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Gobble different types of food and see what enzymes are needed and where nutrients are broken down. In general, animals fall into three categories: – Herbivores eat mainly autotrophs (plants and algae).
Animals need a source of organic carbon and organic nitrogen in order to construct organic molecules. The remaining amino acids, the essential amino acids must be obtained from food in preassembled form.
The essential fatty acids are certain unsaturated fatty acids that must be obtained from the diet.

Mammalian accessory glands are the salivary glands, the pancreas, the liver, and the gallbladder. A diet that provides insufficient essential amino acids causes malnutrition called protein deficiency.
Individuals who eat only plant proteins need to eat specific plant combinations to get all essential amino acids. Insights into human nutrition have come from epidemiology, the study of human health and disease in populations. Intracellular digestion, food particles are engulfed by endocytosis and digested within food vacuoles.

Some animals have adaptations that help them through periods when their bodies demand extraordinary amounts of protein.
Neural tube defects were found to be the result of a deficiency in folic acid in pregnant mothers. It can have specialized regions that carry out digestion and absorption in a stepwise, efficient fashion.

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