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Hello Bikers, I am Abhilash Bharadwaj from Bangalore here to tell a story of restoration of a bike and restoration of Memories with the bike which has served my Dad for over 20+ years. I wanted to gift my dad something after becoming a employee from a student with my own earning. This time I did not face any opposition from my mom as she had a soft corner towards this machine, may be because of her travel experience in this bike. My dad owned this bike since I was born, so I had considered this bike as a family member rather than a machine. Later it started troubling due to the problem in the CDI unit insulation and the bike would not start during rain.
Process of thinking is more in the initial stages of restoring a bike with some alterations to be made to improve its looks.
As I have observed the work on my bike closely, I personally feel that the bikes are getting weaker with time.
When I left the bike in Garage I told my mechanic to replace the two mudguards as they had a hole due to corrosion, he disagreed with my argument and told me to visit him the next day. When the engine was re-fitted, mechanic showed me the engine bearings in very good health even after it had run for over 100000km and kept unused for 3 years..! Actually mechanic and I had planned to increase the port size to get better performance but later decided to keep it as-it-is and just increase the fuel flow by minor adjustments in the carburetor. I am very proud to tell that I was involved in each and every activity and captured (I’ll share few here) many of them during the reassembly of Memories. Now the Restored Memories is in his running in period and looking after him and nurturing him is my responsibility. Let me tell you guys I just touch my knee to the ground while entering a corner and still feel so secure. It’s out of passion for two wheels and for my own and my dad’s memories, I have restored this bike.
I am happy to see that people on road ask me about the bike which was rarely observed and had failed to catch attention of the public or the bike enthusiasts before. Thanks to Deepak Raj and his team for providing such a great interface between the bike lovers. Loved it man, It was just awesome & a gud review ?? This is what we call truly passionate towards biking !!
Abhilash, when I first saw the post, I thought it was the moderators way of playing a joke! Bajaj Avenger is modeled similar to Eliminator in many aspects except that the latter uses a 125CC engine whereas the former hosts a Pulsar 180 DTS-i engine. Avenger’s wider saddle seat arrangement, special backrest for pillion rider clubbed with low center of gravity, accounts for the comfort it offers to riders. Avenger’s engine comes with the DTS-i technology that offers optimized combustion, resulting in better performance.
Bajaj Avenger’s massive wheelbase of 1475 mm and heavy handlebar give excellent straight line stability. Regarding the dimensions and weight of the Avenger, its overall height is 1060mm, overall length measures 2185mm and overall width stands at 750mm. The engine of Bajaj Avenger comes with the Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) technology and it is also air-cooled.
The front suspension of Avenger is achieved by telescopic largest stroke, 140mm and the rear suspension by triple rate spring, 5-way adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbers, vertical travel, 90 mm.

The front brakes of Avenger are hydraulically ventilated disc brakes – 262 mm and it has drum brakes – 130mm in the rear. Coming to the price, Avenger has an ex-showroom price of anything around 62k with slight variations across the metros in India. Overall, Avenger, yet another cruiser from Bajaj assures its rider of decent levels of comfort and security apart from ending up as a good-looking bike. It has been over a year and a quarter since I got my dream machine, the Bullet and had almost completely forgotten the existence of a 26 year old bike in my home. After a long process of thinking, I decided that Memories are precious than anything in this world and finally decided to gift him his Memories. Let me start with the actual story of filling Life to the machine that had not seen the road for over 3 years. During the years 1986 and 1987, engine parts were imported from Japan and were assembled in India by Hero Honda.
It has served him over all road conditions including the Western Ghats, Coorg and cities like Mysore and Bangalore as well. Later in 2005 he bought a Unicorn and I was using CD100 for over 4 years for local commuting and later in 2009 when I got my FZ16, this bike was hardly used and since then he had not seen roads. I had listed out many possibilities how my bike should look like after restoration but finally what it became was much different due to constraints with the chassis and my intention of not making major alterations to it. I had a trusted mechanic – Syed Kaleemulla (A 2-stroke master and a certified mechanic from Hero Honda) and his team Top Bikes with junior mechanics. He showed me the mudguard of my bike and that of a recent one and told me to compare the quality. As I had no cost constraints, my bike was built as I had expected and now anyone riding it feels as if it’s bought out of the showroom.
It was an extraordinary experience for me to get involved in this activity during weekends and after working hours. I can challenge anybody reading this with any bike that Jatayu can literally rule the road in a quarter mile drag. Publishing a review about a bike two decades old(and not a RE or Yezdi at that) looked hilarious! More than the activity it is important that you have not only preserved the classy look but also enhanced it a LOT. I am also planning to rebuild my splendor bike which is 10 years old.It would be really great if you share some infoo on engine rebuild. Its long-travel suspension at the front and hydraulic shock-absorbers at the rear provide a comfortable ride to the rider.
It stands out in terms of looks and style combined with decent performance and gives its buyers good value for their money. I decided to give his companion of over 20 years a shape that had been lying in house from past two to three years. As a family, my Dad, Mom and myself have toured a lot on this bike and I used to comment on my dad’s riding sitting on the fuel tank and I learnt motorcycling on the same bike.
During this period, my mom had insisted me many times to sell the bike as it was not used, later with my decision of restoring the bike, she was quite happy. I finally settled with a design which would be practical to ride in city traffic and grab some attention. His workshop was nearby to my place to whom we had been visiting from past decade and the added advantage was, as he knew me from my childhood, he agreed upon teaching me the work he was doing.

My mudguard was thrice heavier than the one currently available in the market and he assured me that the hole will be taken care of.
The performance has definitely improved than how it was before and about looks, it’s the individual perspective, so I am expecting few comments from the readers.
I discussed with him about my ideas of restoring my bike and gave him a brief explanation about how it should look like after the restoration. I had bored the bike thrice and had finished about 3.5 lac km but still the body and chasis are sturdy as your cd 100.
The mean machine that taught India how to drive motorcycle with comfort and without burning holes in our pocket . I wish n hope one day when in a signal in bangalore I stop next to your bike I will definitely recognise it admire it and give you a high five. This bike is a Sportster with some of the chrome, style and refinements usually only seen on larger Harleys.
The battery was now enclosed, the bike also had a redesigned hamcan, transmission door and a new oil tank.
An all new electric system is installed on all Sportsters, larger brakes are now standard, keyless entry is offered, the Evolution engine has an increased compression ratio and ABS is offered as an option.Interesting Sportster Sub-ModelsNightster The Nightster was introduced in 2007 and became quite popular.
It has a retro feel, the 1200cc engine and is one of the better looking modern Sportsters (in my opinion). If you find one for sale you might want to consider snapping it up.XR1200 This is the more modern, road going version of the classic XR750. XL CH – As you may have guessed, this bike would be an off-road model with high compression pistons.
Others argue that 5 speeds offer better acceleration, they’re better for urban riding and the newly designed 5 speed box does away with some issues that were present in the classic 4 speed box. The downside is that if you snap a belt on Route 66 it’s a much bigger job to replace than a chain.
Unless you already have a preference on this issue, I’d suggest not losing too much sleep over it. You’ll get better reliability and more modernity with an Evolution engine, especially with one of the newer fuel injected models.
As only the newer (less than 10 year old) bikes will have the rubber mounting system, you’ll notice that these bikes cost a fair bit more. There are kits available to do this conversion, so what people on a budget often do is buy a cheaper 883, then save some money and convert it to a 1200 further down the road.Carburettor VS Fuel InjectionFrom 2007 onwards, all Sportsters were switched from carburettors to fuel injection. Harley was careful to maintain its signature engine sound with the new induction system and no one will argue that the fuel injected bikes are more reliable, slightly more economical and perform better in cold weather. That said, the carburettor Sportsters are fantastically reliable bikes so long as you take care of them. Ask the owner if all the systems are working and if there are any problems you need to know about.ConclusionAs with any brief guide, this one should only be taken as a small part of your research when buying a used motorcycle.
Although it might sound dramatic, the more you research now, the less you’ll suffer later.
Grifter make each vest to order from 12 oz Selvedge American Cone Mills Denim with a Distressed Bison leather exterior and a heavy duty 14 oz Orange Duck Canvas lining.

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