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Chobani comes in 10 great flavors of non-fat including plain, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry. Five winners today will receive 2 cases (yes cases!) of a variety of delicious Chobani yogurts.  To enter, tell us what you love to do or make with Greek yogurt in the comments section below. I recently discovered that I love Chobani, so I have not experienced much with what I can make or do with it. Every day I eat 8oz of 2 % plain Cho and mix in a teaspoon of local bee pollen and a handful of macadamia nuts. Chobani is one of the best pre-workout meals and also a great base for a post workout shake.
I’m not much of a cook, so I have yet to use Chobani as a sauce or dressing, but looks so delicious when I see other people make it! I absolutely love Chobani in the mornings for breakfast because of the large amount of protein. I love to put them in smoothies, I generally stick them in the freezer to get nice and chilly and then blend with some type of fruit!
I love using the greek yogurt in my daily protein shakes, I have been experimenting with different yogurt and have found Chobani to be a good consistency in my shakes.
Anyway I’m a poor college student and I rake up enough cash every week to buy chobani bc I just love it so much. Greek yogurt is fantastic by itself (perfect at breakfast for lunch), and it’s a super replacement for less healthy ingredients in lots of recipes for baked goods.
According to this article, Chobani is now the most popular brand of yogurt in the United States in 2012. If you go to the Chobani website and click on an individual yogurt flavor, it shows the ingredients on the lower right. Also, if you are dairy-free, Yoplait makes a Lactose-Free Yogurt that I have heard many positive things about.

I have never tried Stonyfield yogurt before, but after reading about their products and mission, I definitely will be soon. According to their website, all of Stonyfield’s yogurts, smoothies, and soy yogurts (with the exception of YoToddler Plus Fruit and Cereal) are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. So, there is a rundown of four of the most popular brands of yogurt and their gluten situation. Winners will be announced in the comments below and on the Appetite for Health Facebook page on 5-5-11. I love to have salad dressings and dips made from yogurt ?? My daughter really enjoys it too.
I also like to have Chobani for breakfast with some cinnamon and stevia and a bunch of fresh fruit like banana slices, strawberries, and blueberries! It’s thick consistency is perfect addition to smoothies, to make dips, freeze it with fruits and make my own froyo. I use Chobani once or twice daily in a variety of ways…I like to make overnight oats with strawberry banana chobani. I normally combine a flavored Chobani (favs are Pomengrante, Honey, & Vanilla) with both fresh and frozen fruit (slightly thawed) and the whole bowl is topped off with cheerios for a crunch factor. Sometimes just chunky or sometimes I smooth it up and make a delicious dip for more veggies!
I always hear of all these cool things to do with it that I would love to try but can’t afford to. It would save me like 20 dollars a week and keep me on track on my path to living a more healthy lifestyle!! Lately, however, I have seen a ton of foods that I believed to be gluten-free containing hidden gluten, so I thought I would try to go a little more in-depth and check out the popular yogurt brands one by one to see what I could find.
I remember our fridge being stocked with Yoplait yogurt while I was growing up, and I have to say, I was a pretty big fan.

I carefully read over the ingredients list and saw nothing that could be potentially worrisome for a gluten-free eater. They also have Champions for kids and now sell their yogurts in larger, 16 oz and 32 oz containers—perfect for cooking. Just microwave the oats the night before, add milk, add chobani, stir, and stick in the fridge. I recently started eating Chobani yogurt and miss it if I run out before my weekly grocery store run. It makes a pretty terrific vegetable dip, with minced carrot cucumber and chives too, and is great as is, of course.
I love it in salad dressings and on crispy green salads and the fruit flavors on chopped and sliced fruit salads, if I am feeling especially ambitious I put those fruit salads in a half fresh pineapple. It appears that all of the regular Yoplait yogurt is gluten-free; be sure to avoid the parfaits and anything else with oats and barley malt.
Yogurt can be a wonderful source of calcium, live cultures, and other vitamins and minerals, so making it a regular part of your diet is a smart choice.
As always, read your labels to double-check for gluten-containing ingredients; better safe than sorry!
I have never tried Chobani Yogurt, I’ve never even heard of it, but I really do use a Greek yogurt daily. I love to drizzle plain or vanilla yogurt with good honey and sometimes sunflower seeds or wheat germ, maybe walnuts or dried cranberries. Greek yogurt is extra thick so I use it if I need butter like on toast or on veggies, it’s great with pasta!

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