consumption. In that double-blind, parallel study, participants lost an average of 11 pounds or 5.7% body weight over 2 months, while those using a placebo only lost 5 pounds. You can double your dosage and take two bottles per day if you need extra defense against food cravings. You’ll need to pay a shipping surcharge for orders to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
Eating fiber before your main meals is a proven way to reduce calorie consumption, for example, and green coffee bean extract has been linked to modest weight loss results in some studies. Max has a personal interest in fighting back against Alzheimer’s because his mom was recently diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease.
Since January 2015, the Kickstarter page for Bread Head has posted 14 updates from production. Specifically, it explains how gluten may raise or lower our risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative conditions. It’s a popular treatment for type 2 diabetes, but it has recently been associated with longer lifespans – like the ability to live to 120 years old.
However, it’s been making headlines around the world in recent weeks for its purported ability to help humans live to 120 years old.
Over the past six decades on the market, it has become the first line drug of choice for many doctors trying to treat diabetes. Experts at Cardiff University, for example, point to anecdotal evidence that human patients treated with metformin for diabetes live longer than expected – even living longer than many people with diabetes. Then, they’ll be monitored to see if metformin has a significant preventative effect on disease conditions, whether it increases overall lifespan, or if it affects the progress of various diseases. Researchers believe that 70 year olds who are taking metformin and other anti-aging therapies could have the same biological age, health, and vitality as healthy people in their 50s. If we can learn to diagnose, manage, treat, and prevent that disease, then we can increase human lifespans beyond any lifespan in human history. Together, these ingredients are designed to fill you up while boosting your metabolism and increasing your body’s ability to process calories. With all that in mind, Qurb appears to be an effective – if pricey – way to help you reduce food cravings between meals. Recently, tests conducted on animals showed that metformin could also have the potential to slow down the aging process. All of the leftover algae can be used for renewable energy and “many other uses”, although Thrive doesn’t explain exactly what it does with its leftover algae.

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