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Couldn't get any closer than this (and this is zoomed) without risking an unwanted splash into Lake Michigan. Probably not the safest place to let your kids play because the ice beyond the shelf was not solid, but I'm sure they were having fun. I was surprised to see so much ice on the lake but it has been a fairly cold and stormy winter. Hiking the Manistee River Trail, canoeing the Jordan River, and making a brief stop at Wilderness State Park.
Pictures from the first big snowfall in Ann Arbor in 2005 when I skied from home to the Arb and fell into the river.
Winter photos from the Leelanau area, including Pyramid Point, Empire Bluffs, and Crystal Lake. Making a quick and rare trip to Detroit, checking out the haunting Michigan Central Station and a few other places. Backpacking on North Manitou Island, enjoying the sunset, and watching storms roll off from Lake Michigan.
Checking out the flowers and interesting plants of the Univeristy of Michigan Botanical Gardens. This Course will allow you to Manage others to work safely and show your current or prospective Employer that you have an understanding of Health and Safety in the Workplace.
The Course is very interactive and you will be supplied with all materials.  You will learn about accidents, common hazards, risk assessment and what practical things you can do to stay safe!
We recommend that you have completed a Level 3 Course in Health and Safety and Risk Assessment prior to enrolling on this Course.
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Get our free adult coloring book and join the Frugal Living Mom email club."It's Only Money, My Deer"Including reflections on your financial habits. Rio de Janeiro famously boasts one of the most spectacular natural settings of any major world city, a charismatic interplay of ocean with dramatic plunging hills (the most dramatic and reknowned, of course, being Sugarloaf and Corcovado).
Recently, on my last visit to Rio, I stood on my balconey at the marvellous Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort – one of whose many singular attributes is that it’s right across from the Vidigal favela (top left), which rises above one of the city’s tonier neighbourhoods, Sao Conrado.
Personally, I recommend anyone who wants to visit should do it on an organised tour, at least the first time.
Since my last visit, things were looking a lot more developed, with more elaborate shops and businesses – and of course there was no WiFi back then! Some have looked askance at favela tourism, saying it amounts to little more than “slumming” and “poverty voyeurism” by privileged foreigners. Planning to be in Belgium's capital next month - or still in the market for a stimulating city break? Design September includes more than a hundred events from the 8th through the end of the month. Think Mexico beaches and what naturally comes to mind is the likes of Cancun and the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean, and over on the Pacific, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and maybe Mazatlan. We would love to hear your thoughts, but first you should know that all comments are moderated, and will not appear immediately on the page. The zodiac comics are translated I don't even know how to draw properly on my tablet how do people even do that.
Aries (March 21 - April 19)The impatient Ram wants that caffeine buzz fast, fierce and now!
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Do you have to find a sitter or take your cat companion with you?  No one wants to be without your cat (and he doesn’t want to be without you) but traveling can be stressful on both of you.
Make a trip to your Vet and ask their advice for traveling safely and reducing the stress on your cat. It’s tempting to get a small carrier, which can be ok for a vet trip but not long travel time. If you are spending the night before you arrive at your destination there’s no need to cause extra stress by trying to find a pet friendly hotel while on the road.
And though much of Rio has a prosperous enough air, there has always been much poverty here, too, and since the late 19th century, many of those dramatic hills also became home to sprawling, unofficial slums – originally built by decommissioned soldiers and freed slaves, and greatly enlarged in recent decades by peasants moving in from the country. Right before me, the jumble of blocky houses – cement-block grey mixed with every imaginable colour – zigging and zagging and cascading amid the greenery put me in mind of a complex Cubist painting come to life.
Yet as you can imagine, many of these communities have been difficult, rough-and-tumble, even out-and-out violent places for generations – both for locals and visitors. And instead of being universally scorned and marginalised, “favela chic” has even become trendy in some quarters, especially pop music and art (not unlike so-called “ghetto chic” in the USA, actually). The maze of streets, lanes, and stairways up here can be confusing, and the guides know exactly where to go; take note of your locations, and you can always take a taxi back and explore on your own. Clumps of wires are still strung along streets en masse, and most of the buildings still have a higgly-piggly, haphazard look.
And while of course most of the people you’ll be introduced to are hand-picked, they’re willing to frankly discuss anything, and there are plenty of opportunities for spontaneous experiences and encounters, as well. But I for one am convinced it’s an excellent opportunity for the privileged leave our bubbles, to be exposed to instead of insulated from the reality of economic and social inequality in this world. Please avoid personal criticism, rude comments, direct attacks or personal ridicule, or insulting epithets of any kind, be they against the authors, any other commenter or the company that owns this page. It took a bit of time for him to get used to it, but with some time and encouragement, he often joins me when I work on the computer.
Not only are SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ just the right amount of ounces to feed your cat they are also packaged in a no mess container.
Just like it took my Shadow a little time to get used to his bed on my desk this process will take some time, too.
Especially if you are only spending a few days at your destination keep him in the room you are staying in and make sure to check in often for some cuddles and purrs. It’s an image and reality crystalised by the violent, searing 2002 film Cidade de Deus (City of God), about the eponymous favela way off the beaten tourist path, a 45-minute drive west of Copacabana.
Over the past couple of decades, they’ve also been the settings for various movies, videos (most notably Michael Jackson’s 1996 “They Don’t Care About Us”, below, partly shot in Santa Marta favela) and especially video games. On my first visit to Rio in 1999, I took a tour of the most-toured favela, Rocinha, and this last visit I decided to do it again.
And furthermore, some of the profits from these tours do get to the residents, which can only be a good thing.
You have the right to comment anonymously, but please do not use anonymity to tell people things you would not say in person. Play with your kitty near the carrier, put treats like Meaty Tender Sticks inside and give her lots of pets and cuddles in or near the carrier. We glance into doorways as we pass to glimpse living spaces both humble and surprisingly fancy (we even entered one for a brief but enlightening Q&A with a woman and her teenage son).
Try to maintain a comfortable environment in which people can comment without fear of being insulted or disqualified.

Meaty Tender Sticks are made with real meat and have no artificial flavors so you can feel good about feeding them to your carnivore cat. My dog actually gets sad when he sees luggage because he usually knows he’s not coming. Down the street, we peeked in on a kindergarten class where bright youngsters in a brightly decorated classroom seemed happily engaged with a maths lesson. Do not comment repetitively on the same topic, much less with multiple identities or impersonating other commenters. You can grab SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ and Meaty Tender Sticks at your local Walmart just like I did! We also got to chat for a bit with barber Wilfredo, his hole-in-the-wall establishment emblazoned with photos of Che Guevara (below).
Comments that are off-topic, promotional or do not comply with these basic rules will be deleted. On top of that, it’s hard for this compulsive multi-tasker to focus on just one thing. You’ll notice this trait as Gemini scans the crowd, looking for a few fellow customers who might be up for sharing some one-on-one time. This something must also offer an exciting experience in taste and a gateway to happy feelings.
Vanilla, espresso, steamed milk, foam – and of course, rich, gooey, sweet and sticky caramel on top. Every Starbucks customer knows there’s a whole other language being used beyond those clean glass doors.
Leo thrives on the pseudo-Euro drink names and the insider’s jargon that rolls off their tongue with a seeming lack of effort.
But since this is Starbucks, Virgo will also appreciate and take advantage of options such as skim milk, low cal sweetener, fresh cinnamon for flavor (and maybe its possible anti-diabetic properties) and, of course, extra napkins. Before ordering a drink, this attractive individual is likely to ogle the displays of coffee mugs, commuter conveniences and parlor games – admiring the variety of color and geometric balance. Once the choice is made, you can be sure this highly selective individual will go all the way. This distinctive creature will order a drink with a name that raises at least one eyebrow, and preferably serves as a launching point for a long story about one of Sagittarius’ many travels. Once the top button of the jacket or blazer is undone, this earthy person’s inner hedonist is sure to emerge. Don’t be surprised when Aquarius begins to ponder certain social ramifications before ordering. As this sometimes confused-looking soul enters the shop, they might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. The complex names and the numerous options that delight just about everyone else could totally befuddle this tender-hearted person. Faced with the inevitable, Pisces will finally come to a decision once the herbal teas are spotted on the menu – but by then our fishy friend could be a nervous wreck.

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