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A new study found that parents are placing babies in unsafe sleeping environments by having them sleep in cribs with potentially harmful bedding and accessories, as well as not placing them on their backs. One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is setting up the baby's nursery, including putting together the crib and the adorable bedding and stuffed animals that complete the look. Researchers recorded the sleep patterns of 160 one-month-olds, 151 three-month-olds and 147 six-month-old infants during each of these ages for one night in their homes. Despite the fact that parents knew they were being recorded, with many of them well-educated and married, 91 percent of those in the study placed their one-month-olds in cribs with unsafe items, such as bedding, pillows, bumper pads, sleep positioners and stuffed animals, while 87 percent did so with their three-month-olds and 93 percent with their six-month-olds. This means that nine out of 10 parents are putting their babies to bed with unsafe bedding and other items. Putting the baby in a crib with unsafe bedding or accessories was not the only thing the researchers found parents are still doing wrong. The researchers found that only 64 percent of babies were always on their backs while monitoring the babies' sleep positions throughout the night.
Both practices are especially dangerous, since it could increase the risk of being smothered, suffocating or suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). For example, bedding and related items are commonly sold at retail stores next to cribs, so many parents might assume they are safe. According to the CDC, although the rate of SIDS has decreased since 1990, the rate of accidental suffocation and strangulation of babies when in bed has increased, with it reaching its highest rate in 2014 with 21.4 deaths for every 100,000 live births. Removing all potentially hazardous items in the baby's crib while they sleep, like blankets and toys, as well as placing the baby on their back, are good ways to reduce this risk.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves to the crowd after speaking at the Futuramic Tool & Engineering plant in Warren, Mich., on Thursday. Clinton did not make any new economic policy proposals, but repeated her plan to invest $275 billion in infrastructure repairs and improvements, promising the largest public sector investment since building the nation’s interstate system in the 1950s. Clinton also criticized Trump’s personal business practices, saying he stiffed contractors who performed work on his job sites and chose to make his Trump brand apparel in China and Mexico rather than the United States. It was Clinton’s first trip to Michigan since March, when she unexpectedly lost the primary to Vermont Sen. While Trump won the GOP Michigan primary by a comfortable 12 points, Clinton lost her race to Sanders by 1.5 points. Sanders and Trump campaigned hard on a platform opposing free trade agreements they said had hurt American manufacturing, particularly in the automotive industry that has been the heart of the state’s struggling economy.
Clinton has had a more complicated position on free trade given her husband, former President Bill Clinton, signed the North American Free Trade Agreement in the 1990s and she supported the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal with Asian nations supported by President Barack Obama, while she was serving as his secretary of state.

She also hewed closer to Trump’s call for tariffs on international goods brought in from China, Mexico and other nations. Trump has said he intends to campaign hard in upper Midwest Rust Belt states, though polls show Clinton with a large lead in Michigan.
The last two surveys of the state, one by the Detroit Free Press and WXYZ-TV and the other by the Detroit News and WDIV-TV, found Clinton leading by 10 and 9 percentage points respectively.
West Jordan woman drowns while leading LDS youth rafting trip A West Jordan woman lost her life on Thursday while on an LDS church outing near Jackson Hole, Wyo. Update: Paraglider killed in Draper crash through roof of LDS chapel identified A paraglider killed Sunday morning when he crashed through the roof an LDS chapel in Draper has been identified.
Arrest made in 1970 cold-case rape, murder in Carbon County An arrest has been made in a 46-year-old rape and murder cold case in Carbon County, Utah officials announced Thursday. Torrential downpour in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has resulted in historic and devastating flooding. The flooding resulted from a week of heavy rain that led up to over a foot of rainfall occurring on Friday night. Although the rain has stopped, the rivers continue to rise in water levels and the city is still at risk for additional flash flooding. Thousands have been evacuated to shelters; however, some shelter locations were also hit by the floods and many residents were displaced.
While many outlets are reporting the National Guard has rescued thousands, some residents feel that the media is inflating the amount of work done by the guard.
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This fan imagination of Alola Alakazam comes courtesy of a Tumblr user named LoganCure, who has several other Pokémon-themed works of art on his page. Trading in the spoons for nunchuks is a cool idea, and using the long black belt to replicate the length of his mustache is rather clever.
Sure, there are some fighting type attacks that are special-based, but it would be far more interesting to see Alakazam make use of the many physical-based ones and potentially return to being able to use the elemental punches effectively again.
Of course, all of these hopes rely on whether or not Alola Alakazam is real, which this fan art certainly isn't.
However, expecting parents are commonly reminded that nothing should stay in the crib once the baby makes it home.
15, in the journal Pediatrics that revealed an alarmingly large amount of babies are sleeping in unsafe environments.

The study also revealed that 14 percent of parents are placing their babies on their stomachs or sides and not on their backs when putting them down to sleep. She told workers at the parts manufacturing company that her plan to create jobs will include the largest investment in public infrastructure since the 1950s. Clinton has led in every survey completed in the state in a head-to-head matchup with Trump by an average of 6.6 points, according to Real Clear Politics.
The incidental rain created a deluge that the Pacific Standard says happens once every 500 years. The remaining shelters are extremely crowded, forcing some residents to sleep on the bare floor. Of course, it looks so real that it would be easy to mistake it as such if it wasn't for the mark on the side (some places where the picture is rehosted crop that portion out without giving proper credit).
However, unlike other fans who simply come up with new Pokemon out of nowhere, this one is firmly rooted in reality — well, kinda. If there really is an Alolan Alakazam, it will be interesting to see whether Game Freak has something that looks similar to what Logancure designed, or if it comes up with something else (using its mustache as a headband, maybe?). Honestly, this is the case for all Alolan forms, but Alakazam is special due to some history. The floods have crippled the city and left over 40,000 residential homes and commercial businesses powerless. Among these rumors were allegations that various Gen I Pokémon would be getting Alolan forms that possess new type combinations that would set them apart from their Kanto iterations.
With that in mind, Logancure made an Alolan Alakazam that looks quite real if you aren't looking closely enough. Back when Yellow arrived, Alakazam became particularly strong because it could learn Ice Punch, Thunder Punch and Fire Punch, giving it phenomenal type coverage in battle. The mother-of-two can’t stop showing off her recent weight loss, and said Click here to read more… Solange and her husband relaxing at their home in New Orleans Hmmm! Adrienne and Israel went public with their relationship just a month later.Adrienne and Israel first met on the set of the 2013 film, I’m in Love With a Church Girl. Adrienne starred in the film and her new fiance was executive producer.Congrats on the engagement!

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