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The sequence of amino acids in a protein is determined by the sequence of nucleotides in the gene (DNA) encoding it.
The function of a protein (except when it is serving as food) is absolutely dependent on its three-dimensional structure. None of these agents breaks peptide bonds, so the primary structure of a protein remains intact when it is denatured. Its ability to do so is intrinsic; no outside agent was needed to get it to refold properly. Although the three-dimensional (tertiary) structure of a protein is determined by its primary structure, it may need assistance in achieving its final shape. As a polypeptide is being synthesized, it emerges (N-terminal first) from the ribosome and the folding process begins.
However, the emerging polypeptide finds itself surrounded by the watery cytosol and many other proteins. As hydrophobic amino acids appear, they must find other hydrophobic amino acids to associate with.
To avoid this problem, the cells of all organisms contain molecular chaperones that stabilize newly-formed polypeptides while they fold into their proper structure. Chaperonins are hollow cylinders into which the newly-synthesized protein fits while it folds.
As mentioned above, high temperatures can denature proteins, and when a cell is exposed to high temperatures, several types of molecular chaperones swing into action. Not only do molecular chaperones assist in the folding of newly-synthesized proteins, but some of them can also unfold aggregated proteins and then refold the protein properly. And the sequence of amino acids in every protein is dictated by the sequence of nucleotides in the gene encoding that protein. There are some cases where a protein can exist in more than one conformation; that is, a given primary structure can give rise to two or more different tertiary structures. If you have ever given any thought to your own saliva (and don't feel bad if you haven't) you might have realized that it helps you to chew and swallow your food, and makes your mouth feel moist and comfortable. Like blood, saliva contains proteins that hold genetic information (RNA and DNA), the inherited material that imparts the instructions for reproducing every type of cell in the body. Saliva comes primarily from three major pairs of glands — the parotids (in the cheeks), the sub-mandibular (under the jaw) and the sub-lingual salivary glands (under the tongue) and about six hundred tiny glands throughout the mouth. The second step is to build a small and sensitive machine that will detect tiny quantities of target molecules. We will provide you with information that is accurate, authoritative, and trustworthy on all aspects of dentistry. Appearance of white colored excreta in an otherwise healthy individual is usually not a normal occurrence and may indicate a disease or a disorder of the digestive tract. As explained earlier, the reasons behind white poop are usually some abnormality in the digestive tract and liver. Medications such as isoniazid, which is used to treat contagious diseases similar to tuberculosis, may lead to a condition known as cholestatic jaundice, where the patient suffers from severe fatigue along with the appearance of chalky white poop.
If an individual’s gastrointestinal tract is diagnosed via an x-ray, he can experience white stool temporarily and is nothing to be worried about at all. Another common and harmless reason behind the occurrence of white poop is the over-consumption of antacids. A large dose of diarrhea medications containing bismuth subsalicylate, such as kaopectate or pepto-bismol, is known to turn poop white temporarily but the color may vary. Infants can excrete stools of different colors, which are perfectly normal and the reason is generally a combination of the food that they consume and the fact that their digestive system is being formed for the first time. Nonetheless, if your baby is either on an all-milk diet, or is administered antacids, antibiotics or anti-fungal medicines, the appearance of white poop is absolutely normal as these are reasons that have little to do with the condition of the liver. If none of the reasons mentioned above are applicable or if your baby is not having a barium enema, then white poop may be symptomatic of diseases of the liver, the small intestine or the gallbladder. The treatment depends on the core cause behind the white stool and the first step towards that treatment is figuring out the exact cause with the help of medical experts and facilities.
Abdominal bloating, constipation, or heartburn is a type of problem that everyone felt sooner or later in their digestive system. The Dog Health Handbook is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian, Groomer or Pet Health Professional. Ideally, these should be their own, but there is the danger that they could associate with nearby proteins instead — leading to aggregation and a failure to form the proper tertiary structure. Perhaps some day ways will be found to treat these diseases by increasing the efficiency of disaggregating chaperones. So the function of each of the thousands of proteins in an organism is specified by one or more genes.

Scientists can identify various abnormal conditions if they know which proteins to look for — information that can in many instances be gleaned from a sample of a person's blood. In them, specialized cells take up water, salts and large molecules from the blood, mix them with a cocktail of saliva-specific proteins and secrete the resultant concoction.
In other words, you have to know what you are looking for in the body fluid you are testing. We have also branched out from the mouth to discover mRNA biomarkers in saliva for diseases in other parts of the body, such as pancreatic, lung and breast cancer. With the support from the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) we have developed a prototype device that would enable an investigator or clinician to detect proteins or RNAs in a sample of saliva without needing a roomful of instruments. Poop gets its normal yellowish brown color mainly from the digestive fluid bile, which is produced by the liver and is stored in the gall bladder.
A few of the most common diseases that could be responsible for white poop are discussed below.
Liver Dysfunction — Disorders like cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis A, hepatitis B (liver inflammation, which can be caused by alcoholism, medications or infections) and liver cancer can reduce or stop the production of bile resulting in white colored excreta.
Abnormalities in the bile duct — Disorders in the bile duct may also be a cause of white poop and thus a cause of concern. Cancer — Certain types of cancers like the pancreatic cancer might be responsible for white stool due to the lack of necessary digestive enzymes which are usually secreted by the pancreas.
Other disorders — Blockage in the liver is a major cause behind obstruction in production and release of bilirubin and this obstruction may be brought in due to the presence of a gallstone or fibrosis. White diarrhea (steatorrhea) is often caused by the absence of lipase, a pancreatic enzyme which is chiefly responsible for processing fat molecules. Although it is not common, the candida fungus (candida albicans) found in the large intestine can sometimes grow above the standard range in a patient suffering from immunity deficiency diseases like HIV and AIDS.
Medications — Fortunately, white poop is not always the result of a severe disorder, there might be other less severe causes as well. This condition is not as severe as some of the more life-threatening causes and things may revert back to normal once the medication is stopped.
The reason behind this is the fact that prior to the x-ray, the patient must drink a Barium milkshake in order for the diagnosis to be successful. Taking too many antacids may have more severe consequences on one’s health over time, so it is wise to treat white poop as a warning sign. However, white colored poop in babies is not expected under normal circumstances and may be a cause for alarm.
Common diseases include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, liver infections, biliary cirrhosis, sclerosing cholangitis; inborn abnormalities of the bile ducts or intestines, gallstones, tumors or cysts, narrowing of the bile ducts, inborn metabolic syndrome and even cancer. Pale or white colored excreta caused by malabsorption, celiac sprue, or Crohn’s disease might benefit from high fibre diets, but medication is usually a must.
However this problem can be very disturbing for your activities, and at certain levels can damage your stomach and cause other conditions.
There are many reasons, however, why it would be preferable to sample saliva if at all possible. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a product called OraQuick for detecting HIV-1 or HIV-2, the virus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). We've also found evidence that salivary biomarkers support the detection of type-II diabetes. This bile is secreted into the small intestine during the digestive process where it is is broken down into urobilinogen.
Presence of cysts or tumors may prevent the bile from leaving the liver which would mean that urobilinogen would not be produced. Bile, which is stored in bile ducts, may be obstructed from being secreted in the smaller intestine due to narrowing or stricture in the ducts.
This type of cancer also causes lethargy and exhaustion as the ingested food is not properly digested and thus, it may even lead to malnutrition. Pain in the right side of the upper abdomen is a symptom in these cases along with the appearance of white poop. Overgrowth of candida albicans is associated with white poop and thus it is also a possibility.
Therefore, if your child is experiencing white poop you should immediately consult a doctor to figure out the problem and seek a solution before the condition worsens. Blockades, cancers and cysts in the liver, bile ducts or the intestines may require more serious forms of treatment such as surgery and chemotherapy.
It is important for you to recognize common problems and to do things that can help improve digestive health. This is caused by the incoming air when eating or drinking rapidly and drinking carbonated beverages.

Eating broccoli, string beans, and carbonated drinks can cause bloating or abdominal discomfort.
Gas is formed in the intestine due to the action of bacteria, which then protrudes from the anus. Heartburn or acid reflux is caused by stomach acid spilling into esophagus and irritate the lining of the esophagus is unprotected. So, if you want to be healthy, then you have to take good care of your body, and the digestive system is just as important. Saliva, as it turns out, has hidden secrets — it contains a multitude of information about the body's state of health and disease. Saliva is far easier and cheaper to collect and doesn't expose healthcare workers to blood-borne diseases. The test, which is sensitive to anti-HIV antibodies (proteins made by the body's immune resistance system) both in oral fluid and blood, indicates the result by one or two colored lines, similar to a home pregnancy test.
Saliva can also indicate emotional and hormonal status, the health of the immune (resistance) system, neurological (nerve) conditions, nutritional deficits and metabolic (bodily function) states.
As urobilinogen is largely responsible for turning the color of the feces darker, white poop is often a result of the liver’s inability to produce bile. Along with white or discolored stool, some of the other symptoms of liver disease are jaundice, dark urine, and yellowish tint near the eyes, nails and itchy skin. Biliary cirrhosis is a disorder where the bile ducts slowly stop functioning altogether and is more serious than most other disorders related to the bile ducts.
The tumor frequently obstructs the area around the pancreatic duct which is close to the intestines. Food poisoning, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease are sometimes responsible for the development of severe inflammations in the smaller intestine and white stool might be excreted as a result.
Try walking for 5-10 minutes and do not lie down after eating to help alleviate this problem. This condition usually occurs heartburn after eating spicy foods, fried foods, and fast food.
In fact, we are entering a new era in which saliva will help us detect the deadliest forms of cancer before it is too late; an era of salivary diagnostics.
The FDA authorized the use of OraQuick in clinical settings, but future versions may be sold over the counter. At other times, even when the bilirubin is produced properly by the liver, it is hindered from leaving the organ. Unfortunately, the probable causes behind the occurrence of the disease is not yet known but one of the symptoms are established to be white poop.
This tumor would hence block bile supply which would once again lead to pale or whitish poop for reasons explained earlier.
As many diseases share the symptom of white poop, it is hard to determine the exact cause without proper medical tests. Gas formation in the stomach may occur because too much fiber in the diet and eating some foods, such as processed milk, broccoli, and cabbage.
Lie down immediately after eating; dehydration, smoking, and drinking alcohol can also lead to heartburn.
Furthermore, it's possible to diagnose conditions by using saliva outside of a doctor's office with less laboratory time and less cost, attractive for screening not only individuals, but also whole communities or populations — for health and disease. In both of the above cases, the direct reason behind the occurrence of white poop is lack of urobilinogen production. It is wise to take advice from a qualified physician if you are experiencing white poop, especially if it persists.
Having a body that is overweight, and not appealing YOU can be frustrating, where some people are just . David Minkoff is an excellent doctor and one I recently interviewed on the radio- who also addresses weight issues to rave success. Internet Marketing Services by Studio98 XHTML CSS All material on this website is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgment available to the founders and authors, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries.

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