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As a sports nutritionist, Julie Burns couldn’t have more mainstream clients than the Chicago White Sox, winners of last fall’s World Series. She regularly advises clients to use digestive enzyme products from brands such as Designs for Health, Tyler and Global Enzymes. Burns points to a simple approach that can help many of us with “minor problems.” “Sip on apple cider vinegar before and during meals,” she says. Bromelain, readily available in pineapple, is a key enzyme for healthy nutrition, says Haas. For her part, Burns recommends Q-Zyme including papain, to clients recovering from a serious sports injury.
If you are looking for digestive enzyme products in the store, best bets blend the three major categories of proteases, amylases and lipases. There are times when enzyme-speak can get murky, so don’t assume that all digestive enzymes products are alike and equally healthful. The Balch book suggests a foolproof do-it-yourself method: dry papaya seeds, then put them in a pepper grinder to sprinkle over food.
Raw foods experts, such as Los Angeles author David Wolfe, say that “fermented raw foods” such as seed cheeses and raw sauerkraut (not pasteurized) offer “very high enzymatic activity.” He warns against freezing and refrigeration because it can “hinder” the enzymes. Some practitioners suggest that eating high-enzyme foods such as the seed cheeses and raw sauerkraut, along with such enzyme powerhouses as pineapple, papaya, avocados and bananas, can compensate for cooked foods in the diet. Since our immune systems are so dependent on our digestive systems, it is important to have good healthy digestion in order to stay healthy. When we eat foods lacking in enzymes, much of our energy is diverted to manufacturing the enzymes needed for digestion and leaving us with fewer enzymes for all of the other metabolic needs of the body. Enzymes come in 3 different forms, food enzymes (found in raw, unprocessed foods), and the two that our bodies manufacture are digestive and metabolic enzymes. Your options for getting more enzymes include: Either eat mostly raw unprocessed food, or supplement your diet with a good blend of food enzymes. Your body is a perfect biological mechanism that needs energy and nutrients to sustain life. It is constantly repackaging food molecules to build, restore and manage all your organs. But…If you want to be sure that you are getting all vital nutrients from your food it is important to keep your digestive system in a tip top shape. Chewing three or four tablets after a meal is likely to soothe more than a few touchy tummies. Enzyme supplement skeptics contend our bodies produce mostly all of the enzymes necessary to digest and process our meals.

So when Burns speaks up on behalf of enzyme supplements, she’s hardly a voice from the alternative health fringes. Elson Haas, founder of Preventive Medical Centers in San Rafael and San Jose in northern California, says different enzymes assist in breaking down the macronutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates. It can help reduce inflammation, tissue irritation and swelling after body trauma or surgery, boost the immune system and reduce the arterial plaque buildup responsible for heart disease. These supplements are usually taken after meals but some practitioners recommend consuming them during a meal heavy on the cooked or processed foods.
There are nearly 30 digestive enzyme products recommended in the venerable Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Dr. Wolfe says freezing can destroy somewhere between 30 to 66 percent of the natural enzyme content. Also, because our bodies are dependent on the enzymes that must be created to regulate all of the functions of the body, it is taxing for us to force our bodies to create ALL of the enzymes to digest the foods we eat.
Since the Standard American diet is so full of overcooked, processed, and refined foods, our diets are almost completely depleted of any food enzymes.
If you are eating junk food late at night in front of the TV don’t expect to feel great the next day.
It important especially for people with weak digestion to follow the rules of food combining. When we age, stressed, or have nutrient deficiencies our body’s ability to produce digestive enzymes may decline. Antacids, aspirin and other common over the counter medications may interfere with digestive process. You might well kick an antacids habit—and avoid prescription drugs all-too-often dispensed for digestive upset, when just a minor change in diet might be a better route. When you don’t have easy access to fresh sliced and diced pineapple, a bromelain product in your favorite natural grocery or health food store is a healthful alternative. One theory of why this type of supplement works is that the enzymes increase the numbers and restorative actions of white blood cells.
Therefore, digestive enzymes are a very important part of our diet and needed to optimize our health. Paul Kouchakoff, eating these kinds of foods triggers an immune response in the body causing the white blood cell count to be elevated after eating as if the body is under attack by the food.
In order to digest our food we need food enzymes and digestive enzymes to break down or digest our foods so that we can assimilate the nutrients we just ate.

If you decide that you would prefer to supplement your enzymes, then the best enzymes are plant based, and a good supplement should have a mixture of plant based enzymes. When you are stressed your body turns on fight and flight regime and is not ready for digestion.
Regular intake of such products weakens your digestive system and overloads your immune system as well.
But raw foods proponents and other holistic practitioners counter that cooking food destroys the natural enzyme content.
A daily extract dose of 400 to 1,000 milligrams can bolster heart health and is a popular folk remedy for rheumatoid arthritis patients (who take it twice a day in a more hefty 500- to 1,000-milligram dose). Does that mean humans have adapted to white bread?” The raw foodist doesn’t need to wait for an answer.
But before you run for coffee and a muffin think why don’t you feel well rested and vibrant in the morning? So you will not be able to benefit from your food and what is worse, poorly digested food will putrefy in your intestines causing toxicity and disease.
But the problem, says Haas, is that stress can slow down or block the body’s capacity for enzyme secretion. Balch, and there are just about that many different applications and combinations for enzyme supplementation. It was also discovered that heating foods beyond a certain temperature unique to the food also caused the same kind of immune response when the food was consumed. Taking into consideration some simple rules may help you to avoid heartburn, flatulence and indigestion. If you have acute allergic reaction to certain food your will know exactly what food it is. Pasteurization, microwaving and even the seemingly healthful canning all result in the same enzyme-obliterating end.
One product might contain ox bile, claimed to be a beneficial supplement for gallbladder disorders, while a handful of other products specifically target the heart. Besides, when you take your time and chew your food well you will feel satiety much faster.

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