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Traditional braces require the use of brackets and wires which oftentimes poke your mouth and cause irritations. No two individuals are alike and neither is the condition of their teeth, so every case is going to differ to a certain degree. Stony Brook Family Dental can assist you with every step of the Invisalign process from the initial consultation to the final result – being confident in your smile. Orthodontic treatment is a big commitment and it’s completely normal to have a lot of questions, particularly when it comes to the length of time treatment will last. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear, smooth plastic aligners to move your teeth into their ideal positions.
Another benefit for those who choose Invisalign treatment is that your aligners can be removed.
Now that you know the basics of how long Invisalign takes and how it works, it’s time to take the next step—coming into our offices for your FREE consultation. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that you can remove your Invisalign to eat or drink. For an accurate time frame, the best thing to do is come and see us for a free consultation. If you have very mild crowding or orthodontic relapse, you may be suitable for Invsialign i7. One of the great things about Invisalign is that your treatment is carefully planned using innovative 3D treatment planning software. It may be tempting to wear your aligners for less than the recommended two weeks before changing to the next set, but patience is a virtue. So your teen needs braces to improve those pearly whites, but the thought of being called “brace face” sends your teen into hiding.
Your teen is ready to start the process to get her clear Invisalign aligners, but as a parent we know that you still have questions. Treatment time will vary with each case, but with on average, an adult case will take about 12 months. Invisalign aligners are to be worn for 22 hours a day with the added benefit of being able to remove them when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth.
Ask yourself this question:  How long does Invisalign take to make my teen feel confident and happy about her smile? People always ask how long will the orthodontic treatment take?  As with most cases, the answer is it depends on your specific circumstances. If you have specific questions about Invisalign or other treatment options or would like to schedule a free consultation to determine if Invisalign is right for you, please contact us.

Invisalign is a modern day teeth straightening system that uses a series of removable, comfortable, clear and invisible aligners to gently straighten your teeth.
Invisalign treatments will consist of a series of aligners that will gradually align and straighten your teeth. Please note: By not consistently wearing your aligners, your teeth can start to move back to their original position and treatment times can take considerably longer. During the treatment you will need to visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks for a progress check up and you will also be given your next series of aligners. If you are looking for a quicker alternative to Invisalign (and you are suitable), we also offer 6 month smiles. Invisalign can be used to treat both teenagers or adult patients depending on the suitability of the individual.
After you have completed the Invisalign programme we will *whiten and recontour your teeth (if required).
Tooth re-contouring will treat any minor chips or blemishes you might of had before having Invisalign, which will truly complete your new smile. Not only is more effort required to brush and floss your teeth, there are a number of food restrictions to deal with during the process. However, the average case takes about a year to complete, depending on how much tooth movement is required. So if you’re tired of having crooked teeth or spaces in between them, contact us today so we can customize an Invisalign clear braces plan that is right for you.
In addition, the offering and consumption of this content does not establish a doctor patient relationship.
One major advantage of Invisalign is that these aligners are nearly invisible, making them a fantastic option for people who don’t necessarily want everyone to know that they are undergoing treatment.
While you must wear your aligners a minimum of 22 hours a day, you are able to remove them while you’re eating or drinking, swap them for a mouthguard when performing a physical activity, or even briefly for special occasions. When you arrive, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment. While we can answer this question easily on a case-by-case basis it’s more difficult to provide a general response. In the meantime though, here is some information on the average treatment times for Invisalign. This speedy version of Invisalign works just like the original brace, but it only uses seven sets of aligners, each worn for two weeks. This computer software shows us how your teeth should move and gives us a very accurate idea of how long your treatment should take.

If you move teeth too quickly you can risk damaging their roots, which in a worst case scenario can lead to tooth loss. Every 2 weeks your aligners will be switched out, and you will have a follow up with your doctor at Penn Dental Family Practice every 4 – 6 weeks. From mild cases of crooked teeth and protruding teeth, to much more difficult dental problems involving serious malocclusion, overbite, or underbite, Invisalign effectively corrects a wide variety of dental problems. Each aligner will roughly be worn for two weeks before you start wearing the next in the series (exact times will vary from patient to patient).
Invisalign is one of the more popular treatments with our adult & teenager patients as it allows them to discretely straighten their teeth, whilst easily fitting into their lifestyle. Conversely, Invisalign clear braces can be removed easily when brushing and flossing your teeth. Naturally, if less movement is required then the process will not take that long to complete. While for others we could be correcting severe crowding or moving teeth that don’t bite together properly.
As the saying goes ‘good things come to those who wait’ and orthodontic treatment shouldn’t be rushed.
Whether your teeth are widely gapped, overly crowded or somewhere in between, Invisalign has an affordable teeth straightening option for you. Each aligner in the series will be slightly different to the last and will gently apply more pressure to the teeth that are being straightened. This is a more modern approach to straightening one’s teeth compared to traditional braces. These clear aligners are considerably more comfortable and smoother than traditional braces and best of all, there are no restrictions on the foods you eat.
The most important thing to remember is that the length of time you will have to undergo treatment depends largely on the complexity of your case.
To learn more in the meantime, download our FREE Guide to Straightening Teeth Without Braces: The Power of Invisalign. These removable orthodontic braces fit comfortably over your teeth and utilize a series of clear (invisible) plastic aligners which have been designed to gradually move the teeth into their desired position.
Additionally in some of the more complex cases, there may be a need for traditional braces in order to complete the procedure.

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