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BALANCED AND VIGOROUS - 12 select strains of lactic acid bacteria are fermented for 3 years to maximize health- giving properties and assure only the strongest bacteria survive. EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG -Proprietary strain, TH10, is 6.25 times stronger than known lactic acid bacteria. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Backed by 25 years of university- based research and Encapsulated with the Probiotics in a nutritious prebiotic culture medium.
NO REFRIGERATION - long-term fermentation at ambient temperatures stabilize the Probiotics. Scientists predict that Probiotics will be as important in this century as ANTI-biotics were in the last. It helps restore the balance of intestinal microflora so important to a healthy immune system and overall good health - Dr. If you are under stress, taking antibiotics, traveling or simply want to promote your health, taking Probiotics daily will maintain the health-promoting good bacteria in your intestinal tract.
People with flourishing intestinal colonies of probiotics are better equipped to fight the growth of disease-causing bacteria i.e.
Probiotics also produce substances called bacteriocin, which act as natural antibiotics to kill undesirable microorganisms e.g. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Take three capsules daily with water: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.
Capsule = Tapioca processed from Manihot esculenta root, glycerin (palm, coconut), and carrageenan (red algae). Persons with known allergies to ingredients produced by bees should contact their health care professional before consuming. The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by HDI Commerce, LLC or the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. OMX Probiotic formulated by Dr Ohhira is also recommended for people on weight management programs that utilize certain natural products, such as psyllium and other colon cleansers, which strip the colon of the good bacteria.

Ohhira's Probiotics is a high technology, 21st Century, synbiotic product containing 12 strains of friendly bacteria (naturally occurring Prebiotic nutrient important to intestinal well-being), 4 organic acids (helps establish the proper pH environment in the colon) and important micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is important because the intestines are the largest immune organ in the body and promoting their health strengthens your body's overall natural defenses. Ohhira together with an eminent advisory professor and a team of distinguished research scientists at Okayama University in Japan, researched and developed a high-tech probiotic formula to restore and maintain a healthy immune system and promote good health.
CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN OR OTHER QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROVIDER FOR ADVICE REGARDING ANY MEDICAL CONDITION. This antioxidant and antibacterial substance is created by bees to protect their hive from pathogens. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Ohhira have concluded that Probiotic OMX formula is a very strong immune enhancer and that OMX Probiotic is effective against certain of the deadly superbugs like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (cause of Staph infections), H. Ohhira's OMX Probiotic Formula is strongly recommended for people with digestive challenges like IBS, leaky gut, peptic ulcers, bloating and heartburn (GERD), ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, constipation or diarrhoea, as well as those suffering from yeast infections including Candida albicans. It has won numerous International Supplement Awards, including Best Supplement Award, by Better Nutrition Magazine for seven years running. This extended fermentation process enables the strains of bacteria to grow and proliferate, and also results in the production of substantial metabolic byproducts such as organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, various vitamins, amino acids and other accessory nutrients.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SELF-DIAGNOSE OR TREAT ANY MEDICAL CONDITION BASED ON ANYTHING CONTAINED ON THIS SITE. Brazilian green propolis is especially powerful due to the rare flora in the region and unique Africanized bees, which have adapted to harsh environmental conditions. Infantis, Bifidobacteriumlongum, Enterococcus faecalis TH10, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus casei ssp. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.
These are all of the beneficial compounds that are normally produced by probiotics in the GI tract.

Ohhira's Probiotics are hand-gathered from the mountains and carefully harvested from seas of Japan, various vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, roots, mushrooms, barks, leaves and herbs.
Ohhira's Probiotics), which has been scientifically established to be 6.25 times stronger than any other bacteria known to bacteriologists. Fortunately, taking Probiotics supplements can help sustain the digestive tracks balance by re-introducing beneficial bacteria. Ohhira's Probiotics also received the "International Best Alternative Medicine Gold Medal" from the Euro East West Intellect at the Global Health Manille '98, a World Congress and Exposition on Integrative Healing.
Soybeans used in long-term fermentation process are predigested and structurally modified to reduce or eliminate immuno-activity to soy. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. They are blended using ancient Japanese traditions and are naturally fermented to produce an award-winning, totally vegetarian product. To help restore normal dermal Probiotic balances natural Probiotic based skin products can assist the process.
Ohhira's Propolis PLUS combines propolis support with vitamin E (a-Tocopherol and Tocotrienol), flax oil, and fermented vegetable extract with concentrated digestive health benefits.Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics, you get the 12 strains of probiotics plus all these other beneficial compounds. Ohhira's Propolis PLUS provides immune-boosting Brazilian green propolis, a powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory blend, and an extract of multiple vegetables fermented to concentrate their health benefits.

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