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Naturally Support Great Digestive Health!If you’re suffering through common problems like constipation, gas and bloating, you’re not alone.
Supports Digestive Health: Poor digestive health is often to blame for common problems like gas and bloating.
B12 Sublingual Vitamin — This B Complex Energy Pill Is Packed with B12 Methylcobalamin, B6, Biotin, and Folic Acid.
Uric acid is created in the body due to processing of a chemical compound called Purine, which is naturally present in the body. It can lead to gout and arthritis. Uric acid level can be maintained with medication, but it may cause side effects if used for long periods of time. Certain sea foods like Cod fish, Sardines, Trout, Herring and Anchovies contain high amounts of Purine.
These foods should be avoided or consumed in limited amounts by people suffering from high level of uric acid. Legumes, such as, kidney beans, soya beans, chick peas and black grams are rich sources of Purine.
Although vegetables comparatively contain low Purine contents, but certain vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, peas, beans and asparagus should be avoided to keep uric acid level in check. Dairy products like full cream milk, cottage cheese, processed cheese and curd to a certain extent are High Uric Acid Foods. You should opt for low fat or skimmed milk and cottage cheese (paneer) and curd prepared from low fat milk to prevent uric acid level to increase. Antiparasitic foods are foods that kill parasites naturally without the help of any medication. Antiparasitic foods not only create an undesirable environment for the parasites, but they also help to starve them. A tea can be made from just about any herb or spice, including many of the above mentioned herbs and spices. Fiber is an excellent remedy for parasites because it naturally cleans the digestive tract making it impossible for the invaders to survive. All plant-based foods are high in fiber, however, not all foods are helpful in fighting against parasites. Good sources of fiber are cabbages, all types of lettuce and other leafy greens, broccoli and cucumbers. Some of the nuts and seeds that can be safely consumed on an antiparasitic diet include almonds, pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds. Adding a variety of the above mentioned foods and remedies to your daily diet will help to strengthen the immune system in order to eliminate the infection naturally. Drink tons of fluids… green juices, green tea, wormwood tea or matcha tea, and lots of water. One of the most uncomfortable health conditions is when you have intestinal worms, and it’s both disgusting and annoying to see a worm in your stool. Pumpkin seeds are not only high in nutritional value, but they are also effective in getting rid of tapeworms. Chewing and eating fresh raw garlic is much better than taking garlic powder or garlic pills when it comes to wiping out intestinal worms.
Ginger has high medicinal value and chewing a small piece of raw ginger first in the morning on an absolutely empty stomach for a week is found to be very effective in getting rid of intestinal parasites. Drinking 1 to 1.5 litres of water with one or two lemon squeezed in it helps flush out intestinal worms. Raw papaya contains Papain which is an enzyme that can effectively destroy intestinal parasites. Taking a mixture of wormwood oil and olive oil can rid you of many intestinal worms, especially pinworms. Eat freshly ground coconut in the morning or take a piece of coconut kernel and chew and eat it. Preventing intestinal worms from entering your system is easy and it is suggested that you consider an antimicrobial prevention from the above listed options in the morning, and also a flushing out technique like castor oil and milk in the night to ensure that the larvae of the parasites are also washed out from your digestive tract. It has been long since I have writing my learning on various Natural and Pure Essential Oils and allied products. Apple: ‘An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ is a phrase which we all have learnt in our childhood days. Beans: Beans or the edible ‘kidneys’ (pun intended) are the natural source of a fiber that gets processed in the Colon. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is one of those many foods that are rich in plant Sterols (Phyto-Sterols).
Flax seed: Flax seeds are known to contain two major substances that combat the production of LDLs -soluble fiber and Lignon.
Garlic: Garlic is another gift from Mother Nature which has immense health benefits – both in the forms of essential oil and as a food commodity. I am sure these Seven Natural Wonders, both their foods and their oils will help you reap benefits to do away with your cholesterol related problems.
A True ‘Reedemer’ From Stress and Anxiety: The Pure and Organic Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil! Between overly processed foods, a lack of exercise and low-fiber diets, it’s no surprise that so many of us suffer from poor digestive health.The incredible Colon Cleanse from VitaBlessed can help bring the relief you need!
But loaded with natural laxatives like Senna Leaves and Cascara, our powerful bowel cleanse can help flush your system and relieve your symptoms. You can control high uric acid level by avoiding foods that are rich in Purines and are known as High Uric Acid Foods. Whole lentils like green moong dal, whole urad dal, gram dal are also considered to be high uric acid foods.
Washed lentils like yellow moong dal and arhar dal are low uric foods and they can be mixed with whole lentils to decrease the Purine levels. Oatmeal is also high Uric Acid Food and should be avoided. It should be taken in limited amounts and instead of eating Mushrooms alone you can combine it with low uric acid foods to balance the proteins.
Tomato is also known to aggravate the problem of gout, thus it should be taken in limited amounts.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
They are generally raw and living foods free from unhealthy fats, preservatives and other food additives. This is because the foods do not contain any sugars or other substances that they can feed on. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that can help in flushing out the toxins left behind from the parasites. Cloves are most popular for destroying the parasitic eggs before they have a chance to develop. Fennel is extremely good for the digestive system and helps to eliminate parasites via the stool.

Black walnut is very effective at removing dead parasites and other parasitic wastes from the body.
Aloe not only helps to eliminate parasites, but it also helps to heal the body from the damage done. Pepper, such as cayenne pepper or black pepper, have the ability to warm the internal body and thereby contribute to a reduction in parasites. Fresh lemon juice and ginger are very effective at cleansing the body and eliminating parasites. Matcha tea is naturally high in antioxidants and anti-parasitic compounds, which work strongly against the harmful effects of the parasites.
In addition, the fiber can also latch onto the parasites themselves and remove them from the body. Psyllium and triphala are gentler than senna and can be taken daily for a short period of time. Garlic is one of the most effective foods against parasites as it is able to work in several different ways.
The jalapeno pepper and other hot peppers not only help to warm the internal body, but they can actually help the body to break into a sweat in order for it to release more toxins.
The cucumber is loaded with many nutrients, water and fiber, all of which work together at eliminating the parasites.
Castor oil is another healthy oil and has a similar effect against parasites as coconut oil.
Fermented foods, such as cucumbers or cabbage, are good sources of probiotics that help to restore healthy bacteria in the body.
Apple cider vinegar is a fermented food that not only helps to restore healthy levels of bacteria, but it also balances the hydrochloric acids within the stomach in order to optimize digestion. Fresh cranberry juice is also beneficial for balancing the acid levels in order to disturb the comfort of the parasites.
However, as important as it is to consume the foods that kill parasites, it is is just as important to eliminate all foods that feed parasites. Then focus on bitter and spicy foods such as jalapenos, garlic, onions, lettuce, cabbage, kale and anything else you like in salads. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or be used as a substitute for medical advice or medical treatments. Do not be afraid if that happens because intestinal worms are very common and can be easily controlled. This stealing of nutrition by the intestinal parasites causes imbalance of nutrition in your system and could also lead to malnutrition. Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitine, zinc and amino acids that help remove intestinal worms and a handful of pumpkin seeds for a couple of weeks should be useful. Eating 3-4 cloves of garlic on empty stomach is effective in dealing with the intestinal worms and clearing the digestive tract of these unwanted inhabitants. Crushing lemon seeds with water and taking this paste on an empty stomach can subdue the intestinal worms that are eating up your food and causing terrible stomach aches.
You need not worry much before you consider this de-worming technique because raw papaya and raw papaya juice are safe to eat. Coconut kernel is sweet and many people enjoy eating as much as half a kernel without any fuss about it. This serves as an enema and eradicates worms from your intestines by flushing them out of your system through excretion. Very recently, I read a fabulous article on various health foods (of course, I am talking about natural foods) and how they benefit our lives, especially when it comes to our Cholesterol related problems.
My sincere apologies to all the medical professionals across the globe and no pun intended!
Almonds are naturally enriched with Vitamin E and Flavonoids – the Uber Soldat that fight ‘Bad’ Cholesterol.
These ‘warriors’ help keeping the LDLs levels down by stopping the LDLs from getting absorbed in the intestines. Both these substances also contribute to increase the body’s capability to get rid of Cholesterol. The pure and organic Garlic essential oil is famed to help regulating the Cardio-vascular system of the body. Like Cauliflower, Oranges are also super-rich in plant sterols (Phyto-sterols) besides being best known as one of the greatest and best natural source of Vitamin C. Our special blend contains natural laxatives like Black Walnut, Senna Leaves and Cascara Sagrada to aid digestion and ease discomfort. Generally uric acid gets absorbed in the body and excess uric acid is flushed out of the body via urine. Hot and spicy foods are particularly beneficial against parasites because they create a warm internal environment, which the parasites do not like. Another way that antiparasitic foods help to kill parasites is by cleaning out the digestive tract forcing them to leave before they have a chance to multiply. They are best when purchased whole and ground up before consumption as they tend to lose their anti-parasitic properties rather quickly.
Many parts of the neem tree are used for parasites, including the leaves, fruit, seed and oil. It is an extremely bitter herb that is quite difficult to down, but the effects are well worth it.
It is very effective at restoring the body at a deep cellular level by promoting new and healthy cell growth.
It helps to increase bowel movements in order to clean out the digestive tract, which is the key to eliminating parasites.
Senna, on the other hand, is very harsh on the body and thus, should not be taken consecutively for more than three days. The less toxins that are present in the body, the more difficult it becomes for the parasites to breed. They are acidic, however, they contribute to an alkaline environment wherein harmful bacteria cannot dwell. The enzyme increases the digestive juices, which help to weaken and destroy intestinal parasites. It has powerful digestive enzymes that help get rid of and prevent various internal parasites. It not only helps the body to detoxify of all the harmful substances, but it also coats the intestinal walls causing the parasites to lose their grip and be expelled from the system.
When the healthy bacteria is present, the bad bacteria, including parasites are forced to leave. The protein helps to curb cravings for carbs and meat… and the probiotics help to replenish a healthy bacteria that naturally fight against parasites.
All individuals are encouraged to check with a trusted health professional before making any dietary or lifestyle changes, especially if health problems are already present.

Some of the most common intestinal worms are tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms and threadworms. The feces passed by these worms contain acids that can harm you by causing a number of health hazards like bloating of stomach, acidity, gastric problems, nausea, loose motions, anemia, fatigue, temperature, itchy rectum, stomach pain etc… If neglected, these parasites quickly grow in number because they reproduce really fast.
Some of them are unclean water, unhygienic food, eating meats affected by worms, dirt in the nails and even through your nose and skin. Keeping crushed garlic in direct contact under the feet, by placing them inside the shoes has also been found to be effective on worms. You can take this mixture everyday because it gives your body several vital nutrients and also keeps your digestive tract clean. Make sure that the first thing that gets into your tummy in the morning is a carrot or carrot juice. Raw papaya is a delicacy in many Asian countries and you can surely find one in the nearest Asian food store.
You can also drink wormwood oil mixed with water in the night to flush out intestinal parasites in the morning. Coconut has many health benefits and can wipe out nearly 90% of these intestinal parasites in less than 24 hours. Apples, not anymore the forbidden fruits, are natural source of Poly-phenols, powerful anti-oxidants which prevent the piling up of those ‘baddies’ (aka LDLs) in the arteries of our body. These anti-oxidants ‘choke’ that ‘villain’ LDL from oxidizing in the body and hence reduce the building up of plaque in the arteries.
These FAs travel with the blood to the Liver, where they un-program (read ‘block’) the production of those ‘baddies’ (LDLs).
Cauliflower is naturally enriched with Manganese, anti-oxidants and Vitamin C besides being gifted with Vitamin K and ?-3 Fatty Acids that greatly assist in combating inflammations. Adding finely ground Flax seed to Oatmeal and ‘Smoothies’ is surely a great option to add to your ‘Cholesterol-buster’ diet.
Together they gently stimulate the bowels, proving a powerful colon detox that’s both safe and effective.We added other must-have ingredients like Acai Fruit to our mix, which supplies your body with a healthy dose of antioxidants! It may even help you lose a little weight!Incredible Antioxidants: Acai Fruit is an amazing superfood packed with the antioxidants your body needs to function properly! High level of uric acid is crystallized and gets deposited in the joints, causing redness and inflammation. The compounds in neem can help to cleanse the blood of toxins left behind from parasites as well as stop the reproduction. It acts as an anesthetic that numbs the parasites, thus forcing them to release their grip on the body.
Another benefit of peppers is that they are high in fiber to clean out the digestive tract.
If you do not find a way to put an end to the menace caused by these parasites, you could also be bogged down by nightmares, anxiety and depression caused by the presence of intestinal worms. Irrespective of where these parasites came from, you need to eliminate them from your system. In case you are trying to de-worm fussy children, you can consider crushing pumpkin seeds and adding them to a glass of juice or ice cream. In case of carrot juice, try not to filter the carrot pulp and gulp down thick juice for your own good health.
You can also opt for crushed papaya seeds to destroy intestinal worms in your digestive tract. Drinking 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil every day for a couple of weeks can be effective on tapeworms.
Again, to get the real benefits, hold your taste buds and relish only raw Almonds (not those ‘yummy’ roasted ones!).
When it comes to Cholesterol management, the essential of Garlic and the raw Garlic, when consumed, controls and regulates the Liver’s ability to produce more of HDLs and lesser LDLs.
Phyto-sterols are a type of ‘Fat’ found in many types’ nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables as well.
From aiding weight loss to supporting the immune system, it’s one superfood you won’t want to miss.
As part of a healthy diet, our colon cleanse lets you experience many Acai benefits like improved cellular health and immune system support.Boost Energy Levels: Feeling tired and groggy? It is a prebiotic, which is the precursor to probiotics, and thus it can help to restore a healthy intestinal flora wherein an infection is naturally destroyed.
Irrespective of their name or type, you need to eliminate them from your system because intestinal worms are nobody’s favourite pet. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, and this makes carrots not just good for the eyesight, but also exceptional in cleaning up the digestive tract. Take a bowl of ripe papaya in the night and raw papaya in the morning if these parasites have caused constipation. When I say ‘inspiring’, that inspiration, I believe, should be spread to as many people, so that all may derive the benefits as well! So, this piece is an ‘inspiration’, an ‘ode’ to that great and well composed article and its author – “The Natural Seven Wonders”!
However, in order to get the most benefits, DO NOT peel the Apple as the highest amounts of Poly-phenols are present in its peel and outer flesh. These plant sterols are known to block Cholesterol from being absorbed the intestinal cells (kindly revisit Cauliflower above).The world of essential oils holds a special place for the 100% pure and organic oils of Oranges – both Bitter and Sweet!
Our blend also contains the plaque-reducing benefits of Bentonite Clay, which in turn improves nutrient absorption and boosts energy levels.The VitaBlessed team is dedicated to providing safe, high quality products that bring real results! That’s because ripened papaya is rich in fibre and can help flush out intestinal parasites, but the most important is your dose of raw papaya in the morning. The most important point is to drink clean water and carrying your bottle of water is the best way to ensure this.
I read this –“Slivered raw almonds on a salad are a good thing to include in your diet.” The natural oil products of Almonds are widely used across the globe for multiple benefits for skin and hair, besides helping Blood Pressure related problems. Besides the benefit of reducing the LDLs in the human bodies, the essential oils of Oranges are widely used as ingredients for making cosmetics meant for skin care and various fragrances. Made in the USA in FDA-registered facilities under strict GMP guidelines, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive a trusted, premium supplement.Why Choose Our Colon Cleanse?– Naturally relieves gas, bloating and constipation– Contains powerful antioxidants– Helps boost energy levels and weight loss– Safe and effective– Made in the USATry Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!*Supply is limited.
Bentonite Clay works to reduce built-up plaque in the body, allowing you to better absorb nutrients. As a result, you’ll feel revitalized and energized!Premium Quality: Thanks to our expertly crafted formula, we created a supplement more effective than most other colon cleanse products! If this isn’t the most effective colon cleanse you’ve tried, let us know and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

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