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Haematemesis is the vomiting of fresh red blood or old darker blood often referred to as coffee grounds. Constipation is the term given for infrequent or difficult evacuation of small, hard stools, accompanied by mild abdominal discomfort. The parotid gland is composed mainly of serous cells and produces saliva that is watery and rich in enzymes (amylase and lysozyme) and antibodies.

The source is generally the upper gastrointestinal tract if the blood is fresh or from the stomach with the darker blood.
When the condition is chronic, it may include nausea, stomach rumbling, appetite loss, and malaise.
The first sign may be a sudden, severe abdominal pain above the navel, which travels through to the back.

The acini are surrounded by contractile myoepithelial cells; when they contract, they squeeze the saliva out of the acinar lumen.

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List the major digestive enzymes and how they function

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