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Naast bilaterale samenwerking op projectbasis, heeft de Alliantie Voeding Gelderse Vallei een maatschappelijk klankbord samengesteld. Our skin care philosophy is to treat each person and their skin according to their immediate concerns on the day, while planning for the  future requirements of skin health. A complete bespoke facial experience developed by Anne to mark 30 years in her clinic in Wicklow Street. Tailored cosmecuetical and nutriceutical ingredients are combined specifically for your skin to achieve the very best results. Blended with Anne’s signature secrets we”ll ensure you have the very best facial experience.
A results oriented cosmeceutical skin care range that focuses on changing skin to perform at its optimum. An advanced cosmeceutical prescriptive facial tailored to your skin condition on the day and suited for all skin types. Full glycolic treatment including concentrated ingredients to inhibit the production of melanin and lighten any dark spots or skin discolourations.
Profounds Microdermabrasion by developed by Dr Daniello, the manual treatment uses safe non-toxic Magnesium Oxide crystals which are impregnated with toning essential oils to redefine and tighten aging skin. This amazing back treatment heals, hydrates and treats many different back conditions from acne to sun damaged or where deep cleansing is required.
The first in Ireland to offer a full body glycolic peel; with all the rejuvenating benefits of a facial peel but on the body!
Jennifer Aniston, Goldie Hawn, Jessica Biel, Madonna, and Peter Facinelli are just a few of the many celebrity fans of Eminence. Please note all skin peels can incur some side effects as skin cells are shed and renewal takes place -some individuals can experience skin flaking or redness for a short period while skin is adjusting. Experience unique Hungarian warm herb and spice peels and masques combined with invigorating Hungarian facial lifting and toning massage techniques. The Eminence “EFFECT” of tighter pores and a fresh glow along with deep relaxation has to be experienced to be believed, a truly phenomonal result of clear, toned, and refreshed skin! While your skin is being transformed you will deeply relax during your facial muscle lifting and toning hungarian massage. This potent unforgettable facial will be tailored to your very specific needs on the day and will continuously be tailored as your skin changes over days, months, seasons and years. The gentle wavelengths stimulate skin cells to rejuvenate lifeless tired skin, boost sluggish circulation, calm redness and defy early signs of ageing such as pigmentation and fine lines. Stretch marks or scars are sometimes a natural consequence of pregnancy, injury, acne or surgery. Effective after tummy tuck or liposuction to speed up healing and prevent fluid stagnation.

Simply book a facial which will include a free consultation or if you prefer to discuss the matter book a skin consultation with one of our professional therapists. The Adaptation process is very poorly understood but is the clearest example of directed, Lamarckian evolution known in nature. We are undertaking a combined genetic, biochemical and structural study of the CRISPR-Cas system with the aim to understand the interference and adaptation mechanisms at the molecular level and explore applications. Structure of the CRISPR Interference Complex CSM reveals key similarities with Cascade Rouillon C, Zhou M, Zhang J, Politis A, Beilsten-Edmands V, Cannone G, Graham S, Robinson CV, Spagnolo L and White MF (2013) Mol.
CRISPR Interference – a structural perspective Reeks J, Naismith JH and White MF (2013) Biochemical Journal, 453, 155-166.
The CRISPR associated protein Cas4 is a 5’ to 3’ DNA exonuclease with an iron-sulfur cluster Zhang J, Kasciukovic T and White MF (2012) PLoS One, 7(10): e47232. Structure and mechanism of the CMR complex for CRISPR-mediated antiviral immunity Zhang J, Rouillon C, Kerou M, Reeks J, Brugger K, Graham S, Reimann J, Cannone G, Liu H, Albers SV, Naismith JH, Spagnolo L and White MF (2012),  Molecular Cell, 45, 303-313.
Structural and functional characterization of an archaeal CASCADE complex for CRISPR-mediated viral defense Lintner NG, Kerou M, Brumfield SK, Graham S, Liu H, Naismith JH, Sdano M, Peng N, She Q, Copie V, Young MJ, White MF* and Lawrence CM* (2011) J. A profoundly relaxing skin focused facial incorporating Annes philosophy that will change your skin and leave your mind and mood renewed and uplifted. This super fast comfortable and non-invasive treatment renews and repairs the texture of your skin while adding collagen and hydration. Nutrient rich cosmeceutical ingredients leave skin clarified, replenished, lifted and hydrated. You’ll be prescribed an Active Complex to use at home for one week before you embark on a course of peels.
The blend of lightening ingredients helps to breaks down pigmentation and a cocktail of B vitamins and minerals profoundly rejuvenates the skin. A highly concentrated glycolic peel is applied followed by hot compress to relax and deep cleanse. Increases collagen production, evens out discolorations, removes dull skin cells revealing a softer more youthful looking skin.  Begins with exfoliation with an all over skin wash in a mild glycolic cleanser and buffed with exfoliation gloves. The treatment is focused on refining the skins texture, getting circulation and oxygen to the skin while infusing the skin with vitamin C.
Then your facial commences; this potent unforgettable facial will be tailored to your very specific needs on the day and will continuously be tailored as your skin changes over days, months, seasons and years. Laser Therapy is a powerful cold beam laser which treats redness and tissue texture after pregnancy or surgery. In addition to secreting digestive enzymes, the pancreas secretes the hormones insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream.

It involves the nucleases Cas1, Cas2 and Cas4 and is often tightly linked to the interference machinery. Particles of light energy impart skin healing during deep relaxation, pressure points release facial stress. Micro collagen treatment includes magnesium crystals with glycolic and lactic acid mask to micro stimulate and exfoliate the skin to facilitate the absorption of low molecular hyalouronic acid and natural collagen.
Designed to address all signs of aging skin; refines open pores, plumps out lines and wrinkles, improves skin hydration. Enjoy the deliciously fresh fruit pulps and aromas of powerful herbal, flower and plant combinations proven to deliver optimal skin renewal results. Each colour has a frequency that effects each tissue in the body, for example red stimulates and energizes collagen production.
The release of insulin into the blood lowers the level of blood glucose (sugar) by allowing glucose to enter the body cells, where it is metabolized. You skin is treated to a potent overnight repairing cocktail of skin rejuvenating stem cells and anti-oxidants to increase skin density. The technique shifts the subtle fluids in the cranial facial areas and has a profoundly relaxing and lymph detoxifying effect.
Note: When you embark on a course of skin peels there may be  some side effects while your skin sheds its old cells and new cells are renewed. With steam: glycolic peel plus deep cleansing and removal of comedones (blackheads), de-clogs congested skin conditions, leaving a refreshed bright clear and radiant complexion. More youthful tightened and toned features with a smooth textured glowing fresh complexion. Light Therapy effects general wellness by boosting seratonin through the pineal gland via the optic nerve. There may be some skin flaking, some redness and some breakouts as pores are cleared and redefined. Sulfolobus solfataricus has three different effector complexes, CASCADE, CSM and CMR (Type I and III), that target viral DNA and RNA. The proteins involved are helicases, nucleases and strand exchange enzymes – the parallels with DNA repair pathways are thus quite clear. The complexity and potential applications of this interference system make it a fascinating topic for structure:function studies.

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