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PuraLiyf is a powerful multi-strain probiotic that contributes to a natural, healthy intestinal tract using five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria!
Yet perhaps the most significant benefit of this superstrain is its ability to Stimulate the Immune System,  ultimately benefiting the skin and combating yeast and fungal infections. Poultry Tummy Aid is a combination of natural plant extracts, probiotic, multi-enzyme and functional fibre. Combining all the health benefits of Probiotics with the proteolytic capabilities of enzymes, this formulation is the perfect supplement for those suffering from extreme ailments!

We combine five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria that are enzyme enhanced with proteolytic enzymes!
The natural plant extracts are scientifically recognized for their antibacterial and gut health benefits. It can also beneficial to use at the end of the day after flossing and teeth cleaning, to assist the body in regeneration of the cells in the mouth, (particularly for gum disease) sore throats, bad breath and loose teeth. PuraLiyf Probiotics are the perfect supplement to boost your body’s natural probiotics that have been destroyed by everyday stresses, unhealthy lifestyles, or acidic diets. The probiotic is a naturally occurring mico-organism found in healthy chicken’s instestines.

The synergistic effects of the above ingredients with a natural source of fermentable and non fermentable fibre will assist optimum digestion, health and vitality.

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