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Consider this an unscheduled footnote to part 2 of the ongoing 3 part series on navigating the language of chemicals. While reading about the presence of formaldehyde in hair products, I’ve stumbled across descriptions of a few products that proudly claim to be not only formaldehyde free, but free of any “hyde” or any chemical in the “hyde” family. Formaldehyde is the simplest aldehyde – the rest of the molecule besides the requisite CHO piece is just one tiny hydrogen.

There is a time and a place for formaldehyde, but significant quantities of it don’t really belong in your beverages, on your skin, or in your lungs. In general, aldehydes tend to have nice odors and flavors, so they are quite popular in perfumes and flavorings.
But glucose is a ring, 5 carbons, 4 with an OH group, one with a CH2OH, and an oxygen tying them into the ring.
Hey again, I enjoyed reading this but you’ve accidentally labelled 2-methylundecanal as 2-methylundecanol in your diagram.
The question that jumps out at me immediately is: does every Hyde have a corresponding Jekyll? Formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde are examples that can probably be found in various hair products.

And glutaraldehyde is really into the whole aldehyde thing because it has not one, but two sets of CHO groups. You’re probably used to seeing it drawn as the ring form, but in truth it exists as an equilibrium between the open chain and cyclic form (mostly pyranose or 6-membered ring).
This aldehyde is an example of one of those unfortunate chemicals that doesn’t have a pleasant-sounding name, despite the fact that it is “natural” (it comes from the peel of kumquats, according to Wiki).

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