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Note: The mission is acquired immediately after dealing with the genophage and is triggered by the first visit to the Citadel after that, thus causing all uncompleted Citadel-related side-quests to expire. Cerberus makes a play for control of the station, bringing a sizeable amount of human troops with them. Many foes start some distance away from Shepard and will judiciously use smoke grenades to screen their positions, so having sniper or assault rifles upgraded with the Enhanced or Thermal Scope weapon mods is also advisable. The mission begins when the Normandy approaches the Citadel but is not cleared for landing. Shepard lands outside C-Sec HQ, and must fight uphill against Cerberus Assault Troopers, Combat Engineers, and Centurions supported by Shield Pylons at the far wall. Once you've actually cleared out the area, head up the ramp and grab the Med Kit on the left of the door, before talking to Bailey. Go through the two doors behind Bailey to see two Assault Troopers across the hall with their backs to you.
As you advance farther into the room, two Assault Troopers will crash down from ahead, then two more after that. On the other side of the door you'll find two more preoccupied Cerberus soldiers, this time executing a C-Sec sleeper agent who has now ceased to be useful. It might also be wise to post one of your teammates in the hallway next to the kitchen, so that Cerberus can't flank you from there. If Thane is around, he will intervene, allowing you to save the salarian councilor but will get stabbed in the process. If Thane is not around but Captain Kirrahe survived the events of Virmire, he will sacrifice himself, saving the councilor. Whatever the case, Shepard calls Bailey, and Bailey unlocks a C-Sec police car for Shepard's pursuit. The first area has a stairway that will allow you to circle around the Cerberus lines and attack them from behind, but this is not necessarily advantageous: both Phantoms and Nemeses are agile, Phantoms are most dangerous at close range.
Take out the Atlas ASAP as it continuously spams smoke grenades to conceal itself and its allies; there's plenty of cover on your left judging from your initial point of entry to the scene, and even with smokescreens you can hardly miss its bulky frame.
The final combat zone of the mission can be easy because enemy reinforcements approach via elevator cars, all of which have Power Conduits on the top and bottom that you can shoot out, halting the lift car's progress entirely. The last elevator holds the Councilors as well as the Virmire survivor (Ashley or Kaidan), who detects your landing once you jump onto the cab and immediately fires at you through the roof. Kai Leng reports the failure to the Illusive Man and Bailey follows up on C-Sec's inability to catch him.
A new set of side missions and Citadel missions will crop up, as well as Priority: Perseus Veil. After you complete this mission and then one more of your choosing, the following characters, if present, will e-mail you to initiate meetings on the Citadel: Garrus (Normandy Dock), Ashley (Refugee Camp), Javik, Miranda (Embassies), Jack (Purgatory), Liara, Kaidan (Commons). Hackett will mention the asari's recent commitment of War Assets as well, such as the Asari Science Team (90), Asari Second Fleet (90), Asari Sixth Fleet (90), and if you saved the Council in Mass Effect, The Destiny Ascension (70). If you saved the salarian councilor in this mission, salarian forces will now commit to you in thanks for your rescue of their councilor. Which is not really the case as you can still return to the Citadel at any reasonable time to decide the fate of the Virmire survivor.
Warn Herk that if he doesn't fill out his reports properly, I'm kicking his ass from one end of the Citadel to the other.
Reschedule meeting with customs analyst about cargo weight discrepancies over the last year.
When entering the Presidium area where Shepard faces an Atlas, there is a shop to the left named 'Snap Crackle and Shock Defense Solutions'. In Bring Down the Sky, Commander Shepard mentions to Simon Atwell that quarian armor is particularly hard to come by.

It is also possible to visit the newly unlocked N7: Cerberus Fighter Base or any other side missions before heading to the Citadel. Phantoms make one of their first appearances here, if you haven't started any of the DLC missions yet. The central path is the most direct and a good place to exercise your sniping skill, though watch out for the turret placed at the other end - you could take it out from where you were dropped off without getting hit. Once you take them out, two Guardians and an Engineer will come down the stairs on the left. After you take care of them, examine the C-Sec Corpse to find it was another inside job like Mars. Through the broken windows to the left, you'll see a Combat Engineer with his back to Shepard. Two medical stations, one inside the kitchen and one on the far wall, are available if you need the help. Using transponders, Bailey determines that Udina is leading the Council to a landing pad near Shalmar Plaza, where Kai Leng is presumably waiting for them.
Keeping your distance, or using disables on them like Concussive Shot, Carnage or biotics such as Dominate, is your best bet against them. Jump the wall to your right and then keep heading up towards Shalmar Plaza using the Citadel's "back alleys." You'll find a datapad (6250 credits) after jumping across a broken gap and going up some ledges on your left. Not far ahead is the stairs to an elevator that will take you to the Council; an alternative strategy is to simply ignore most or all of the enemies altogether and run for it. However, this zone can also be challenging because the cars come from both sides, and some contain Phantoms.
Either they or Shepard will order Udina to step away from the console that controls the elevator doors; Udina refuses and the asari Councilor tries to stop him, only for Udina to shove her down and pull a gun on her. A Renegade interrupt will allow Shepard to pull the trigger; if it's not taken, a squadmate will do it instead.
At the same time, Miranda Lawson will e-mail you to arrange a vidcomm chat at the Spectre Offices at the Citadel Embassies. You have the option to have them rejoin your squad as a party member, in which case Ashley or Kaidan will take up residence in the Starboard Observation Lounge on the Normandy and become available for both missions and shipside chats. It can either be the Salarian Third Fleet (125) or the STG Task Force (70), depending on whether you rescued Valern or Esheel, respectively. This was probably an unintended consequence of using those transports since story sequence breaks in at least one other scenario: the confrontation with Wrex on the Docking Bay if the genophage cure was sabotaged. All you need to do is return to the Normandy normally, either by direct rapid transport from any Citadel terminal or through the Docking Bay doors. The name is presumably a parody of the Rice Krispies cereal brand, with the tagline 'Snap Crackle and Pop'. Shields and barriers are the predominant enemy protection, and every once in a while there are some synthetic enemies to destroy. Beware that once you think you've killed everything, and you approach Bailey, more Troopers will jump down from directly above the locked door. Bailey lets you inside C-Sec HQ, where he discovers that the salarian councilor (either Councilor Valern or Councilor Esheel) has taken refuge in the executor's office. Take him out, and jump into the room to grab the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel on the shelf.
To open this door, go to the room next to the malfunctioning door and use the first terminal for the Door Control. This is one of the better places to hole up, because a number of Cerberus soldiers will flood in and you have to fight them off. A disturbance in the cafe area you just left alerts your squad members to the place, revealing the councilor who was under cloak the whole time.

In his spare time, though, Leng decides to interfere with Shepard by attacking the police car with his sword, seriously damaging it and putting Shepard's party on foot in the Commons.
It is also possible to shoot and break a Phantom's sword, but this can be difficult without pinning them with Stasis. Nemeses and Phantoms appear again, but this section has significantly less manuvering range. Time dilation via Adrenaline Rush, the Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod, or Operational Mastery will give you more time to line up shots, or, simply spray away with a high-rate-of-fire weapon—there's enough time to reload between elevators and there is no further combat in this mission unless a Power Conduit is not destroyed in time.
Kolyat Krios will be present as well irrespective of the events in Thane: Sins of the Father. If Major Kirrahe sacrificed himself to save the Councilor, his War Assets will no longer be present. Upon the mission's conclusion, if you choose to head straight back to the Normandy on the X3M car, you will reappear on the Normandy, completely bypassing the meeting with your friend. He got it past the detectors in pieces--metal barrel in a hollowed-out omni-tool, eezo in one of those Cision toothbrushes.
Bailey directs Shepard's party to that location; Shepard will also converse with Thane if Thane is still alive.
You'll find a datapad describing the actions of a weapons smuggler and a possible conspiracy, as well as a sample of said weapon, the M-358 Talon.
Just beware that there's a set of stairs leading downward in the middle of the room, and to clear the enemy from it you'll need to physically go there.
It's Khalisah al-Jilani, covering C-Sec's attempts to reclaim the Citadel's comm towers so that they can send a distress call. Shepard is still able to leap back to the first section, where the gap creates an effective choke point.
There will be three elevators that need to be taken out, coming from Shepard's right, then left, then right again.
Overload, Energy Drain, and other instantly-hitting powers are especially effective when used by Shepard; other powers that launch projectiles may miss the mark due to the elevator's movement. The game will act as if you sent the Virmire survivor to Hackett already, as evidenced by the e-mail you'll receive that says as much as well as Garrus mentioning that it would have been nice to have the Virmire survivor back on the team, but that it wasn't meant to be. Synergize you and your squadmates' abilities into producing tech or biotic explosions as often as possible.
There's two Centurions blocked from view on the left of the Guardian and a Combat Engineer in the elevated room on his right. Break the latch on the elevator controls (if it wasn't destroyed during the fight with the Engineer), and activate the elevator. She is doing her part by looping footage in her broadcast range, attempting to contact C-Sec to gather reinforcements. Stasis can allow someone leaping across to get stuck during their leap, at which they would fall to their deaths when it expires. Squadmate powers will hit the target instantly, making their powers (including grenades) more useful for stopping the elevators.
His ID was manufactured--he's got a record that dates back to when his medcard was issued, and before that, nothing.
The bathroom to the left contains the M-76 Revenant beneath the first sink, and a locker (6250 credits).
Examine the C-Sec Corpse on the bathroom floor for comments from your squadmates, disgusted at Cerberus.

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