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It would be fun to see Brady and Manning face off twice a year for the rest of Manning’s career. These are just my rambling opinions but whether I’m right or wrong, I believe that we will find out soon. From all of the media I’ve seen and read, it appears that Miami and the Texans are the front runners.
Which is obviously not something that you want to hear from your soon to be star quarterback but means that just because the 49ers and Texans could be instant contenders that it doesn’t mean Manning will go there.

I hear that Manning has already told the Redskins that he’s not interested in joining their team.
For the sake of the argument, let’s believe that Manning and Wayne end up on the same team.
Miami would have Marshall, Wayne, Bess, Bush, and Fasano (who’s one of the better red-zone tight ends). With the 8th pick in the draft, if I were Miami, I’d draft someone to protect Manning, but that spot provides a lot of ways to improve the team.

If Manning came in for three years, and retired, the Jets would be back to where they started when Favre left. I guess the Jets could make the move if they think Manning is the sole difference in getting them to the Super Bowl.

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