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You may not have heard the term nutraceutical before, but as pet parent, there is a good chance you have used one or been recommended one. It is important to remember that as with conventional medications, nutraceuticals should only be used based on a recommendation from your family veterinarian. Back in High School, I remember explaining to my doctor that my stomach felt like a lava lamp each and every day. The problem behind lactose intolerance is a deficiency of lactase — an enzyme produced by the lining of your small intestine.
Being diagnosed with lactose intolerance was devastating for me at that age, but I’ve learned to make healthier decisions with dairy free options as well as obtaining important nutrients from natural foods.
Are you lactose intolerant?The signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance usually begin 30 minutes to two hours after eating or drinking foods that contain lactose.

As a result of my sessions with Lauren, our family is healthier, happier, and more conscious of our food and where it comes from. Party City’s wellness program that Lauren initiated continues to improve the lives of our employees.
A legacy for your family and loved ones, or a life full of hard work which has got you absolutely nowhere? Nutraceutical is a term used to describe compounds that are used to improve health but that are not technically a medication. The beauty of many of the nutraceuticals that we use today is that, when used appropriately, they are a safe addition to most treatment plans.
It is important to use supplements from trusted sources and to ensure there is not potential interaction with other medications that your pet may be taking. Many people have low levels of lactase, but most don’t experience signs and symptoms. People with lactose intolerance usually find relief from signs and symptoms by reducing the amount of dairy products they eat and using special products made for people with this condition. Eat fewer dairy products ?This is the best bet for people with lactose intolerance to reduce their signs and symptoms. Experiment with an assortment of dairy productsNot all dairy products have the same amount of lactose.
Watching out for hidden lactoseMilk and lactose are often added to prepared foods, such as cereal, instant soups, salad dressings, nondairy creamers, processed meats and baking mixes. Use caution if you choose to eat dairy products It may not be necessary to completely avoid dairy foods.
Use lactase enzyme tablets or dropsOver-the-counter tablets or drops containing the lactase enzyme may help you digest dairy products. Let me know if you have any questions regarding lactose intolerance (I’m pushing over 15 years now). Our employees are healthier, have more energy and are happier because of Lauren’s dedication and expertise. Some common examples of nutraceuticals are glucosamine, chondroitin, fatty acids, probiotics, milk thistle (silymarin), and many, many more. There is a great deal of research, primarily on the human side, about the benefits of nutraceuticals in a variety of diseases. How successful nutraceuticals are however, often depends on the extent and severity of the disease we are treating. Each day I had pockets of gas painfully churning inside me due to all of the dairy products I was consuming.

Only people with both low lactase levels who also have associated signs and symptoms have, by definition, lactose intolerance. There is an argument that those who avoid milk will end up being deficient in multiple nutrients including (but not limited to) calcium, B Vitamins, protein, Vitamin D, copper and zinc. For example, hard cheeses, such as Swiss or cheddar, have small amounts of lactose and generally cause no symptoms.
I would love to share some dairy-free alternatives with you or hear some of your own below!
Luckily, he suggested a week off of dairy products only to find that I was indeed lactose intolerant. You may well be able to tolerate cultured milk products, such as yogurt, because the bacteria used in the culturing process naturally produce the enzyme that breaks down lactose. Also look for other words that indicate lactose, such as whey, milk byproducts, fat-free dry milk powder and dry milk solids.
You may even be able to increase your tolerance to dairy products by gradually introducing them into your diet.5.
Lactose intolerance, also called lactase deficiency, means you aren’t able to fully digest the milk sugar (lactose) in dairy products. The line of reasoning has been created by those in the dairy industry with the main threat being a decrease in calcium consumption. Consume probiotics Probiotics are living organisms present in your intestines that help maintain a healthy digestive system. It’s usually not dangerous, but symptoms of lactose intolerance can be uncomfortable. I keep Lactaid pills with me wherever I go just in case I’m out and a food contains a little dairy. Probiotics can be found in many fermented foods such as sauerkraut, raw kombucha tea, miso or tempeh.
These are sometimes used for gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics are a safe and easy way to help lactose intolerance as well as keep your digestive system healthy.

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