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Other dietary sugars such as sucrose and lactose (both disaccharides) are broken down further by different carbohydrase enzymes. NOTE: Ita€™s important you recall the main digestive enzymes, the food types they break down and where they are produced.
Starch is a complex carbohydrate [complex carbohydrate: More than two sugar molecules joined together into a chain.

Proteins are long chains of amino acids, and protease enzymes break them into peptides (smaller chains of amino acids molecules) and eventually into individual amino acids, which are small and easily absorbed in the small intestine. It digests complex fat (or lipid) molecules into simple, soluble fatty acid and glycerol molecules. This is important, because it provides a larger surface area in which the lipases can work.
Alkaline substances react with acids, neutralising them, and forming salts.]  levels in the mouth and small intestine, but the pH in the stomach is at acidic levels.
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