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Saccharomyces boulardii is a natural and safe microorganism with vast scientific research and documentation. This strain has been internationally acclaimed as a well-researched and unique microorganism, and has been safely used for the last 50 years.
Take one to four capsules depending on severity of symptoms and up to six capsules daily, or as professionally directed. Healthy Gut = Healthy You! There is a microbial zoo living inside you, literally trillions of microscopic organisms?more than 10,000 different kinds of them?all co-existing with each other and you. In fact they outnumber you ten to one and ninety percent of the genetic material, (DNA and RNA) in your body is not yours, it belongs to the bacteria that is located mostly in your gut, but some also live on your skin and even in your nose. The community of microbes living on and in your body is unique to you – like your fingerprints – and is now being regarded as a key contributor to your overall health. More and more, science is finding that teeny tiny creatures living in your gut are there for a definite purpose.
Although some of these bacteria can make you sick, the majority are good, and they work together as to aid your digestive system and keep you well. Most people, including many physicians, do not realize that 80 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, making a healthy gut a major focal point in your efforts to achieve optimal health. Really appreciated Dr Jill’s patience and willingness to stay to let us ask questions.
I wanted you to know that as an Integrative Functional Medicine doctor you are 10 out of 10. RezVera Advanced Probiotic is specially formulated with high quality probiotics and it is designed to help you relief from your digestion problems and improve your overall immune system by introducing quality microflora in your digestive system. Our product is well researched, developed and manufactured in the USA by GMP certified manufacture.
We are so confident on our product that we will offer you 90 days no question asked money back guarantee. Peppermint Oil – Potent Oil With the Power of Menthol Offering Multiple Health and Household Benefits. Doctor Recommended Turmeric Curcumin may be the powerful anti-oxidant that you need to improve your health!

For baby, use after every bath and diaper change to keep baby's skin soft and smooth and to help absorb excess wetness to reduce chafing.
Karihome's milk for kids is targeted at the 3-7 year age group and is a natural progression from Growing Up milk.
NCFM® is one of the 3 probiotics (types of "good" bacteria) added to Karihome Pre School Formula. Goat’s milk is not only easier on the digestive system in children but in adults as well so you can enjoy the benefits with your children. Saccharomyces boulardii is a unique friendly yeast which naturally supports your body's defence against pathogens in the gut. We searched for high quality but affordable supplements and found Optibac, who supply major high street stores with their products. Jills' health community today and receive health tips, recipes and recommended products for a healthier you! Known as your microbiome, about 100 trillion of these cells populate your body, particularly your intestines and other parts of your digestive system. Initiatives such as the Human Microbiome Project, an extension of the Human Genome Project, have been working tirelessly to probe potential links between the human microbiota and human health, and to construct strategies for manipulating the bacteria so that they work with us rather than against us. In fact, the root of many health problems is related to an imbalance of intestinal bacteria. The information and the detail were just perfect. Many thanks for this very useful information you have provided us. Jill recently treated a family member for a chronic problem that other doctors were unable to uncover. Jills' health community today and receive health tips, recipes and recommended products for a healthier you!Join today and get Dr.
Peppermint essential oil is popular due to it’s wide range of uses and therapeutic benefits. Sometimes, people who believe they are lactose intolerant find goat milk an agreeable product.
As with other food supplements seek professional advice before using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from food allergies, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition (e.g.

Jill Meet The Team Location Fees FAQs Forms Testimonials For Practitioners SERVICESFunctional Medicine Consultant with Dr. Jill will help you search for underlying triggers contributing to your illness through cutting edge lab testing and tailor the intervention to your specific needs as an individual. Her persistence and integrative approach was finally what led to a diagnosis after months of no answers. All milk from mammalian species (cows, goats, sheep, humans) contains lactose, which is the major carbohydrate in the milk of most species.
Jill Massage Therapy with Rene Functional Medicine Nutrition Consulting – Pediatrics Functional Medicine Nutrition Consulting – Adults RECIPES PRESS KIT EVENTS BLOGDr. My personal top two for the diet are eliminating or reducing sugar and gluten, and my number one supplements are pro or pre-biotics to re-balance the healthy gut flora.
However, sometimes cow milk protein intolerance (CMPI) is misdiagnosed as lactose intolerance. There is a specific formula for each different age group to ensure that your children’s nutritional needs are met. In cases of CMPI, goat milk can be an effective alternative, especially for infants and children. Use also some calendula and marigold plants to form as paste and use it as ointment on the affected area. She was able to offer phone consultations and email communications were always returned quickly. All people should consult their licensed health care provider, before taking any herbal product. In particular, women who are pregnant or nursing, and persons with known medical conditions, should consult their licensed health care provider before taking any herbal product.

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