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Enteroendocrine cells include G-cells, which produce gastrin, enterochromaffin-like cells (ECLs), which produce histamine, and others that produce somatostatin and serotonin. Mucous neck cells produce a thin, watery, acidic mucus, the purpose of which is an ongoing area of investigation. The plicae circulares are circular folds of mucosa and submucosa that impart a spiral movement to chyme, allowing more mixing with intestinal secretions and greater absorption. Microvilli (the brush border) are projections from the apical surface of each epithelial cell which further increase the surface area for absorption and also contain enzymes (brush border enzymes) that complete digestion of nutrients. The submucosa contains Peyer's patches, aggregated lymph nodules (MALT), which increase in number along the length of the small intestine (there are more in the large intestine).
The submucosa also contains duodenal glands (Brunner's glands), which secrete alkaline mucus to raise the pH and protect the wall of the duodenum.
There are no modifications for absorption like in the small intestine and no cells that produce digestive enzymes. Haustral contractions are slow contractions that occur about every 30 minutes and last approximately 1 minute. Mass movements are long, slow moving, powerful contractions that move over the colon 3 or 4 times per day, typically after meals.

In addition to these movements some segmentation occurs in the descending and sigmoid colon to increase water absorption before mass movements propel the feces into the rectum.
Of course, what controls everything is your brain, which sends signals to the rest of your body through the nervous system, which is made up of connections called nerves. Your kidneys filter your blood and remove toxins, which they send to the bladder to be eliminated in urine.
Chemical Digestion:Mechanical digestion is the physical break down of food into smaller pieces. The villi have capillaries and lacteals in the lamina propria for nutrient absorption (most dietary fat is absorbed by the lacteals, specialized lymphatic capillaries). Paneth cells deep in the crypts secrete lysozyme, an enzyme that degrades bacterial cell walls. Distension or irritation of the mucosa by hypotonic or acidic chyme stimulates the release of intestinal juice, around 1 - 2 liters per day. Bacteria also produce biotin and vitamin K, which are absorbed through the intestinal wall. This gastrocolic reflex accompanies the gastroileal reflex stimulated by gastrin release when the stomach recieves food.

The anal epithelium hangs in long folds (anal columns) in the superior portion of the anus.
The anal sinuses are the recesses between the anal columns; they secrete mucus when compressed by feces, which aids passage of feces out of the anus. Because Proteases are very potent and could auto-digest the pancreas if active, they are in an inactive form until released into the intestine, where they become active.Lipase - a protein that help digest fats. Fats commonly found in food are composed mainly of triglycerides, which cannot be absorbed by the intestine in their natural form. In the center of each villus, there is a duct that is crisscrossed by several small blood capillaries.
Insulin is a hormone essential to help balance glucose levels and also brings glucose into cells of the body to be used for energy.

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